OPTM-Chapter 195 Invasion

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People only saw Doflamingo’s misdeeds as a Celestial Dragon and a Shichibukai, considering him synonymous with wickedness, but they didn’t consider his importance to the economy of the country he is ruling.

The prosperity of Dressrosa was indeed built on oppression, but no one mentioned how much his presence reduced the crime rate in Dressrosa.

Here’s a joke: The most serious turmoil in Dressrosa currently is just a group of passionate and fickle young girls engaging in some kind of applaudable and thrilling love triangle due to the betrayal and infidelity of their spouses.

Apart from that, this city has the bustling scenery that a truly prosperous city should have. Everyone has something to rely on, and the people live in peace and contentment.

Although King Riku and his descendants continue to harbor ill intentions towards Doflamingo and the people continue to do the same towards the Royal Family, on the surface, everything is harmonious.

But in Rowen’s eyes, Doflaming and his family are nothing more than a group of wanted criminals.

Different perspectives naturally lead to different attitudes towards the same matter.

Rowen had never placed himself in a position where he needed to look up to others. He had always stood above, so he could see much more clearly than anyone else, including Doflamingo.

Under the premise that the existing order benefits the citizens of the nation more than it harms them, then “Freedom” itself is just a poison to the nation. Compared to the tranquility of the nation compared to the rest of the New World, the blood feud between King Riku and Doflaming is insignificant.

Walking along Lover’s Lane, the entire group arrived at the Underground of the Royal Palace.

This was the location of the Dressrosa Royal Palace, the highest point of the Dressrosa Kingdom. It was also the villa of the Donquixote Family, where members of the Family who held positions above Cadre level were qualified to reside. Its appearance resembled a resort.

It was unknown how Dressrosa ended up with such a unique geographical formation. Within this flat land, there was a massive rock formation standing about 300 to 400 meters high in the center of the country.

It was said that the ancestors of the Donquixote family had resided on top of it eight hundred years ago, which made Rowen doubt if they had a high chance of having strokes in their old age.

It’s cold up high, after all!

“Vice Admiral…” At this moment, Dante walked up to Rowen’s side and whispered something.

“Oh? Is that so?” Rowen raised an eyebrow and glanced at Doflamingo, who was leading the way in front.

Don’t disappoint me with the first move like this.

Doflamingo’s mouth curled into a mysterious grin as he intentionally ignored Rowen’s gaze. Not long after, a fat man in a yellow fur coat ran over from a distance, his face filled with anxiety and gasping for breath as he said to Doflamingo, “Young Master… something bad has happened, Young Master!”

“Calm down, Buffalo!” Doflamingo regained his composure, furrowing his brow in a feigned calmness, and then asked, “What’s happened?”

“Well…” Buffalo, a member of the Donquixote Family’s Spade’s Army and one of Doflamingo’s guards hesitated and glanced at Rowen not far away, finding it difficult to speak.

At this point, everyone in Dressrosa knew the purpose of Rowen and his group’s arrival. If the Marines were to discover the existence of the Underground Black Market at this time, would it disrupt the Young Master’s plan?

Buffalo, who wasn’t a core confidant, didn’t understand the two individuals well, or else he wouldn’t have such thoughts.

Seeing this, Rowen sneered and clarified, “Isn’t it just a joint invasion of several countries’ Rebel Armies and Pirates? What’s the big deal?”

Yes, a group of Rebel Armies who purchased weapons in Dressrosa joined forces with various pirates and appeared on the outskirts of Dressrosa, clamoring to plunder the city. Rowen dared to guarantee that this was not even a disturbance orchestrated by Doflamingo.

Once the supply of weapons was cut off, those people, unable to resist the tempting Devil Fruits within arm’s reach, would inevitably resort to robbery. It’s just a coincidence of timing.

Seeing Rowen take it lightly, Buffalo, filled with anger, shouted at him, “They have over thirty large ships and many small ships! Their numbers exceed five thousand! We can’t stop them on the sea!”

For the top-tier fighters in this world, numbers were indeed not an issue. But each person had their own strengths, and not every strong individual had the ability to effortlessly overpower their enemies.

Not to mention how much strength Doflamingo had regained since his body was wrapped in bandages. Facing the five thousand members of the United Army at sea and the five thousand members of the United Army on land were two different enemies for Doflamingo.

Doflamingo could assimilate rock and metal into endless strings, possessing the destructive power to easily destroy islands on land. However, he couldn’t assimilate seawater, and the killing power of his String-String Fruit was nearly nonexistent in the sea.

“Seastones and Seawater.” These were the unreasonable things that made the already unreasonable Devil Fruit bow down in submission.

“Fufufufu… It seems the Risk Assessment will have to wait a bit longer!” Doflamingo laughed and said, “Vice Admiral Rowen, are you interested in joining forces with me to deal with this group of people?”

Five thousand members of the United Army were not a small number. Even the firepower of the Qilin ship couldn’t stop them, and the local defense forces of Dressrosa couldn’t either.

So joining forces was the best option.


“I am not interested…” Rowen silently lit a cigar, grinned, and said to Dante, “Eliminate them.”

“Yes!” After saluting, Dante took out a Den Den Mushi.

Seeing this scene, Doflamingo had an ominous feeling in his heart and asked, “Vice Admiral Rowen, do you have the capability to handle this? They are five thousand people with thirty large ships, and there are over a hundred accompanying fleets!”

Doflamingo knew very well what chain reaction would occur if he cut off the weapon supply, so he deliberately closed the Black Market in advance, allowing the turmoil to brew until it erupted now.

Can a single Qilin ship handle so many enemies?

“It seems your concept of war still remains at the shallow level of using numbers, Doflamingo…” Rowen’s expression remained calm as he passed by Doflamingo and continued towards the high ground of the kingdom.

“You should pay more attention to the Marines!”

“Why do you think that the first half has been more peaceful since Crocodile’s downfall?”

Doflamingo’s pupils contracted as he uttered two terms: “Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device” and “Aircraft Force!”

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