OPTM-Chapter 4 Test And Fruit

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What happened outside is not clear to Rowen. Inside the Temple, he had only one hand left, stuck in the old man’s neck, and the rest of his body was gone. Those thundering bolts of the lightning outside are generated by the power that can’t be controlled by his body after his body is broken up.

Very soon, this strange appearance of Rowen disappeared as threads of lightning twisted and entwined together to form an outline of his appearance. Finally, the overflowing lightning that was scattered outside returned to him and once again formed his body.

And such, there was not a trace of lightning left anywhere; except for one area.

Zī Zī Zī Zī!


Rowen’s arm burst into a strong electric current. The old man opened his mouth wide, twitching uncontrollably under Rowen’s grip and his skin started to burn.

As Rowen’s first use of strength tester, this old man who had managed to live till now is undoubtedly qualified.

Rubbing the stubble off his chin with his bare hand, Rowen thought slowly.

“No wonder Logia was called an invincible ability in the early days, their Elementalization turned out to be passive skill! Not only that, but this skill could also be fully controlled by the Devil Fruit Ability User, and they can access its entities as they please.”

“In addition, after being broken up in a large area, if one can’t control the ability to release before one Re-Combine, you will also consume Stamina. After all, Combining itself is also a process of using fruit ability, it will consume Stamina, so even with Elementalization ability, you can’t take it lightly.

After obtaining Rumble-Rumble Fruit, Rowen had time to avoid it before the impact arrived. Even if he didn’t learn Enel’s teleportation in the electromagnetic field, the speed of lightning itself should not be underestimated.

He just wanted to test out answers to the questions that he had before, to collect data for his later development. He is utilizing the popular saying ‘Know The self, Know The Enemy’ to develop.

Rowen, who is a traverser, has achieved “Knowing The Enemy”, but as a New Devil Fruit Ability user, he has not yet achieved “Knowing The Self”…

Zī Zī Zī Zī Zi!

The current in his hand increased again and the old man uttered foamy substance from his mouth and became unconscious, he could only passively scream without any resistance. In this regard, Rowen has a new harvest.

“… The fruit strength is not only related to the development level, but also to the user’s body strength. I just got Rumble-Rumble Fruit and the development level is about zero, so the power of thunder is only linked to the current body strength.”

“At present, 50% of my total force is not enough to kill this person. After all, this is a superman like person who only lost one hand after using an impact of that size. The average person can only take at most ten percent of my strength… “

Although the Impact Dial is not as good as the legendary Reject Dial, the recoil is still very terrifying, which is why it is listed as a controlled weapon in Birka.

At the same time, the lethality it posses is huge and ordinary people could only use it once and their hand would be broken and it would become useless for life!

The old man was able to abandon only one arm after the “Max Launch”, this is enough to see his strength.


“10% power …”

Rowen sighed.

“It seems that I still have a long way to go before I catch up with the original Enel, not to mention world domination…”

There are innumerable monsters in the One Piece World. A force that would be regarded as fatal for any person back on Earth could only be considered common in the Four Seas and even in the East Blue. And the gap between East Blue and the top of the world is self-evident …


Rowen slightly loosened his grip as he let go of the old man who had already transformed into charred coke. Arcs formed between his fingers as he used a burst of lightning at a hundred percent of his powers on the old man’s corpse. As a result, the lightning disintegrated the corpse into pieces as it fell onto the ground and turned into ash.

“…Is this the Max power launch? This doesn’t look like much!”

With a disdainful curl of his mouth, Rowen patted his hands clean and raised his head to look out the door.

“… Tch, they sure run very fast.”

After seeing that weird thunder, the Sky island soldiers suddenly believed that the Thunder God was angry and they threw down their weapons and fled in embarrassment. Now Rowen frees his hands and has long disappeared. He is unfamiliar with this world and he doesn’t want to waste his time in killing all the guards!

As for why it is a waste of time …


He hadn’t eaten anything for a day, and the amount of work(running away and stealing) he did today was huge. A low thunder-like sound reverberated in the ruins. This is not from Rumble-Rumble Fruit, it is from his belly …

“I am starving!”

Taking a glance at the Temple, the purple thumb-sized fruit on the table looked fresh and delicious, and Rowen, who had an empty stomach took the gold plate and poured it into his mouth.

Rowen sighed comfortably as he stuffed a pile of fruit into his stomach and began to think about his future.

“I am full, now, what shall I do next?”

Should I stay on Sky Island and rule this area? With Rumble-Rumble Fruit’s invincible power, I could emulate Enel to rule Birka and even the entire island?

This idea is too naive and does not match Rowen’s character. As a lunatic who constantly challenges himself, Rowen can’t accept just waiting for something to happen while eating and drinking.

“Oh! I can go to the Blue Sea!”

Rowen’s eyes lit up. Sky Island is just a corner of One Piece World that is too small for him to stay. The entire Birka “Kingdom” is not even as large as some second-tier City cities on the earth.

Only the vast Blue Sea!

The Great Age of Pirates is surging forward with great momentum, there are thousands if not more sails in the sea and the Era is Chaotic, Rowen does have a high interest in this.

“However … how can I leave the Sky island and return to the Blue Sea?”

Looking down into the distant clouds through Temple’s hole, Rowen frowned. The idea has been fixed, but the technical issues lie ahead of him.

The altitude of the Sky Island is at least 5000 meters above the sea level and ordinary people can’t get down from here. As a Logia user, Rowen could ignore all physical damage and can jump directly from here, but he is afraid of the sea below, he does not want to be drowned.

“… Enel has no wings but he is a suspected Blue Sea Dweller, maybe he knows what to do…”

Raising his head, Rowen’s body changed quickly, the electric light flashed and his figure disappeared in place.

Outside the high walls of the shrine, Enel sat with his hands on his knees, shivering against the wall, visibly shaken by the thunder.

At this time, the air sounded with a “Pī Li Pā Lā” electric current, weaving into a Humanoid form. A small thunderbolt spilled out on Enel’s arm, causing him to stand up with pain, he stared at Rowen with a stunned look on his face.

This is not teleportation, but the movement speed of the Devil Fruit Ability user itself after Rumble-Rumble Fruit Elementalization, but in the eyes of ordinary people, it is also the same as teleportation.

Rowen, with his upper body part as a human and the lower body part still as lightning, started talking with an indifferent expression on his face.

“Enel, do you know how to get to the Blue Sea?”

Opposite to him, Enel stared at him blankly as if he had never recovered from before. Logia’s abilities are harder to accept than those of the other two categories of Devil Fruits, to ordinary people’s eye, it makes them look like a demon, Rowen is well aware of this fact and does not mind Enel’s alarm.

The only thing was that he didn’t consider the amount of pressure Enel’s heart was enduring because of his actions. His sudden appearance in the Sky Island, as well as the killing intent that he had revealed earlier; these were things that Enel just could not bear!

In an instant, his eyes widened and his pupils tightened and the corners of his mouth twitched wildly. Then … in front of Rowen’s gaze, he grinned and laughed like a maniac.

“Ha … hahaha! Monster, I saw a Monster!”

“I’m not Freak, he is! Hahahaha!”

Then he danced and smiled wildly, showing all of his teeth.

Enel was not really cold-hearted and merciless. He only became like that in the future after he got his powers. It was the dark side of his soul that had been oppressed for a long time in the years before he ate the Rumble-Rumble Fruit.

In other words, this person is very nervous and unstable. This is a deviation path for him, he will either become a saint or he will become a butcher.

He didn’t run away like a soldier at this time, not because he couldn’t find a place to go, but that his nerves, which were always on edge, broke down. There was only a difference of one line between him and a madman right now.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Rowen’s exaggerated appearance became the last straw that broke the camel’s back. The original “Thunder God” Enel was first scared by Rowen and he peed his pants, and now he became so scared that he went crazy…

“This black pot … belch!”

Rowen’s feets condensed back from lightning as he stepped onto the clouds and looked at Enel’s stupid appearance. Rowen then turned his gaze at the sky and spoke with a low voice: “Sorry, Enel’s fans on earth.”

“Not good!”

At that moment, Rowen suddenly felt a hot and dry feeling in his stomach, which was as warm as a stove. At the same time, he also started feeling a sharp pain in his heart and lungs.

“Shit! Were the fruits poisonous?!”

They even used the poisonous stuff for God’s offerings???

He covered his stomach and his body curled up as his skin tingled.

The scorching heat didn’t feel much better with this action, and it swept through his entire body and it made him sweat like he was standing under the intense sun of the summer season. With the heat spreading, Rowen leaned uncomfortably against the Island Cloud wall, panting heavily, and his eyes became bloodshot.

This attack came so fast, it can be seen that it is highly toxic!

At this time, there is no time for any methods, he could only rely on his body to resist it!


As the heat tormented his body, a lightning bolt with an arm’s thickness suddenly burst out of his skin and scorched the ground in front of him, creating a charred hollow area that gave out a foul smell. The pain in Rowen’s stomach was becoming much worse and was increasing even more as he suddenly pulled open his zipper and crouched down.

Huā Lā La!