OPTM-Chapter 234 Startled!

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The world currently didn’t know the meaning behind this name, but it would become known some years later when the World Government initiated massive conscription.

His full name was…

Marine Headquarters Admiral, “Fujitora” Issho!

Rowen would never forget this guy who displayed unbelievable and monstrous strength, pushing aside Admiral candidates Momousagi and Chaton and being directly promoted to Admiral.

“Fujitora” Issho was a mix of Purple (fuji) – a combination of red and blue. His code name, “Fujitora,” indicated that his character was a blend of Akainu and Aokiji, possessing Akainu’s sense of responsibility while also having a sense of humor similar to Aokiji’s.

Similar to the Three Admirals, each having their own sense of Justice, Oda had assigned “Virtue’s Justice” to Fujitora. It wasn’t as rigid as Akainu’s “Absolute Justice,” nor as laissez-faire as Aokiji’s “Casual Justice.”

For instance…

If Fujitora had been the one executing the Ohara incident, he would have followed orders and captured Nico Robin…

But then, he would have questioned the government about why they couldn’t spare an innocent little girl. He would have vowed to protect Nico Robin, even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

This was “Virtue’s Justice”! It was also the type of Justice that Rowen admired the most.

“Blindness is a kind of fortune, for there are too many despicable and bad people in the world!” Fujitora’s eyes were closed because he didn’t want to witness the worst things in this world.

Rowen had wondered more than once if Fujitora’s aversion to seeing wickedness extended to the Marines as well.

For example, during the mission he was currently executing in the West Blue, if it were a hot-blooded and impulsive young Marine, how could they allow such a cryptic and complicated power transaction to continue, letting the arms trade grow and bring calamity to the West Blue?

Fujitora knew this, so he blinded himself to avoid seeing the wickedness within the Marines and remained true to his heart, following virtue.

Before his transmigration, when he looked across the entire One Piece world, there were only two individuals that Rowen approved of.

The first was Doflamingo, who had already met his ‘demise’. Both of them were equally unruly and daring, and regardless of appearances, they were absolute madmen and strong individuals.

But later, Rowen changed his view… His madness came from the rebirth after despair, a determination to be born anew from death!

As for Doflamingo, his madness was nothing more than a brat throwing a tantrum because he couldn’t get what he wanted. The so-called “source of evil” made Rowen not want to be associated with him.

The other individual was “Fujitora” Issho.

A peerless strong individual who dared to confront the world’s black and white, someone who blinded himself to pursue the light wholeheartedly. As for “Blackbeard” Teach…

Enduring in secret for twenty years was commendable, and if Teach hadn’t shown signs of fear in front of Whitebeard during the Summit War, Rowen might have had a higher opinion of him.

But he became afraid… Afraid and yet desiring Whitebeard’s power, greedy yet apprehensive, wicked and vile, doing as he pleased while holding on to a sliver of hope that everything and everyone would just follow along.

Such a person was nothing more than a pirate, unworthy of the title “Strong individual.”

As for the protagonist, Straw Hat Luffy…

A typical main character would never gain Rowen’s approval; they wouldn’t even make it onto the candidate list, no matter how firm their beliefs were. Besides strength, the typical main character had no value in Rowen’s eyes.

Naturally, this had gone a bit off-topic. The current Issho hadn’t yet received the code name “Fujitora.” He was merely a wandering old blind man and gambler executing “Virtue” throughout the Grand Line.

For instance, the current Gat Island.

A group of pirates suddenly appeared and occupied the island. They didn’t plunder or massacre; instead, they sealed off the coastline, forcing the residents to buy overpriced food from them.

The reason the able-bodied young people were trapped indoors was that if they attempted to seek help from the sea or engage in fishing for sustenance, they would be mercilessly killed by the pirates.

“Really? How creative!” Rowen exclaimed after noticing this.

Fishing and agriculture were the two essential means of survival for the residents of Gat Island. While agriculture required time and depended on the harvest season, fishing was the main occupation of the island’s people.

Although the climate on the summer island was scorching, it still took time for crops to mature. The pirates took advantage of this and sealed off the coastline, forcing the residents to spend a fortune to buy enough food to survive.

Rowen believed that even without massacring the residents before the harvest season arrived, many of them would die of hunger or be killed while trying to resist.

And even if they managed to hold on until the harvest season, the pirates might go mad and set fire to the crops to continue controlling the island.

“Even pirates understand sustainable development these days?!” Rowen remarked, astonished that even rogues now had their own culture. The world was truly a terrifying place!

Rowen pondered for a moment and decided to bide his time. Issho’s appearance on Navarre Island was likely to gather information. As a believer in the way of virtue, he wouldn’t casually kill someone without being sure of their heinous crimes.

Once enough information was collected, the downfall of the pirate gang was only a matter of time.

“Then… I’ll just lie in wait for the tiger,” Rowen thought to himself.

Zi Zi… Crack!

In the blink of an eye, a barely visible electric current exploded at the center of the street, and the large man disappeared into thin air. The surrounding residents looked at him with alert eyes, feeling puzzled for a moment, and then the explosion occurred!

Gat Island, former mayor’s orchard.


A panting pirate pushed open the gate and hurriedly approached the leader sitting in a chair. “Captain, bad news! The residents are spreading rumors that there’s an outsider on the island!”

“What?!” The Pirate Captain was shocked, standing up abruptly. “Do you know who it is? Is it the Marines?!”

The Marines’ iron-fisted crackdown in the past few months had been highly effective. If it had been half a year ago, this pirate gang would never have needed to hide on Gat Island for “sustainable development.” They would have just looted, burned, killed, and left.

But now, the seas were extremely dangerous, and going out was likely to attract the attention of the Marines. Hence, they hid and waited for the limelight to pass.

(End of this chapter)

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