OPTM-Chapter 100 Sudden Enlightenment Part 1

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The passengers on both sides who were clamoring just now honestly chose to shut up without saying anything.

“No… No problem!”

Corgi was shocked that Rowen could even call his name?

Although he is a special commissioner of the World Government, it doesn’t matter at all. Rowen even knows him. Doesn’t it mean that the other party has eyes in the government?

Or even a strong backing in the World Government?!

For a moment, Corgi was sweating profusely and squeezed out a smile in embarrassment.

“So it’s Lord Rear Admiral who needs to transport troops. My mistake, I apologize, I spoke without thinking.”

Corgi quickly expressed his friendliness. In addition to speculation about Rowen’s backing, the Marines are not far away from the Supreme Emperors Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars). 

Instead, they have a lofty position and great power in the World Government!

Otherwise, Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) would not have set rules and strictly forbid Marines to interfere in the internal affairs of Allied Kingdom Members.

Therefore, the identity of General Marines can be regarded as a giant figure even if Mary Geoise, not to mention that the epaulets on Rowen represent his ranking in the Marine Headquarters, who are truly powerful figures!

“Government officials” only sound a little more high and mighty, except for a few who really stood at the pinnacle of power, who would dare to wrestle with the Marines?

At least with this kind of existence, Rowen certainly does not have to worry about Corgi.

“That’s good, I thought someone was going to interfere with my mission execution… Tsk, what a pity!”

Rowen shook his head regretfully.

Why the hell are you saying “Pity”?!

So you want to kill me?!!

Corgi’s back was instantly wet with cold sweat, and he was almost crying with laughter: “Yes…no…, Lord Rear Admiral, it’s my fault! Please just let me go!”

Corgi almost fell to his knees.

Interfere with Headquarters Marine’s mission?

This is a crime that will result in decapitation!!

Apart from the three Admirals, only the high-ranking Marine Fleet Admiral, Sengoku the Golden Buddha, and the existence with a higher status than the Sengoku can mobilize Marine Headquarters general officers to execute the Missions.

For example, Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars), Commander-in-Chief “Steel Bone” Kong, the mysterious CP0 Chief, and “World Noble” Tenryubito…

Well, no more!

Just so few!

This allows the Headquarters Marines to put Mission first without any qualms when executing Mission. Anyone who interferes will be convicted and imprisoned at best, or killed on the spot at worst.

There is nothing procedurally wrong with ordinary government officials who dare to interfere in the Headquarter Mission to get arrested and beaten to death.

Even if he goes back alive, he will have to be punished!

The Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) delegates power to the Marines, but it is not for letting them go out to eat and drink to their heart content without doing any work. 

In the past six months, Marine’s popularity had overshadowed the CIPHER POL  organization. These government officials like Corgi who are good at power tactics can naturally see that and they are not so stupid to stand up as targets.

“Chee, boring!”

After teasing Corgi, Rowen threw up his hands as Corgi stared blankly. “Well, in that case, lose your money!”

Corgi: “What?!”

On the pretext of moral damage fee, Rowen took a huge sum of money from Corgi in form of compensation, and he continued to arrange for the soldiers to board the train. 

When the soldiers were arranged and the train departed, Rowen told the teams to pay attention to their own discipline and protect their weapons and medicines. 

Then he returned to the luxurious single room Iceberg had prepared for him and stuck his head on the bed.

“Ah …… so tired!!!”

He usually lets Dante arranges the work and doesn’t think that it is that much of a hassle but now that he had done some of that work and intervened in every detail, Rowen has discovered how complicated it is to manage a unit! 

The scheduling arrangement for more than 300 people eating and drinking is really complicated to the extreme.

Fortunately, the Sea Train could not transport all the soldiers at once, and a large number of troops set off early, otherwise, Rowen thought he would have been really exhausted.

After taking a few deep breaths, Rowen suddenly got up, knocked on the partition, and shouted: “Dante, when will your injury be healed?!”

The next door is Dante’s room, in addition to him, the highest Senior Officials, only the wounded Dante has the privilege of living in a separate room.

As for the others…

They have to go back to the carriage and sit on the bench!

Soon, Dante’s very unhappy voice came from the next room.

“Please Rear Admiral Rowen, not everyone is the same as you. I am not a Monster, OK? My broken bones will take some time to heal!”

Rowen thought ‘You don’t have to be the same as me… But calling me a Monster is a bit too much. Right?’

Aren’t you also healing at a faster rate?

Rowen curled his lips, but it wasn’t over yet and Dante complained endlessly.

“And… I’m seriously wounded! Do you understand the word ‘Seriously Wounded?’ I should have recuperated at Water Seven instead of going to a War with you!”

“No, you are a Soldier, you must have the glory of a soldier!”

Rowen said sternly.

“Huh?? The glory of the Soldiers?! Is the glory of the soldiers in your mouth blackmailing government officials?!”

“Nani?!! How did you know that? Someone snitched on me?!”

Rowen was shocked.

“Don’t worry about that!”

“There is also the matter of you killing the prisoners. These things cannot be hidden. How would you explain your actions when we go back to the Headquarters?! Even if you are not afraid of death, I am!”

“And do you know what kind of reputation you have in Water City now? The people say that you are a Monster and would eat them! My God, you are a Marine for god’s sake!!”

“And the damage to the Battleship has not been reported, you know %…&¥%(“

In general, waking up Dante was a mistake. 

The expression in Rowen’s eyes were empty as he listened to the chattering complaints in his ear.

Killing prisoners, Battleship or something.

It’s all trivial!

Rowen was sure that no one had the guts to go out and talk nonsense, whether it was CP9 or Iceberg or whoever else was out there.

So taking advantage of Dante’s cursing, Rowen began to sink into his body and started practicing his own Observation Haki.

Yesterday, after finalizing a series of renovations with Iceberg, he called Zephyr to tell him about his situation and received a response that left Rowen both depressed and pleased.

Normal people can’t hear the sound coming from the body at all. Even if you learn Observation Haki, the focus of “Listening” is only on the outside world, not on your own body. 

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