OPTM-Chapter 95 Appeares

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The Full Moon slash that was a combination of Soru+Sword Technique+Armament Haki killed Captain Iron Hook. 

Dante, Who had just killed one Pirate Captain suddenly heard Rowen roaring at him: “Why are you still standing there?! I warn you, Dante, if you let even a single pirate run away then I will use you as training dummy!”

Dante: “…”

He instantly turned around, his face grimacing, and he roared at the soldiers around him, “I’m warning you! Every time I take a beating, I’ll have you train with me and you will receive a beating! Don’t let even a single pirate escape!!!”


“Catch them! Catch those pirates!!”

“I will fight them to death! Follow me! Who is left behind is a bitch!!”

“Get over there and close the door!! Don’t let them go! We must stop them all here!”

Dante did a good job, and the layers of pressure instantly turned the soldiers’ eyes red. 

Under the command of an officer, the Marines were like a group of unbridled huskies as they break out with the fighting power like a Mad Dog and they began to kill the pirate in the dock. 

The Pirates, who were scared to death by Dante’s bloody slash and the killing of Captain Iron Hook, had no strength to resist and they ran away while screaming.


The gaping hole in the Battleship was like a bloody mouth of a Sea King, biting into the Pirate Ship. A large number of wooden blocks pop up one after another and are about to be snapped off. 

Rowen slightly frowned before he used Blink to appear at the side of another Pirate Ship and he twisted it and smashed it into the gaping hole of the Battleship again.




In the eyes of countless people ranging from horror to numbness, Rowen is like an industrious brick mover, moving bricks to the side of the Battleship, then stuffing them into the gap, building a wall to support the amazing weight of the War Behemoth.

If Rowen really did use bricks then this scene would not be so exaggerated. But the things he used as bricks were Pirate Ships weighing tens of tons!!

Near the port, countless people watched this scene in shock, having lost their speaking ability. Looking at the War Behemoth that finally stopped collapsing, and the tomb of the ship huddled together next to it, a question suddenly appeared in their heart.

This Monster, is he really a human?!

The pirates are also thinking, Marine Headquarters, how many such monsters are there?!

He is just a Rear Admiral!

They have the same rank then why didn’t the branch Rear Admiral they met before have this ability?!

Pushing the last small Pirate Ship into the gap, the War Behemoth finally stopped collapsing and Rowen breathed out a sigh of relief.

“For the time being, it stabilized…”

But at this time, this once-majestic monster is just like the old second-hand toy which had all the hairs pulled out of its body, tilting its head and pouting, it looked ugly as hell!

After fixing the balance of the Battleship, Rowen ordered the soldiers to disembark and garrison. 

They don’t need to disturb the Battleship that is barely keeping its balance. Then he turned around and looked at Dock No. 1 which was still in chaos, and the Killing Intent in his eyes no longer needed to be concealed.


Floating in the air, Rowen’s whole body entwines with a terrifying high-voltage current, and the invisible surge of this current spreads outwards, causing a strong wind. 

Due to the series of actions just now, there was not a single person in a radius of 1,000 meters around the port except for the Marines who are to be stationed there. Suddenly, Rowen was the center of the circle, forming a vacuum zone!

The pressure he puts on everyone in the dock does not distinguish between Marines and pirates, and the brute force like that of a god makes it impossible for them to breathe. 

The Pirates would rather huddle into a group and be killed by their enemies and Marines than get close to his location.

Dante has done quite well in his mission given to him by Rowen. He seized the Dock gate so whether it was a pirate or an escaped worker, as long as they dare to approach the gate, they would be ruthlessly killed by the Marine… 

The War Behemoth was the main ship and the pride for all of them and that same ship was almost overthrown by these pirates.

This is a shame that no one up and down the entire army can wash away!

Anyone who dares to talk about civilian casualties at this time should be prepared to die, no matter what!

Even without the pressure from Rowen, Dante would not have spared their life after they humiliated the Marines like that!

Whether it’s his own or someone else’s ……

Thanks to Dante’s activity, the pirates were blocked in the dock. The remaining escape directions except for the port to go to sea, are the lumber mills connected to the outside of the Dock. 

And no one would be so stupid as to try to escape in front of the Monster named Rowen. They abandon the gate one after another and rush towards the lumber mill.

“That is… Rob Lucci and Kaku?”

Rowen saw Kaku and Rob Lucci fighting the pirates in front of the lumber factory at a glance. At this time, both of them were wounded and looked like they were in a hard fight. 

Paulie, who is going to be one of the five foremen of Shipyard No. 1 in the future, vomited blood and sat slumped against the pile of wood, holding the guns he picked up and firing to support the two.

“So that’s it, are they gaining trust?”

Rowen took a look and stopped paying attention to them. What better way to gain Iceberg’s trust than to protect the heart of the dockyard, a lumber mill while fighting on the edge of death?

CP9 really is all about talent!

“It’s time to end this farce…!”

Taking a deep breath, the surging high-voltage lightning condensed on Rowen’s arm, and a hideous thunder and lightning giant python emerged out of thin air, probing from his shoulder, and staring in front of him with an indifferently gaze. 

At the same time, Rowen slowly closed his eyes, feeling the breath of life for everyone in the dock. As long as he doesn’t make large movements now, the sound produced by his body will not interfere with his Observation Haki. 

Although it is intermittent, it does not touch the threshold.

“Four hundred and fifty people left? Forget it, the battle line is too tight, let’s settle as many as I can!”

Afterward, Rowen raised his hand, and the perception in his brain disappeared instantly. He opened his eyes, followed the memory of the moment, and threw the Thunder Python condensed on his body.

Thunder Python·Earth Walk!


The Thunder Python, which looks inexplicably similar to the Hell Island White Snake, rushed to the ground in a flash and it didn’t cause any waves similar to water droplets merging into the Sea. 

But then, the Thunder Python entered the ground, and thousands of thunder and lightning snakes with a thickness similar to an adult’s arm crawled fast along the ground. 

These thunder and lightning snakes were extremely fast, and they caught up with the fleeing pirates in an instant, roasting them. For a while, the air was filled with a strange smell of cooked meat.

“What! Ahhh!!”

“No! There is Current on the ground!!”

“It’s Rear Admiral Rowen! Rear Admiral-Sama made it!!”


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