OPTM-Chapter 192 Surging Undercurrents

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Marine Headquarters, Marineford.

The order for Doflamingo’s disposal had already been issued, and no matter what anyone’s opinion was, it couldn’t change the decision.

However, today Sengoku suddenly summoned everyone to gather for a meeting. In addition to the three Admirals and Tsuru, Zephyr and Garp were also present this time.

As the Headquarters Great Staff Officer, Tsuru’s presence in any high-level meeting was expected and normal. Although Zephyr and Garp didn’t hold high military ranks, their qualifications allowed them to have a position and participate in high-level meetings at the Headquarters.

However, unless it was a truly significant matter or something directly related to them, the two wouldn’t attend such meetings.

Zephyr was too lazy to participate in such meetings. After retiring from his Admiral position, he focused on training recruits and awaited his retirement in peace. As for Garp, Sengoku didn’t allow him to come… After all, with this old asshole personality, what good would it do if he did come?

Would he just eat donuts or fall asleep?

The fact that these two were called together today indicated that something truly major had happened!

With everyone gathered, Sengoku, with a grave expression on his face, began to speak from the main seat.

“We have determined that the blueprint of the Ancient Weapon Pluton is in Water 7!”

Ancient Weapon!!!

All the people present here, who had previously appeared calm, showed rare signs of astonishment and deep contemplation on their faces upon hearing this. Akainu, known for his explosive temper, slammed the table and stood up, saying, “In that case, send troops immediately to seal off Water 7! We must not allow the Ancient Weapon to fall into the wrong hands!”

“Hold on, Akainu.” Tsuru, also shaken by the news, spoke rationally and tried to persuade him.

“It’s a matter of great importance! If we startle the snake in the grass, the situation might turn against us.”

For most people in the sea, the terror of the Ancient Weapons only existed in legends and was often exaggerated and demonized. However, as individuals at the core level of this world, they knew the truth… they knew that the power of the Ancient Weapons was indeed terrifying.

Those three Ancient Weapons were genuine and possessed the horrifying power to Destroy the World!

For this reason, the World Government and the Marines searched for them while also keeping the information about the Ancient Weapons tightly sealed within their higher ranks.

But for so many years, there had been no information at all. Why was it suddenly determined now?

After speaking, Tsuru turned to look at Sengoku.

“What exactly happened?”

“Is it because someone translated that Poneglyph?”

Suddenly, Aokiji spoke slowly, capturing everyone’s attention.

He was probably the only person besides Sengoku who knew what had happened. After all, back when he was still in Alabasta, a group of people carrying a decree from the Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) secretly took away the Poneglyph from the royal sacrificial hall.

Sengoku was also one of the informed individuals because Aokiji had called him to inquire about it, and the latter had followed his orders.

At this point, Sengoku knew that he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer and explained everything in detail.

Ever since the discovery of the Poneglyph about the Ancient Weapon “Uranus” in the Flower Capital, the World Government had experienced some unexpected turbulence.

Previously, the World Government’s policy was to completely seal off any information related to the Ancient Weapons, to prevent them from appearing in the world and posing a threat to their rule.

However, after the Poneglyph dug out by Queen Rosa was handed over, the higher-ups of the World Government began to contemplate their actions.

Who could have imagined that such an astonishing secret was hidden in that seemingly ordinary jungle?

With the vastness of the sea, how many secrets were still waiting to be uncovered?

No one knew where each Poneglyph was located and this was the most serious problem!

If something like the Baroque Works incident were to happen again, would they have another chance like this, a fortunate coincidence, to thwart the plans of criminals?
So, the government started secret discussions on whether they should take the initiative to search for the Ancient Weapons and keep them in their own hands.

On one hand, it would eliminate the constant fear of being manipulated by malicious individuals, and on the other hand, it would bring an end to this chaotic era of pirates.

Moreover, what they needed was just a weapon capable of Destroying the World, not an exploration of historical truths.

Naturally, whether this borderline action was reasonable or not caused heated debates within the World Government, with no definitive conclusion.

It was until Lirisk woke up and revealed an astonishing piece of news that everything changed…

“Uranus has already fallen under the control of an unknown force. Saint Lirisk seem to have obtained some information regarding this and he fell into their trap and lost his consciousness completely and they snatched the information regarding the weapon from him.” Sengoku let out a sigh and revealed this earth-shattering truth.


“How is that possible!!!” Garp, who had been sleeping on his chair, suddenly woke up with wide-open eyes, completely alert.

“Are you certain this news is true?” Tsuru’s wise eyes were filled with astonishment and disbelief. She noticed that she was slightly trembling and asked with an uncertain tone.

In response, Sengoku nodded solemnly and seriously.

“The people of the Nibelung Family do not bother with lies. There is a chance that it’s 80 or 90% real.”

“The only uncertainty is whether it is really Uranus. After all, Lirisk hasn’t seen the actual Uranus and only heard about it through hearsay.”

However, the probability of eight or nine out of ten had already touched the bottom line!

“I remember Lirisk is currently in Water 7, right?” At this moment, Zephyr, who had been observing quietly, suddenly spoke up. “His half-year appointment with Rowen is approaching. Last time I asked him if he wanted to reschedule, and he said he just wanted to go out to sea and take a look.”

“A half-year appointment?” Tsuru frowned slightly and asked, “What kind of agreement does he have with Rowen?”

The three Admirals also wore strange expressions as they looked at Zephyr.

“Cough cough, that’s not the focus now.” Sengoku coughed twice to attract the attention of the others.

“What do you think Lirisk wants to do? First, he pressured the Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) and the other Celestial Dragons, allowing us to let Doflamingo go free. And now he appears in Water 7, where the Pluton Blueprint is rumored to be… Could it be that he knew the truth a long time ago? But why didn’t he speak up?”

The crowd fell into silence.

(End of this chapter)

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