OPTM-Chapter 235 “Fujitora” Appears! Part 1

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But now, the seas were extremely dangerous, and going out was likely to attract the attention of the Marines. Hence, they hid and waited for the limelight to pass.

As a pirate captain with a bounty of 18 Million Belly, the Pirate Captain used to be very confident in his strength and had teased the pursuing Marines more than once.

That was until he got shot in the knee by an arrow, almost maimed by the Aircraft Force…

Regarding the issue, The pirate nicknamed ‘Little Bro’ thought for a moment and shook his head. “It’s probably not the Marines… The residents said there’s only one person, and they weren’t wearing Marine uniforms.”

“No, in that case, it must be!” The Pirate Captain shook his head with an unattractive expression on his face, firmly believing in his conclusion.

He had dealt with the Marines many times and was quite familiar with their tactics.

Now, only one person had appeared, true, but that was just reconnaissance… When the Marines confirmed the existence of pirates on the island, a large force would quietly follow and form a siege, wiping them out in one fell swoop!

“You guys, go and catch the eyewitnesses… and that Marine!” The Captain slammed the table, giving orders.

Then, he looked out the window and said, “Prepare to leave overnight!”

“What?! Captain, wouldn’t that be making a mountain out of a molehill? The nearest G-3 Marine Branch from Gat Island will take ten days to arrive here. Leaving now might put us right into the Marines’ hands,” Little Bro said, as he was unable to understand his Captain’s words and couldn’t help but ask.

In both reason and emotion, Little Bro’s statement made sense.

The Marine forces couldn’t possibly arrive so quickly, and if they left, they might just end up walking into the encirclement.

Moreover, over the past few months, they had been enjoying themselves on Gat Island, having grown accustomed to days when they could squander a large amount of money without fighting and freely bullying others. To ask them to give it all up immediately was difficult.

The saying goes, “Easy come, Easy go.”

“Oh? Is that what you think?” Suddenly, the Captain asked with a profound tone.

In an instant, the expression on Little Bro’s face turned pale, and beads of cold sweat formed on his forehead.


“Not… Ahh!!”

Before he could explain, a curved blade plunged into his shoulder and pierced through his heart. It looked like he wouldn’t survive. Seeing the Captain holding the blade, covered in blood, the other pirates couldn’t help but shiver in fear.

They almost forgot that the man before them was a notorious and ruthless man with a bounty of 18 Million Belly, the “Bloody Garrote”!

Gat Island, at the center of the small town.


The crude door of a humble house was kicked open by a ferocious and wicked pirate, and soon screams echoed from inside.

The surrounding neighbors and residents avoided the scene, afraid to speak up, hiding in their homes, casting disdainful and fearful glances at the pirates.

In the past, some of them had tried to resist, but under Garrote’s cruel instructions, anyone who dared to resist was tortured to death, and those who caused trouble had their bodies hung on the mast.

It is not a good feeling watching their family members’ corpses rot in the sun until they died from exposure, finally being thrown into the sea as fish food.

Now, there were no single men left on this island… because those who weren’t threatened had all been killed in the first round of cleaning.

Others who might not fear death themselves were still concerned for their families.

What else could they do but try to survive one more day?

Soon, a family of three was dragged out by the pirates from their home. A robust pirate with a bare chest and a sinister smile waved his hand.

“Take them away!”

Then, he squatted down and roamed his eyes over the curvaceous body of a young girl. “Old Boss said to keep her alive. Take her to my room!”

“Understood, Big Brother!”

The little bros leered, knowing that after Big Brother was done with the woman, she would be handed over to them. With his command, even if they left tonight, they wouldn’t be bored.

They couldn’t wait to tie up the young girl and carry her away, leaving the middle-aged couple crying in despair.

The pirates captured more than a dozen households in the town, locking them all in the hold under the deck of their ship.

Seeing this scene, Rowen, who was lying on the beach sunbathing, understood everything.

“So, they’re giving up the island and escaping while taking hostages? Not bad for cultured pirates.”

With his Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki), Rowen could monitor every move of all living creatures on this small island, which was not even as big as a headquarters’ family town. He knew exactly what the pirates were up to.

“Bloody Garrote? Soon you’ll truly be drenched in blood… drowning in your own blood.”

A sneer appeared at the corner of Rowen’s mouth, and the Thunder God mark on his forehead flashed briefly.

“But to improve my reputation… I can’t let anyone harm this young girl.”

In a situation no one could see, an invisible electromagnetic film covered the girl’s body. She might be scared, but she wouldn’t be harmed.

If that Robust Man, who looked like a pig-headed fool, dared to lay a finger on her… well, Rowen was looking forward to the screams of that Robust Man.

The residents had no idea what was happening, but they knew that the pirates were up to something big again.

One by one, they locked themselves inside their homes, trembling in the night breeze.

Soon, dusk arrived, and a small boat appeared in the distance.

Issho must have his own sources of information. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be explained how he could get to Navarre Island ahead of the Marines to gather information. Therefore, Rowen wasn’t surprised at all when Issho appeared tonight, taking perfect timing into account.

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