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Several days later, Marine Headquarters, MarineFord.

“Hey, Rowen! Long time no see. Want a donut?” The person spoke with the sound of chewing food still audible.

In Marine Headquarters, where there were few individuals who didn’t pay attention to someone with a lower rank like him, it was hard to find a second person like that!

As he arrived at the entrance of the Fleet Admiral’s office, Rowen couldn’t help but stop and turn around to salute.

“Vice Admiral Garp!”

Garp had gone to pursue Shanks, and after their clash, they had disappeared for five days. Only after the storm had passed did they return to Marine Headquarters, bringing back astonishing news.

Silvers Rayleigh, the former Vice Captain of the Roger Pirates and the right-hand man of the Pirate King, known as “Dark King” Rayleigh, had been staying on the Sabaody Archipelago all this time!

He was forced to stop by the joint threat from Rayleigh and Shanks.

There was no time to scold Garp. Sengoku quickly led a large force to apprehend Rayleigh. However, since Rayleigh dared to let Garp go, it meant he was fully prepared. Sengoku personally led the operation, hoping to meet his former old rival, but he came back empty-handed.

Rayleigh had vanished, leaving behind only some irrelevant and incomplete intelligence data that couldn’t be destroyed in time and he was too late to get anything of importance.

During this time, Garp was confined to Marine Headquarters by Sengoku’s orders. He wasn’t even allowed to go back to the East Blue to see his grandson, as Sengoku kicked him out of his office with a single blow.

The reason was that Garp already had one grandson who became a pirate, and he was still entangled with the Roger Pirates. Wasn’t one enough?

At that moment, Rowen couldn’t help but wonder if Sengoku’s crow’s mouth had also been blessed by Oda.

It wasn’t just the second one!

Luffy was practically Roger’s designated successor!!

Not only were the Roger Pirates entangled with him, but they also helped him multiple times and pointed him in the right direction!

Just look at what happened!

Roger paved the way for the Pirate Era, setting Luffy’s goal; Shanks betted his arm on Luffy’s future, believing that he could create a New Age; Crocus pointed him in the direction of “Raftel”;

Rayleigh taught Luffy the three types of haki, propelling his strength to a qualitative leap and enabling him to adapt to the New World; and then Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, who were retainers of the Roger Pirates’ Kozuki Oden, had once stayed with the Roger Pirates.

They informed Luffy about the four Road Poneglyphs and their connection to Raftel, giving him a purpose for his journey in the New World.

It can be said that it was the Roger Pirates’ step-by-step guidance that propelled Luffy to the pinnacle of the New Age, earning him the title of “Fifth Emperor” by those who saw the good in it!

And now Garp was confined. While there was still time, he should not go back and raise another pirate grandson.

However, this didn’t affect Garp at all. He continued to laugh heartily, munching on his donut and spoke vaguely.

“Don’t be nervous later. It’s a good thing!”

Rowen: “…”


‘I would believe others, but as for you…’

‘Yeah, that won’t be happening until hell freezes over.’

Rowen silently swore in his heart.

“Fleet Admiral!”

“Hmm, have a seat and speak…”

Inside the office, apart from the expected presence of Sengoku, there was another familiar face, which is Vice Admiral Momousagi. Seeing Rowen enter, Momousagi, with bandages wrapped around her body, subtly turned her head and flashed him a grateful smile.

Rowen was momentarily stunned by Momousagi’s smile and the grateful look on her face but then he understood why she did this.

Regarding the Vergo incident, Rowen had only informed Momousagi. He had initially thought that Zephyr would come and make some arrangements in advance, but due to a scheduling conflict, the matter was delayed.

However, Momousagi wasn’t willing to give up on her goal just because of the delay. When she found out that Marineford had a pirate spy, she was eager to set sail immediately and eliminate Vergo!

However, knowing that Ace had been rescued, Momousagi knew that it wasn’t her position to expose Vergo. Not to mention, there was no evidence.

Therefore, she voluntarily applied to undertake a dangerous mission in the New World, secretly gathering evidence of Vergo’s crimes.

In Sengoku’s eyes, this was Momousagi’s way of striving to redeem herself and wash away her shame after experiencing setbacks. Instead of dissuading her, he actively sent her to a dangerous area.

After two months of enduring countless life-threatening situations, Momousagi, through some unintentional means and with a hidden agenda, managed to obtain evidence linking Marine G-5 Branch to criminals and the Underground World.

She then returned to the Marine Headquarters to report her findings. Sengoku was furious when he saw the report and realized that the spy was real and had quite a high position in the Marines so he immediately dispatched undercover investigators.

The results confirmed Momousagi’s suspicions – Vergo was indeed a problem!

After a thorough cleansing that lasted a month, Vergo was completely overthrown. Momousagi came today to accept her appointment and take up her position in the G-5 Branch.

Naturally, since there was no prior exposure, the downfall of Vergo appeared to be entirely due to Momousagi’s accidental discovery of the evidence, which then prompted an investigation by Marine Headquarters. Rowen was excluded from this matter and remained unknown to outsiders.

It was a great regret for Rowen that he couldn’t witness the expression on Heavenly Yaksha’s face when he realized that the one he had entrusted with an important task was apprehended by the Marines before he could do any significant damage.

At the same time, it wasn’t just him who needed to depart for their respective assignments…

“Caesar and Vegapunk left something for you. You can take it with you whenever you’re ready.”

Sengoku encouraged Rowen with a few words. Under Rowen’s contemplative gaze, he took out a blue and white document with the dual insignia of the Marine and the World Government. Speaking earnestly, he said to Rowen:

“The trade relationship between the Marines and Angel Island is of utmost importance. The defense mission in the G-10 Branch is crucial. You must take it seriously, Rowen!”

It was an appointment letter appointing Rowen as a Marine Vice-Admiral!!

Rowen took a deep breath and solemnly accepted the appointment letter while standing at attention and saluting Sengoku.

“Yes, sir!”

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