OPTM-Chapter 6 Falling

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After falling into the sea cloud, a string of bubbles slipped out of the corner of his mouth, Rowen was like salted fish … Within a single day, he had continuously felt three different kinds of experiences that he had never felt before. 

 First, it was the pain caused by the shock wave of Impact Dial.

Second, he ate the Rumble-Rumble Fruit and his body now held the power of thunder.

Third …

As a Devil Fruit Ability user, he is soaked in the seawater, he is feeling panicked by his body’s weakness!

He groaned but even after trying, he could not even move his fingers, he is like duckweed, drifting with the waves.

“This is really uncomfortable! I want to die! I can’t breathe…”

He slowly sank and a Sky Shark came over. After seeing the target clearly, it flicked its tail excitedly and opened its mouth wide.

As a carnivorous fish standing at the top of the food chain in the White Sea, the Sky Shark knew that whatever fell into the cloud is its dinner.

There is no room for resistance, it’s just delicious food for it!

Coo …

The turbulence in the water caught Rowen’s attention. He tried to open his eyes and found that a Sky Shark was getting closer and closer to him and his face immediately became ashen.

“F*ck, what do I do now?!”

Rowen tried to condense the power of thunder and lightning in his body to repel the Sky Shark. However, as the new Devil Fruit Ability user, how can he defy his natural enemy? He could not even feel the strength of his body, let alone using the power of lightning.

He could only watch as the Sky Shark, which is more than two meters long, rush over to his side with a mouth full of fangs.

Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī Zī!!!

The dazzling Thunderlight flickered, and the large fish collapsed on the spot.

In the dim seawater, a Sky Shark twitched in place and its tail flicked wildly. It regretted it’s choice … This kind of sourness really made the “Shark” want to die!

The “Pyrobroin Cutin Granule” of seawater can indeed restrain the Devil Fruit Ability user, making them unable to use their ability, but the content is very small, and it cannot change the shape of the Devil Fruit Ability user itself.

Only Seastone and Seawater with a higher concentration of “Pyrobroin Cutin Granule” can make Devil Fruit Ability users lose all of his abilities … including Elementalization!

Therefore, the rubber sinking to the bottom of the sea can still be elongated, and the lightning that sinks to the bottom of the sea is also lightning.

Unprepared, the confident Sky Shark bit into Rowen’s stomach and was suddenly hit by the overflowing thunderbolt and was unable to move.

“So what are you biting me for? You won’t die if you won’t do this!”

With the light from the Thunder, Rowen looked weakly at Sky Shark, who was stuck and twitching while biting his stomach. He wants to laugh, but he doesn’t have the strength.


Suddenly, the sunlight falls!

The strength returned to his body, and his sight brightened. Rowen looked up at the sky and said in surprise.

“I rushed out? !!!” But then his face went black and he was speechless.


The good news is that because the White Sea is not Blue Sea, there is no bottom of the sea, so he fell into Sea and drilled out from under this ocean butt, without worrying about drowning.

But the bad news is … there is still an ocean below!!!

Looking ahead, he can see the Blue Sea in full view. The place where the sea and the sky meet, there are several seagulls soaring in the sky and the picture is beautiful.

Falling fast, his hairs stand on his head. Sitting cross-legged in mid-air, Rowen touched his chin.

“In other words … Logia ignores any physical damage and there is no possibility of falling to death. But the Sea is there and I will be drowning!”

“And so……”

He turned his gaze to look at the Sky Shark, who rolled its eyes and twitched from time to time. He suddenly thought of something and the corner of his mouth began to twitch.

A Devil Fruit User felling into the ocean would die because of it.


Grand Line, First Half.

A huge blue ship with a large number of Battery Forts and full masts rides the wind and waves, dividing the Sea and moving it straight ahead.

On the hulking deck of a huge ship, busy soldiers in White Marine uniforms look like ants running through a banana leaf. The massive mast on the front of the great ship, with a large white sail and a seagull libra in the heart, symbolizes the maintenance of world peace and order.

This is a Battleship from Marine Headquarters Marineford … And it is the largest model only a general officer can be equipped with- A War Behemoth!

An ordinary pirate group can be easily destroyed by impact and artillery alone on this Warship!

Historically, escorting the “World Noble” Tenryubito, Marines will definitely dispatch this Battleship, showing their confidence in it!

It’s just that the head of a battleship of extraordinary significance and power is now replaced by an unreliable existence. Instead, there was a cute dog head sculpture, wearing a collar and a bone in its mouth. The majesty is completely lost which makes people laugh.

However, no one in the Grand Line, or even the residents of Four Seas who only care a little about Marine intelligence, dare to feel any contempt for it.

Because the Owner of this Dog-Headed Battleship is the “Hand” that seized the “Pirate King” Gol D. Roger, he defeated the “New World King” Rocks, he is known as the “Marine Hero”, this ship is the mount of Monkey D Garp!

At this moment, in front of the broad deck, there was a red beach chair that was very uncoordinated with the solemn atmosphere of the battleship. An old man laid on it, he kicked off his shoes and tilted his legs and fell asleep with his head up. His body was covered in muscles, his back was bearish, his hair was gray, and his face was filled with a small smile.

If you ignore the dazzling red beach chair and the beach umbrella standing on the side to block the sun and the nasal bubbles blowing from his nostrils, maybe everyone will say something.

“This is Garp The Fist!”

Unfortunately, there is no …

Tick ​​…

A drop of water hits his feet and Garp sleepily gazes at the sky, smashing his mouth with his hand.

“It’s going to rain again … this Grand Line weather …”

As the person with the highest status in Headquarters, Garp is rarely sent out on missions on weekdays. He was feeling a little unhappy so he asked Sengoku, a comrade-in-arm and the Fleet Admiral to return to East Blue to see his grandson. A negative strike finally angered Sengoku and forced him to send him out on a mission and Garp was very dissatisfied with it.

But desperately, this time he messed up the mission.


Imagining Sengoku’s bluish face and spitting water, Garp muttered: “We have to go slowly, let’s drag it out as long as we can.”

Then he turned over and greeted the adjutant standing behind him.

“Trane, bad weather is here, let the soldiers move!”

“Understood!” Lieutenant Trane immediately nodded and saluted, and turned to find the navigator.

Although Garp does not know how to sail, he has been on the Sea for decades, traveling from south to north, he knows the weather of the Grand Line well, he knew the weather on the Grand Line like the back of his hand.

But soon, Trane walked back with his head in the back.

“Sir Garp, the navigator said it won’t rain?”

If only one or two people deny that then Trane would definitely not come back to report this to Garp, but more than ten navigators told him that it will not rain, then Garp’s conclusion is open to question.

Hearing this, Garp opened his eyes forcefully and looked up at the sky again.

He said while looking up.

“No, there was still rain hitting my feet just now, and the wind direction was not normal. If it didn’t rain, it would be … uh …”

“What is it?” Trane asked.

In response, Garp slowly lowered his head and stared at his eyes and said seriously: “Yes … its a weird shark and a person!”

Trane: “…”