OPTM-Chapter 191 The Appearance of Celestial Dragon Part 2

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Rowen took a sip of his juice, feeling refreshed, and shivered, causing Dante, who was parched and out of breath, to turn red with envy, wishing he could charge up and cut him down with a sword.

Every time you come here to disturb my practice, when will it end?

Rowen seemed oblivious to Dante’s murderous gaze and continued to sip his juice. Then he put down the cup and calmly said,

“Don’t forget, Dante, we still have a hold on him.”


Dante’s pupils contracted, and he suddenly became serious, speaking with emphasis.

“Vice Admiral Rowen, there are some things we can’t touch!”

They may turn a blind eye to Doflamingo’s improper methods of seizing Dressrosa and harming the Riku Family, that’s the “Privilege” of the Allied Kingdom Members. As long as they obey the rule, who cares what happens!

But when it comes to Doflamingo’s influence in the Underground World, it absolutely cannot be left unchecked!

Because they are the Marines!

Marine represents justice!

“I naturally know… The Black Market in the Underground Port must be eliminated. Even if his bounty is revoked and he is cleansed, he can only be a law-abiding King in the future. That is the policy set by the Fleet Admiral.”

Rowen turned around with a somewhat amused expression and met Dante’s serious gaze. Seeing this, Dante immediately breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Rowen approves in this regard, then there won’t be a problem.

“So, what do you mean?”

“Other people have their own ingenious ideas…”

Grand Line, Water 7

On the bustling street of bars, the Bluno Bar welcomed a special guest today. As a result, the entire street was cordoned off by a large number of black-suited individuals, causing the residents of Water 7 to pass by with trepidation, immediately kneeling in fear.

Because on that bar street, a young man of average stature stood with his hands behind his back, casually surveying the shops on the street. Several imposing individuals in white suits followed closely behind him, vigilantly scanning their surroundings.

They recognized the attire he wore, or rather, there were few people in the world who wouldn’t recognize it.

World Nobles, Celestial Dragons!

“I remember there used to be an Old George tavern here ten years ago…”

The young man suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at a shop selling the local specialty, Water Meat, and spoke with an indifferent look in his eyes.

“Yes, sir! However, Old George passed away from a serious illness six years ago, and the tavern was inherited by his son, who turned it into a Water Meat stall.”

A white-suited individual pulled out a piece of A4 size paper from his pocket and immediately read out the collected information.

“That’s a shame… Their malt liquor was quite fragrant.” The young man expressed his regret with an unconcerned expression, and the white-suited individual understood the meaning behind his words and instructed someone to speak with a young couple.

Moments later, the couple nodded fervently, their emotions a mix of joy and sorrow.

It was estimated that in a few days, Old George’s tavern would reopen.

However, at this moment, the young man had already reached the entrance of the Bluno Bar, never casting another glance at them.

“CP-9, all members… Welcome Lirisk-Sama!”

Inside the bar, four individuals of different builds, both male and female, were already kneeling and waiting for the young man, and when Lirisk entered, they echoed in unison.

“You are… Rob Lucci?”

Lirisk walked to the center of the empty bar and sat on a chair adorned with precious fur, looking straight at the four individuals kneeling before him.

Being named, Rob Lucci still kept his head low and answered while kneeling, “Yes, Lirisk-Sama!”

“I still remember how you killed 500 King Soldiers and withstood cannonball explosions. How did you end up like this now?”

With Lirisk’s strength, he could see Rob Lucci’s level at a glance.

He was quite curious. Rob Lucci, who had such brilliance in his youth, hadn’t made much progress in all these years?

4000 Doriki, is that considered strong nowadays?

Lirisk, who had regained his senses and experienced a tremendous power boost, could easily defeat Rob Lucci with just one hand.

“I…” Rob Lucci sighed with a bitter smile on his face, wanting to explain but unable to find a reason.

Having witnessed Rowen lifting a pirate ship weighing several tons with just one hand and using it as a Warhammer, his former confidence in his own strength had become the source of his embarrassment.

“Well, no need to answer… I was just asking casually.”

“Thank you very much!”

Rob Lucci expressed his gratitude by bowing his head to the ground. Celestial Dragons who understood people’s thoughts like this were truly rare.

“Please, enjoy…”

A white-suited Fukuro approached the Young Man and kneeled on one knee and presented a tray of inspected fruits.

“Hmm.” Lirisk nodded calmly, picking up an apple with his hand. Suddenly, as if he had remembered something, he said, “By the way, what do you think of these individuals? Zero.”

“Hmm?” Zero expressed surprise and then looked at the four individuals on the ground, pondering carefully. After a moment, he respectfully replied, “Rob Lucci is worth considering, but the others have a significant gap in their strength… Are you suggesting that we recruit him into CP0?”

‘Recruit me into CP0?’ Rob Lucci’s heart trembled upon hearing this and a wild look of joy appeared on his face.

He had grown tired of living as a simple shipwright, as he was unable to increase his strength in this place. If he hadn’t been loyal enough, he would have left long ago.

Joining CP0 not only represented a higher status and greater power, but it also meant that he would have access to even stronger forces, allowing him to grow rapidly.

The butterfly effect brought about by Rowen’s presence had ignited an intense desire for power within Rob Lucci years ahead of time.

“That’s an idea… He’s been following that useless Spandam for a long time, and he’s practically wasted away with him.”

“But…” Lirisk suddenly changed the subject and said to Rob Lucci, “I have a few questions I’d like to ask you. I hope you won’t fear my reputation and answer truthfully.”

“Yes! I promise to speak the truth, no matter what!”

(End of Chapter)

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