OPTM-Chapter 88 Mission

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The sun was pleasant and the breeze was blowing gently. Sitting on a beach chair, Rowen complained to Dante who was swinging a sword not far away while chewing on the meat steaks carefully cooked by the cook.

“It will take two and a half months to travel by sea, can you believe it?! Pucci is also the famous Gourmet City of Grand Line, can’t the Fleet Admiral established a Marine Branch there to take care of the Pirate infestation?!”

He finally knew why Straw Hats caused so many troubles, there was never a big Marine Base with enough power to kill them because this sea is so big and expansive that the Marines couldn’t be everywhere!

A mission on them would have usually taken a few months to even start. By the time each Branch receives an order to stop them, they would have sailed away to god knows where.

And the Straw Hats were just like the guerrillas, running from place to place and it wouldn’t have been easy for the Marines to chase after them without knowing where they are going.

Throughout the original work, only Aokiji was able to use the Alabasta incident to determine their course and blocked them on an island in advance. 

And then the “Tyrant” Kuma fought them and made them fly in a separate way with his Devil Fruit Power. These two were the only times when they were attacked by a power many times higher than them

It’s no wonder that the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) will agree to establish the Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea) System. 

Shichibukais are assholes, but they are very good at going to the locations that Marines can’t and they also take care of some problems for the Marines.

This is a problem caused by the addition of technological level, productivity, and the world environment, and there is almost no other solution!

Perhaps there are solutions, such as Water Seven’s specialty, the Sea Train…… Rowen narrowed his eyes and took a sip from his ice drink.


Dante didn’t know what Rowen was thinking. He counted the number of sword swings, and then rolled his eyes at Rowen: “Rear Admiral Rowen, you also know that Gourmet City is very prosperous, don’t you think that there must be some underlying currents there?”

Dante is very envious of Rowen. As the developer of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method, he can grow stronger even while lying down. But he had to practice hard all the time and he can’t even keep up with Rowen’s progress.

Some people are really the envy of everyone else!

What was even more wicked was that Rowen always came to watch him during his training time, telling him that he had come here to improve his Sword Technique training method, after all, he had just obtained a sword. 

Rowen swore upon the power of thunder with a finger of his hand pointed up at the sky that he is not here to watch him with a smug smile on his face!

Swearing upon the power of thunder!!!

You are the Thunder-Lighting Human, yet you still swear to the thunder???

Are you kidding me?!

“Tsk, Pirate Business!”

Rowen smacked his lips and rolled over.

There is no black and white on any piece of land that can be called “Prosperous” on the Grand Line, it is all gray areas.

After all, Pirates are also human beings, and they also had to eat and drink and spread. Where there is demand, there is profit, and where there is profit, there are people who would be willing to take risks. 

The Pirate Era is surging forward with great momentum, and there are countless pirates going to sea. As long as you scrape some treasures from one-tenth of the pirate you pass by then it would be a considerable wealth!

So the pirate business is not only not an exception, on the contrary, it is a common phenomenon.

So a large Gourmet City only has a single Marine Station with a small platoon of Marines in it and the main existence value of these Marines is only to receive criminals, as be the eyes of the Marine Headquarters. 

Deterning the Pirates almost entirely depends on the local defense force. In addition, the sea is complex and extreme weather is not uncommon, and ordinary islands are often swallowed by tsunamis so the Marines have no intention of ​​establishing a branch in the nearby sea.

That is the reason… why Rowen is suffering right now!

This time, one of the Pirate Syndicates was interested in Gourmet City’s profits and threatened to destroy their country if they do not comply with their wishes. 

With no outside help, the higher-ups in the Gourment City had to call the Marine Headquarters thousands of miles away for help while struggling.

As the saying goes, a chef who does not want to be a local tyrant is not a qualified pirate. The Pirate Syndicate is using the Gourment City as a stepping stone. 

They want to use the wealth of Gourmet City to build their troops, provide food for said troops, and then conquer the New World with an army.

Rowen has to say that this is also a group of rebel talents, they know that fighting a war costs money so they put their primary focus on money.

But they don’t know at all that no matter how many ordinary people there are, they can’t even stand in the presence of the four monsters standing at the top of New World. 

In front of the real powerhouse, ordinary people are not even qualified to be cannon fodder!

Sengoku did not deploy soldiers from the closest branch, but instead ordered Rowen, who was idle in the Headquarters, to take the initiative. The cryptic meaning is to delay as long as you can. 

As long as he doesn’t let the Pirates destroy the country… an Allied Kingdom Member who doesn’t obey discipline won’t get Marines full protection. 

The Marines can eliminate the Pirates but the Country itself is doing business with the Pirates and going against the Marines’ Law and they are getting more and more arrogant while doing so and now that their scheme had backfired and they need help from the Marines. 

Should the Marines forget everything that they have done and help them with all their might? That is naturally impossible. Sengoku had begun to hate them for several years now.

It is not difficult to see from here that there are no stupid people at the top positions in the Marines, they are all Sinister and Cunning Assholes!

Rowen can guarantee that after he has solved the Pirate Coalition problem, the Marine Headquarters will instantly order the Soldiers to be stationed in the Gourment City and they would be completely controlling the border defense lifeline. 

Then while arguing with the other party in the name of protecting Allied Kingdom Member, the Marines will slowly cannibalize the open Pirate business. Anyway, this is not something that Rowen needs to hurry for.

Wanting to fully incorporate this, Rowen simply turned around halfway to Water Seven and have them repaired the ship on the way, and then he will take the Sea Train to steal back the lost time.

At this moment, the messenger ran over and said after saluting Rowen.

“Rear Admiral Rowen, Water Seven is in sight, the navigation team requests instructions!”

“Well, okay. Notify everyone to prepare to dock, and everyone disembarks in batches.  no drinking and no disturbing the civilians, those who violate the order will be hanged by their hands and beaten!”

“Huh? We can’t drink?”

The Messanger complexion became bitter and it looked like he was weeping.

Rear Admiral Rowen in front of him is like most Officers in Garp factions, he doesn’t have any arrogance. He can eat a big pot of rice in the cafeteria with ordinary soldiers and is friendly. After so many days, the men on board expressed their conviction and they were happy with him.

But there was only one thing that made all the soldiers very unhappy!

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