OPTM-Chapter 194 Devastating Blow Part 2

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But which country’s economic development relied solely on local resources? Isn’t the concept of a tourist economy familiar in this world?

Don’t even mention the limitation of visitors due to the sea… The world’s largest entertainment city, “Gran Tesoro,” can’t even be considered an island, yet visitors flock there using a special turtle navigation, just as they do here!

Doesn’t the Gold Emperor need to consider the difficulty of sailing through sea conditions?

Sea conditions are absolutely fair to everyone. They don’t distinguish between anyone.

So, in the end, it was people’s foolishness.

“The only good thing you have done so far is to lift Dressrosa out of poverty.” Rowen led a group of Marine soldiers standing at the intersection of Lover’s Lane, watching the handsome men and beautiful women strolling hand in hand on the street, and spoke to Doflamingo beside him.

The residents lined the streets, shouting excitedly for Doflamingo, indicating his immense popularity in Dressrosa.

However, at the same time, these people cast hateful and disgusted glances at Rowen.

They had already heard that the Marine Vice Admiral before them had defeated Doflamingo, their King, and almost brought Dressrosa to ruin.

Rowen ignored their gaze. If looks could kill, what use was a fist? If they dared to lay a hand on him, Rowen wouldn’t mind using it as an excuse to thoroughly investigate Dressrosa.

But thankfully or unthankfully, Doflamingo wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen. A large number of Donquixote Family soldiers arrived from a distance, blocking the enthusiastic crowd and acting as escorts for them.

Upon hearing Rowen’s words, Doflamingo let out a light chuckle, his face revealing a smirk as he said, “Fufufu! Vice Admiral Rowen, you’re overestimating me. You should know how Dressrosa became prosperous, right?”

“This prosperity is as fragile as a soap bubble. It will burst with a single squeeze.”

Since the decision to go clean has been made then the Underground Black Market must be eradicated.

Indecision leads to chaos and hesitance breeds disorder. One must not be indecisive when it comes to important matters!

Doflamingo was very aware of these two points.

A month ago, he had already ordered the factory to cease all operations, waiting for the Marines to come and take over.

What Doflamingo had said was the truth, Dressrosa was built upon a foundation of greater chaos and more poverty, constructed with the blood and tears of countless people. Its prosperity was nothing but an illusion!

Now that the Black Market was forced to close, there would be no more foreign currency inflow, and the decline was inevitable.

Doflamingo didn’t understand why Rowen was expressing such sentiments.

“Your perspective is too narrow, Doflamingo.” Shaking his head, Rowen looked at him and continued, “Wealth is not just a term used by the Nobles to flaunt their status; it also has a direct connection to the stability of the seas.”

“Even Roger used wealth to ignite the Pirate Era. This shows the importance of wealth. Otherwise, we would only have the title of Pirate King, nothing more than an empty and boastful claim, and the number of pirates wouldn’t be increasing day by day like it is now.”

“Even if it’s false prosperity, it is still prosperity… People are shortsighted. With money, and the ability to eat well and dress warmly, they won’t consider much else. They will only pursue a better life.”

“Have you not noticed, Doflamingo? In the nearly eight years that Dressrosa has been under your rule, not a single decent pirate has emerged from here… Do you think it’s because the Pirate Era has passed, or is it because they never even considered going out to sea?”

Did you become smaller, or did I become unable to lift the sword?

If they have the opportunity for a better life then they would protect it, why the hell would they risk their lives to go out to sea with their swords tied to their belts? Why would they do that when they could live comfortably here?

It’s this kind of thinking.

‘Gē Zhī!’

The expressions on Doflamingo’s face froze and his face became gloomy.

As Rowen said, in these nearly eight years, not to mention pirates, even major criminals have not appeared in Dressrosa.

While there were his own measures to suppress challengers and prevent them from appearing, the fundamental reason was that the residents of Dressrosa themselves had no ambitions anymore!

If he truly wanted to be a good King, this would be the greatest praise, but unfortunately… he wasn’t.

He only wanted to use Dressrosa as a center to gradually expand his influence, starting with the Underground World, and completely disrupt the rule of the Celestial Dragons!

“So… everything I have done in these years not only didn’t bring me closer to my goal but instead helped the World Government solidify their rule?” Doflamingo’s face turned pitch black, and he asked through gritted teeth.

He believed that Rowen knew a lot of things, after all, it was in Jaya Island that he revealed his identity.

“From the current perspective, yes.”

“And what about the surrounding islands?! In order to make Dressrosa more prosperous, I never stopped their wars!” Doflamingo asked unwillingly. He couldn’t understand his own feelings at the moment, but he wanted to find even a tiny bit of chaos!

To prove his wickedness.

Then, he received an even more mocking look from Rowen.

“These small countries in civil wars, they can barely take care of themselves. How much trouble do you think they can cause for the World Government?”

As for those countries, existing in the New World but not seeking the protection of the Yonko, Rowen really couldn’t understand what great things they could achieve in this world where individual fighting strength is sky-high.

“But… you’ve reminded me of something.” At this moment, Rowen’s tone changed, and it was as if he had just remembered something. However, to Doflamingo’s disappointment, this is what Rowen said.

“Those countries should all be under your control, right? Whether it’s the King’s army or the rebels, without the weapons you provide, they can’t even stir up a small wave in the Flower Capital.”

“This means you control their economic lifeline, doesn’t it?”

“No weapons, no war. Without war, the country will stabilize… and then, it’s inevitable and necessary to develop the economy to meet the needs of the people.”

“And with Dressrosa sitting on a large amount of funds, if you join in at this time, providing assistance to them and exchanging your massive influence for various resources, everyone will benefit from it…”

“A New World of mutual prosperity will emerge!”

“You really have done a great thing, Doflamingo!!!”

Suddenly, a wave of Haoshoku Haki surged and dissipated in an instant. Doflamingo clenched his teeth tightly, his smile turning into a forced one.

“Fufufu… Is that so?”

“Well then… THAT’S JUST… GREAT!”

(End of the chapter)

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