OPTM-Chapter 194 Devastating Blow Part 1

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New World, G-5 Branch

The Qilin Ship, along with the Donquixote Pirate Ship, had sailed for over a month and finally arrived in the New World. They would resupply here and then continue their journey to Dressrosa with the help of an Eternal Pose.

“Vice Admiral Rowen! Welcome, welcome!”

At the port, Vice Admiral Mozambia greeted them with a smile and led the entire group to the fortress. The fact that the Donquixote ship could dock safely at the port was proof of Mozambia’s competence.

After all…

This was G-5 Branch!

The artillery in the outer defense perimeter of the fortress was constantly manned, waiting for Doflamingo to cause trouble so they could unleash a round of powerful cannons.

Inside the office, after some brief exchanges, Rowen asked, “Vice Admiral Mozambia, how is the investigation I requested?”

“Well, we have gathered most of the information,” Mozambia replied.

“When it comes to the matter at hand, I had my men pose as rebels from a certain country and attempt to buy weapons in the massive underground black market in Dressrosa. However, the security there is tight, with Donquixote Family executives stationed there at all times. We couldn’t uncover any deeper information.”

Mozambia glanced out the window and said with concern, “The Fleet Admiral’s intention is to eradicate the black market, but Doflamingo’s influence extends throughout the world. Destroying the Dressrosa black market alone won’t completely stop him.”

As the “JOKER,” the uncrowned king of the Underground World, Doflamingo’s business undoubtedly extended beyond Dressrosa and its surroundings.

In reality, the Dressrosa underground port was just one of Doflamingo’s important arms trading points. Its purpose was to make Dressrosa prosperous, serving as a necessary trade hub.

It also provided a place for those turned into toys and the enslaved Dwarves Race to contribute their remaining value.

It was similar to what the Donquixote Family ancestors did 800 years ago, using oppression to achieve prosperity… Only the nature of the business had changed.

Rowen shook his head with a smile in response to Mozambia’s concerns.

“Don’t worry, do you think Fleet Admiral can’t anticipate what you’re thinking?”

“Being stripped of his Shichibukai position would be the most severe blow to him… Without that layer of protection, many things would become impossible for him to do. At that time, various factions would be eager to take action against him for their own interests. If he’s smart enough, he will choose to give up.”

Mozambia realized that Rowen’s words made sense. If even he could see the problem then it would be even more apparent to Sengoku.”

With a sheepish smile, Mozambia said, “Then there shouldn’t be a problem!”

“In the recent past, there have been several small-scale wars around Dressrosa due to Doflamingo’s imprisonment. However, they were all resolved by the Donquixote Family executives… Now that Dressrosa has received news of Doflamingo’s imminent return, the people’s emotions are stable, and we haven’t discovered any trouble for now.”

Discovering no trouble is the biggest trouble here! Rowen quietly glanced at Mozambia, not saying anything.

Leaving the office, Dante approached and reported in a low voice. “Vice Admiral! The Aircraft Force has just crossed the Red Line and is ready to provide support.”

“Good. What about the Qilin Ship?” Rowen lit a cigar and exhaled some smoke in the air as he asked. The war aircraft produced by Vegapunk would guarantee a certain level of quality, and after a month of repairs and preparations, they had finally assembled a stable formation of twenty units.

“The Plasma Cannons’ supporting generators are in good condition, and we have an ample supply of other cannonball ammunition…”

Dante’s face was filled with confidence as he summarized, “Even if Dressrosa launches a nationwide attack on us, with the firepower of the Qilin, we can wipe out everything!”

“Is that so? That’s good to hear…” Rowen wore a faint smile on his face and muttered to himself, “Let’s see what kind of surprise you have in store for me next, Doflamingo…”

Doflamingo, as an underworld giant, had his own pride. Even if he was forced to undergo “Risk Assessment” for his grand ideals, he wouldn’t be disheartened like an ordinary defeated villain. He would stand tall and let others try to pluck him.

Therefore, Rowen had long prepared for any hidden moves from Doflamingo that would be detrimental to him.

The first thing the Aircraft Force did after its repairs were to catch up with them and swiftly reach the target point through the air route, ready to be deployed on the battlefield at any moment.

Rowen didn’t know what would happen next. Doflamingo was experienced in counterintelligence, and his strings had the special effect of shielding electromagnetic waves. So Rowen was completely unaware of the connection between him and Trebol.

However, that didn’t stop Rowen from feeling a sense of warning and sensing the impending danger coming toward him.

This time, Rowen finally discovered the special ability of his Kenbunshoku Haki.

Just like when he was attacked by a brown bear on Earth, or when Jino and Crocodile teamed up last time, a few days ago, Rowen’s state of spiritual distraction suddenly intensified, waking him up from his sleep in the middle of the night.

“Doflamingo…” In a half-dream state, Rowen murmured the name and then fully woke up.

Based on his previous experiences, every time he entered this state, there was a threat severe enough to be deadly!

So Rowen immediately contacted Mozambia and asked him to thoroughly investigate the current situation in Dressrosa. He then immediately notified the G-10 branch to prepare for deployment, with the Aircraft Force ready for support.

However, the investigation yielded “no abnormalities,” according to Mozambia’s findings.

If that’s the case…

“Don’t disappoint me, Doflamingo…”

Seeing the familiar fanatic smile on Rowen’s face, Dante shivered involuntarily.

A few days later, Dressrosa.

It was a tropical island with a holiday atmosphere, known as the “Country of Love, Passion, and Toys.”

The favorable climate made the island warm and pleasant throughout the year. Coupled with the peaceful situation under Doflamingo’s rule, it was an ideal destination for tourism.

The bright sunshine, sandy beaches, lively streets, arenas, and the passionate and daring girls of Dressrosa made tourists who came here never want to leave.

Even government officials often frequented the island, seeking their second spring. Dressrosa’s fame at sea was such that it had popularity even across the Four Seas!

So Rowen couldn’t understand why, possessing such a beautiful and famous island, the lineage of King Riku had become so foolish as to be unable to come up with even 10 Billion Belly.

Indeed, Dressrosa was resource-poor. It was like an open-air cave built from a large stone and couldn’t support enough local trade to thrive…

But which country’s economic development relied solely on local resources? Isn’t the concept of a tourist economy familiar in this world?


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