OPTM-Chapter 87 Leaving Part 1

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Headquarters fortress, Fleet Admiral office. 

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Come in!”

Sengoku, wearing toadstool glasses, gazed at the master and disciple who walked into the office, with some dissatisfaction on his face: “What took you so long? Have you forgotten even the most basic sense of time as a Marine! ……Rowen!”


“You just become a Rear Admiral and you are already so tired, what are you going to do in the Future? Sleep while you are getting attacked by Pirates?!”

Rowen: “…”

Looking at Zephyr next to him, Rowen silently muttered various curses under his breath and replied after saluting: “Reporting, Fleet Admiral! Teacher Zephyr asked me to clean up the Training field, so I’m late!”

“Shut up! Being late means being late, there is no excuse!”

Sengoku grimaced and shouted:  “Go back and hand over your explanation report written in thirty thousand words to me. Do you understand?!”

Rowen: “…Understand!”

“Heh heh!

Zephyr sneered beside him and he shrugged his shoulders when he saw the devilish look in Rowen’s eyes: “Kid, soldiers are not tired nor do they try to deceit their superiors, don’t you know that?

‘No, no, no, no, no, you guys are someone who belongs to a nest of snakes and rats, you f*cking old-timers!’

To put it bluntly, this whole fiasco was about teaching me a lesson, right?!

No matter how good the students are, they will be caught and scolded first if they have made a mistake and they would be scolded even if they hadn’t as the teacher would create a situation where they would make a mistake so that they will be more vigilant and take preventive measures.

These guys are worthy of being called old friends for decades, they can complete such clever cooperation without a single eye contact!

Sengoku was in a good mood after he finished scolding Rowen and seeing the unpleasant look on Rowen’s face, he returned to his seat after he had spoken his piece. 

Then he opened the drawer and fumbled in it while saying, “Now you are a regular officer, and you are a Rear Admiral in Headquarters. Every move of yours represents the face of Marines, try not to mess anything up!”


“That’s good, here is your Mission, take a look!”

With that said, Sengoku seemed to have touched something, so he threw it on the table and pushed it towards Rowen.

Gē Zhī…

But at this time, they only heard a crisp sound as something accidentally fell to the ground. The air was quiet for a moment as the three eyes locked neatly on the unidentified object.

Rowen blinked and was amused. “Fleet Admiral, is there still anything to discuss about writing my explanation for being late?”

Sengoku: “…”

“Ahem, what explanation? Why don’t I know anything about it…”

Rowen had a cheerful expression on his face as he nodded: “Indeed, I didn’t see anything.

When Rowen left with the Mission information, Zephyr glared at Sengoku with a look of hatred on his face and cursed angrily, “Sengoku You Old Bastard! Can’t you hide your Senbai(A type of snack) in a better place?”

“Why are you blaming me? That Asshole Garp would find it no matter how well I hid it. This is the only place that he darted not search because important documents are stored here!”


Sengoku tore open the plastic bag, took out a piece of Senbai, and handed it to Zephyr: “Do you want some?”

As the Fleet Admiral, for the sake of dignity and duty, he cannot leave the office without authorization.

But there is always a head of things, and the only fun Sengoku can have after finishing the paperwork is to sneak in a snack when he is busy. 

Anyway, this is Fleet Admiral’s office, who dares to come in without knocking? Then he got into the habit of eating a little when he had a headache, a little when he was bored, a little when he was in a good mood, and now he always had a snack in the office.

Zephyr’s nose smoldered with anger as he glared at Sengoku and turned around and left: “Eat eat eat eat, eat this and die of Diabetes you Old Bastard!

“Then you might as well advise Garp first, donuts are the real high-calorie food, he’ll be the one to die first ……”

Sengoku shrugged and chewed the Senbai with a thumping sound.

The first mission that Sengoku handed over to Rowen was not a major deal. It was just that some Pirates have invaded an Allied Kingdom Member’s nation Fat F*cks are not an opponent to the Pirates, so Sengoku sent Rowen to get rid of the pirates.

It’s a pure fighting mission and there is no brain work in it. For a rookie, this kind of mission is very good.

Half a day later, Rowen arrived at the harbor ready to go, and his Adjutant Dante, who had already received the order, had already gathered the men and lined up at the harbor to wait for their Senior Officials.

It is worth mentioning that it took Quinn Dante’s father more than ten years to become Headquarters Colonel from the Branch Sergeant. But his son Dante became Headquarters Lieutenant Commander directly after graduation.

Dante demonstrated his superior Commanding ability during the trip to Hell Island and he was well regarded by Sengoku. 

The soldiers were also quite convinced and impressed with Dante. After all, it is not simple for anyone to lead a team to make a living in Hell Island.

For the sake of Dante’s potential and his father’s face, Sengoku did not let Dante go to Four Seas for training and he assigned him to serve in the G-6 branch. 

Anyway, the young Dante now lacks only strength, going to the Four Seas is completely unnecessary and would hinder his strength.

However, this assignment was rejected by Dante. He actively asked to become Rowen’s adjutant, thinking that he could grow stronger by his side!

As a Rear Admiral, it is not too much to have a Lieutenant Commander as an adjutant, so Sengoku thought about it and agreed to Dante’s request.

Dante and Rowen belong to the same class of Recruits and they have many things in common and there will be no situation where the Young and new Soldier would have to rely upon the Old. 

If Dante was arranged for this position for any other person then it might be better. But with Rowen’s stinky temper, being his adjutant and disobeying him would be worse than being Smoker’s Senior Officials!

“Rear Admiral Rowen!”

Dante was wearing a brown suit and the same Cloak of Justice on his back and he saluted Rowen from a distance when he saw him.

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