OPTM-Chapter 96 Under Duress Part 1

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The Thunder Snakes attack is targeted at everyone except the Marines, Rowen can’t tell who is a Shipwright and who is a Pirate but as long as they dare to make a move against the Marines then they will be electrocuted together and deserve to die! 

In the face of such a targeted attack, the Pirates panicked while the Marines on the other hand had their momentum greatly boosted. The people who were about to lose their support broke out with amazing strength and fought fiercely at this moment!

Because all of them know that as long as Rowen appears on the frontal battlefield, victory is only a matter of time!

And the group of Pirates in front of them, what they lack most now, is the time!

In front of the dock door, Dante looked at the Pirates who were wailing in the lightning, and he was relieved. 

The blood flow in his abdomen was not stopped, and he was barely wrapped in a cloth strip. Opposite him, Teabeard became more anxious and scolded bitterly: “You Asshole! Get out of my way!!!”

“Heh, what do you say?!”


Dante pulled away with his left foot and stepped it down in a sumo posture. At the same time, he put the sword holding hand on his knees and gasped for breath. Even if his blood is flowing out, the Battle Intent in the eyes is not reduced.

Looking at the red-eyed Teabeard in front of him, Dante grinned while spitting out blood and laughed like crazy.

“You want to go? Then climb under my crotch, you Fat Pig!!”

Behind him was the gate of the shipyard, and a hundred soldiers ran out to bring wooden slats and beat the gate to death with their bodies from the outside. Even if he is killed, the door will not be broken in a short time.

At the same time, their Senior Official, the Super Rookie who continued the Marine three Admiral Monster Legend, Rear Admiral Rowen, has acted.

The dawn of victory is just like the morning sun on the horizon, it is about to bloom!

In this regard, Dante had exactly the same ideas as ordinary soldiers.

Rowen is here, so the victory is here.

“You Bastard! Go to hell!!”

Teabeard is anxious, after seeing Rowen’s monstrous power, who would have the guts to stay? Most of the alcohol had already left his body and now he is fully awake, making him just want to escape from this Hell Hole. 

But, Dante had entangled him tightly, preferring to be chopped to death instead of letting him escape.

Now subjected to such an insult, Teabeard roared and lunged at the Marine in front of him, his long pirate scimitar cut the air, emitting an ear-splitting whistle as it ruthlessly slashed at Dante.

“Good timing!!!”

This move was quick and urgent and it was too late to dodge so Dante roared and coated Armament Haki Cover on his blade which he placed across the top of his head, holding it with both hands.

Whiz… Clang!!

Sparks are splashing in the surrounding as the Scimitar and Long Blade slashed against each other!

Dante only felt that his hands have become numb, and at the same time, he felt tight in his chest. He opened his mouth and spit out a lot of blood, and his feet were pressed deeply into the ground, it was as if they have been planted in the ground.

“What a terrible strength, no matter how many times I watch it, it is so amazing!”

At first, Dante had thought that Teabeard with a Bounty of 50 Million Belly and Captain Iron Hook that he had killed was not much different from each other in terms of their strength. 

But when they really started fighting, Dante discovered that the two were almost on an entirely different level, it was like comparing the sky with the earth!

After thinking about it, Dante knew the reason for this. Marine formulated Bounty is based on the standard of the “Threat to the World Government.” 

The level of strength is only one of the criteria, and sometimes the least important criteria. Otherwise, why did the Gold Emperor not have Bounty?

Captain Iron Hook was very wicked, and the World Government hates this kind of person so his Bounty was naturally higher than the standard. 

Teabeard drove into the Sea with bravery, and his brain didn’t support any evil wicked plan he came up with so his Bounty and strength were almost perfectly matched.

If it weren’t for the rough Armament Haki Dante had trained in, he would have been beheaded on the spot with that cut!

“Damn Bounty Standards!”

Swearing secretly, Dante held back the sharp pain in his chest and abdomen and rolled forward on the spot.


The huge scimitar, which is close to 1.5 meters, looks like an ordinary long sword in front of the Teabeard but it is heavy and powerful when wielded. Falling on the ground, a deep ravine immediately appeared on the ground!

“Do you only know how to run away, you little bastard?!”

Teabeard breathes heavily through his nostrils. He calls himself “Father Teabeard” and he would have dared to grab Whitebeard’s territory if it appeared in front of him. 

He is a reckless man with no brains but a lot of courage. It is such a rebellious madman who has been humiliated by Dante several times in a row by now. He is extremely angry and he only has the idea of killing Dante in his mind.

Seeing Dante turning over and avoiding his attack, Teabeard suddenly kicked out. He was obviously fat, but his speed was quite amazing and it was comparable to Soru in Rokushiki!

“Die You Piece of Shit!!!”

“Not Good!!”

This scene also went beyond Dante’s expectations. He could barely put his hands in front of his chest before Teabeard kicked him away in the next moment.


There was a loud bang, and Dante felt like he’d been hit by the Beast King. He was bleeding from all over his body, and his bones were broken. The sharp Blade in his hand whirled out, apparently not even holding its Swordsman’s life.


“Lieutenant Commander Dante!!!”

“Lieutenant Commander!”

“Stop…stop him!!”

The surrounding Marines were taken aback by the Teabeard’s terrifying power, but the appearance of Rowen didn’t let them lose any hope. They roared and attacked, trying to stop the Teabeard.

“You are all so annoying!! Get the f*ck out of my way!!”

There were two more gun holes on his body, and Teabeard roared in pain as the pirate scimitar in his hand circled around his body, drawing blood from the soldiers who came after him. 

After solving the threat of the Marine Soldiers, Teabeard locked his gaze on Dante, who was struggling to get up not far away from him, and rushed over with a “dum-dum-dun” step.

Dante was badly injured, that kick shattered his internal organs and his life was hanging by a thread. 

Although he is now trying to stand up, his feet and buttocks were upturned and his feet were kicking up and down, the apparently hard kick caused him to have a Misconception about his stepping motion and his feet are now unsteady.

At this time, Teabeard rushed over and he raised the scimitar in his hand and snapped it down!

“You are dead!!”

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