OPTM-Chapter 87 Leaving Part 2

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Rowen returned the military salute and then glanced at the Marine soldiers on the Battleship deck ready to go, and asked, “Thank you for your trouble, how’s the preparation going? This is the War Behemoth that I asked Fleet Admiral to deploy to me through Mr. Zephyr, don’t let anything go wrong!”

It stands to reason that a Headquarters Rear Admiral is eligible to be equipped with War Behemoth, but after all, the cost of one War Behemoth is high, and only a few powerful elites are eligible for using a War Behemoth as the main ship. 

Rowen is not good at asking anyone for anything but he has a high-ranking teacher who shamelessly grinds with Sengoku for a long time. Sengoku looked at Zephyr’s face and heard his words before he assigned him a spare Old Battleship.

“Everything is ready to go!”

Although it was for the purpose of growing stronger to serve as a Second-in-Command to Rowen, the difference between an ordinary Battleship and a War Behemoth is too great! 

The firepower of a War Behemoth alone is nearly five times higher than that of an Ordinary Battleship! Dante is also very excited to be the second in command on the War Behemoth.

“That’s good, board the ship!”


Looking at the War Behemoth that slowly pulled up the sails in front of him, Rowen has to say that he was a little excited. 

Fist to fist is a man’s romance! The Steel Monster with its gun barrel in front of him emitting the aura of slaughter perfectly fits Rowen’s aesthetic, and this romantic taste is beyond the understanding of ordinary people.

“Huh? Doghead Battleship?”

Looking up at his Battleship, Rowen suddenly spotted the Dog Head Battleship that was also docked in the harbor in the distance.

Since the banquet that night, Rowen didn’t know where Garp, Rosa, and others have disappeared to, and Rowen has devoted himself to training without caring about the reason for their disappearance. 

But now looking at the tightly squared object bound by canvas cover that was slowly hoisted from the Doghead Battleship, Rowen knew that his guess had come true.

On the deck, Garp’s gaze was majestic and solemn, and he looked at everyone with his Old tiger-like ferocity, keeping an eye on every soldier who was responsible for carrying the Square-shaped object. 

Seeing Rowen, he just nodded faintly and then proceeded to observe the lifting process.

“That’s it… Rosa finally dug out the Poneglyph. Is Garp responsible for carrying it?”

Rowen can’t think of anything other than a Poneglyph Stone that can make Crocodile so willful, Crocodile even sent out his high-ranking people to secure it and it was not a treasure. 

Now it turns out that Rowen had guessed right. After the anti-invasion war with other countries ended, Fred was also curious about what Baroque Works was digging. 

He ordered workers to continue to dig along with the big pit they opened, and finally, he dug to the Poneglyph buried in the Underground.

So they immediately rushed to the Marine Headquarters and even sent news ahead with a ship sent in the middle of the night, they want to borrow Marine’s hand to hand it over to the World Government.

Whether it is the Fourth Road Poneglyph that had not appeared in the original book or the Intelligence Poneglyph that records Ancient Weapon, it is a destructive missile that had fallen upon the Huadu West Island (Flower Capital).

If they did any private research on it then their island would be destroyed by the Buster Call, and any information leakage about a Poneglyph will also lead ambitious pirates coming their way. Their safest option is to hand it over to the World Government.

If Rosa can’t even understand this then she doesn’t deserve to be called “Queen”.

After receiving such important news, Sengoku immediately ordered Garp to set off and escorted the Poneglyph from Huadu West Island (Flower Capital). With full speed ahead, the round trip time of two months was abruptly compressed to one month.

If Rowen’s guess is correct, soon there will be big figures from CP Organization walking out of Mary Geoise with the order from Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) to get the Poneglyph.

Sure enough, a Battleship flying the flag of World Government crossed their path before they were completely away from Headquarters. 

The other side was of higher rank, and Rowen lined up on the side of the deck to salute, and he suddenly realized that the person who came was an acquaintance, and it was the same CP0 member who was commissioned to come to the Marine Headquarters last time.

“Hello, my Lord! Goodbye, my Lord!”

Looking at the familiar shameless smile, the  CP0 member chose to remain silent.

Then he turned his head and whispered to himself, “Just a Rear Admiral? Quite clever, Sengoku.”


Grand Line, Water Seven. 

This is a fountain-like water City. The buildings are radially layered from top to bottom, interspersed with clean and clear water. 

Under the sun, the whole City is covered in the hazy water mist making the city looks like something out of a dream and it looked as if it didn’t belong to the human world.

As a Water City, the roads here are very special. Except for the not so spacious Bluestone floor in front of the stores on both sides, there is only a waterway in the center of the road. 

The local residents here raise a kind of creature named “Bru” as a means of water transportation. At the same time, Bru has a strong carrying capacity and can also be used to carry goods. 

Besides, Bru has a gentle personality and a pleasant appearance, and the small Bru with a double seat is a popular tour item.

Starting from Marine Headquarters, Rowen’s first stop is Water Seven.

Naturally, Rowen didn’t come here to play or to take a rest, nor did he come here for the Pluton Blueprint… Their mission location is “Gourmet City” in Pucci, and the Sea Train of Water Seven can be used to directly reach that location. 

As an earthling, Rowen knows how fast High-Speed Rail are and they are faster than sea transportation so he directly rejected the plan of taking the Ship all the way through Eternal Pose and chose to take the Sea Train.

At the same time, the reason why this Old Battleship was out of use is that it has many faults and Rowen can have it repaired here. 

For this reason, Rowen has brought out the red coral that Vice-Admiral Momousagi had given to him. There is really no way to use it to repay the debt at the Marine Headquarter.

Anyway, this is not the Marine Headquarters so no one would know if he sold it here.

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