OPTM-Chapter 5 Killing and Falling

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The human body has a self-contained cycle. It is up to the body to decide how much food it takes every day and how much energy it consumes, and how much sleep time it takes to replenish the spent energy.

What the body judges are the natural balance between the concentration of nutrients in the foods it is exposed to on a daily basis and the amount it consumes on a daily basis.

In the past, on the earth, in the ordinary world, the most nutritious and supplementary thing that Rowen could come into contact with was the old ginseng chicken soup.

People on earth consume only so much, so the amount of energy and nutrition of food is also only that mush.

But the world is different!

This world has a monster that can cover the sky with one finger, this world has a giant beast so big that it has an island on its back, there are also humans like Garp in this world who can topple mountains in their training … For these monsters to live, they have huge requirements for vitality and nutrition!

And the source that supports their Monster-like body consumption is One Piece World’s nutritious and energy-rich food!

As a human who traversed from the barren world of the earth, Rowen grew up eating ordinary food like a shriveled sponge and One Piece World’s food is like a bathtub filled with water.

So his body, like a hungry beast, greedily gobbles up every bit of energy in the presence of the energetic, nutrient-rich food of the other world.

And the terrible and horrible world is here … the energy contained in any food here is very easy to absorb. As long as the body needs it, it can be supplied indefinitely, so as to produce monsters that break the mountains and create new paths for rivers!

After the nutrients are absorbed, the satiated body begins to instinctively use excess energy to optimize itself and eliminate impurities.

So after Rowen ate the fruits and other offerings, his body was getting hot and he was having diarrhea.

To solve the problem, Rowen thought slowly as he lifted his pants.

“With this kind of food in existence, it seems that the exercise I was afraid to do in the past can be done now.”

As a crazy person who constantly challenges himself, Rowen once made a very cruel exercise plan. Within three days, he was admitted to the hospital. Earth food was not enough to replenish the exaggerated loss of energy in his body, and on the first day, he began to urinate blood, which was very painful.

After three days in a row, he was only one line away from death!

He wouldn’t have tasted the chicken soup if he hadn’t been on the doors of death…

Now that the food in One Piece World is so good, that exercise plan could work in here.

“Um … I can also train my Devil Fruit at the same time.”

Rowen calmly took out the wet tissues that he put into his pocket before crossing over and wiped his hands, Rowen raised his head in thought and looked towards Enel.

“……Have you finished watching?”

“This smells so bad!”

Enel nodded his head and covered his nose with disgust. If he hadn’t witnessed it by himself, Rowen wouldn’t be able to think that this fool is the future “Sky Island God” Enel.

“Ha ha……”

Rowen raised his arms and thunder appeared between his fingers.

Zī Zī Zī Zī…

The sky blue electric current keeps gathering together, forming a light ball with dazzling white light. In the face of this powerful current, Enel’s hair stood on end and his afro was pulled straight!

It seems that I have found the reason why Enel wore a headscarf every day…

Rowen thought about this and spoke.

“Thank you for providing me with clues. In your next life, reborn and remain in the Blue Sea…”

Not waiting for Enel to say anything, Rowen moved and then…


Thunder and lightning filled the area!

Along with the loud noise, a thumb-sized thick light beam spreads its teeth and claws in the air, the electric light flashes and instantly shoots through Enel’s head and disappears into the distant clouds.

This is the easiest way to use Rumble-Rumble Fruit, “Lightning Strike” … Strictly speaking, it is not worthy of having a name, it is just the easiest way to use it.

The specific process is the same as ordinary people spitting…

Who would name their spit?

Similar to Ice Dragon Breath?

“Rumble-Rumble Fruit … It’s quite loud!”

Rubbing his itchy ears from the thunder, Rowen drops the wipes he wiped off his hands on the floor and looks blankly at Enel’s body.

In his eyes, this is not cruel, but a kind of compassion.

Although he hadn’t been in contact with him for more than a few minutes, he knew that Enel, as Birka’s “Freak”, had been able to fend for himself by his intelligence. Now that he had become crazy, his life would have become worse than even beggars, he would have lived like a stray dog and would die in a ditch somewhere.

So as a thank you, Rowen sent him off in advance.

When Euthanasia(Mercy Killing) became legal in some parts of the planet, Rowen knew … Death, sometimes really is a relief.

Pī Li Pā Lā!

Blue Thunder Python coiled around his arm and a thunderous blast of thunder lit up on one side of Rowen’s face. Feeling the thunderous force rising and nearly doubling inside him, he mumbled in shock: “What the hell… How can the energy from a pile of fruit make me so much stronger?”

As a Devil Fruit Ability User, Rowen can clearly observe the power of thunder in his body. Because the degree of his Fruit development is close to zero, he understands that this growing stronger has nothing to do with the Devil Fruit, it has to do with his body.

It is conceivable that as long as he continues to eat the food of One Piece World, he will be in a state of a rapid growth period for a long time before his physical strength reaches the bottleneck.!

A few minutes later, Rowen strolled on the soft Island Cloud beach of Birka, gazing obsessively at the distant sky.

Pirate King, Sky Island…

This land of gods has changed from comics to reality and it had brought him a strong shock! Having been chased before without getting a chance to look closely, he now has the time to enjoy the scenery.

Huā Lā La!

A huge Sky Island flying fish jumped up from the white clouds, the tail fins of the fish brought a string of water drops and under the shining sun, it painted a rainbow. The distant sea of ​​clouds is connected to the blue sky, and at a glance, it gives a Misconception that the sky was over by the ocean.

It was a sight beyond words!

At this moment, Rowen finally felt the joy of crossing over to this world.

Looking at the sky, there was a moment’s silence. Then he suddenly grinned and said, “One Piece World … Haha! Hahaha! I’m here in One Piece World !!”

As a non-ordinary self-challenger, Rowen is proficient in several extreme sports and challenges himself all the time, he has long become numb to the peaceful daily life.

He had traveled to the dangerous One Piece World, he got rid of his plight of being chased by the soldiers and got the powerful Rumble-Rumble Fruit. This is the first time that he had killed someone and had blooded his hand…  Rowen only felt that his body has been silent for a long time and now it is breaking through the ice, his body was like a clap of spring thunder and the flames in his body were burning in a furnace and it was difficult for that surging to stop!

“Hahaha !!”


He smiled excitedly and rushed straight towards the soft clouds in front of his feet, trying to lie on them.


Rowen’s expression became horrified and his eyes widened.

“Not good! F*ck!!!”

One has to mention that the foundations of the Sky Island are built without soil.

In addition to special cloud types, Sky Island’s Cloud types are mainly divided into two types: Island Cloud and Sea of Clouds.

The former is generally hard and can be processed, just like ordinary Blue Sea stone, which is the main component of the foundation and building of Sky Island. The latter “Cloud” as its name suggests, looks white and soft but is actually full of seawater.

Everything in Sky Island is built on these two sides, supported by them.

Both contain God’s “Pyrobroin Cutin Granule”, but Island Cloud is just a solidified body of sea of ​​clouds, which cannot restrain Devil Fruit Ability user like Seastone.

The sea of ​​clouds is no different from normal seawater…

The Soft Cloud at Rowen’s feet on the Coast is also a kind of Island Cloud, similar to mud. But the white cloud in front of him was actually a sea of ​​clouds…

As far as Sky Island people are concerned, the two rivers are distinct and there is no possibility of mistakes. But for Rowen, his eyes only saw white, there was no wind and no waves by which he could tell the difference!!!

If you put his action on the blue sea, it would be like a Devil Fruit Ability User standing on the edge of the cliff while facing the sea and making a leap of faith! At the same time, there is a silly happy smile on the face!

And so……



Rowen sank directly into the sea of ​​clouds and disappeared instantly.