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Walking out of the office, Rowen leaned against the corridor with a shocked and happy expression on his face. Seeing his shocked expression, Garp, who was standing outside the office, laughed and said, “Well, brat, how about that? I didn’t deceive you, did I?”

“It’s rare for you to be reliable for once. Tonight, it’s my treat! Drinks on me!”

Rowen didn’t expect the G-10 Branch to be established in just three months. It greatly exceeded his expectations and made up for the delayed plans due to Shanks’ appearance. Naturally, his mood was uplifted.

“By the way, Vice Admiral Momousagi, let’s celebrate together tonight!”

“I… let’s forget it!”

Momousagi smiled bitterly and shook her head. “No one has been managing the G-5 Base for almost half a month. If I don’t go there soon, who knows what those guys will do!”

The G-5 Branch was different from several other Marine branches. It was the only branch established by the Marines in the New World, located in a sea controlled by the Yonko (Four Emperors).

Security and defense were of utmost importance in that branch for the Marines, not to mention that the situation was far from optimistic!

In the turbulent sea of the New World, even the slightest friction among the Yonko (Four Emperors) could cause earthquakes in that area!

Therefore, the soldiers of the G-5 Branch appeared distinct from soldiers in other branches, despite upholding Justice and fighting for Justice.

Their manner of acting and their deeds were more reminiscent of pirates than Marines. They often disregarded the orders from Marine Headquarters, engaged in wicked acts, and even brutalized pirates!

With Vergo’s downfall, this group of unruly troublemakers, who were no longer restrained by Vergo, could potentially cause chaos. Momousagi’s concerns were not unfounded.

“Well, that’s true… We’ll celebrate properly next time we meet!”

Rowen nodded in agreement.

“But for that, you’ll have to come find me… With your Supercharged Travel, crossing the Red Line to my G-5 Branch will only take you a day or two.”

Momousagi shrugged and made a joke. Then, she stood at attention, saluting sincerely to Rowen and Garp, and said, “Take care, Vice Admiral Garp… Vice Admiral Rowen… take care!”

“Take care!”

After bidding farewell to Momousagi, as Rowen was about to return to his quarters, Garp suddenly spoke quietly beside him.

“Rowen, Ace became the Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.”


Upon hearing that impressive name, Rowen squinted his eyes slightly and asked, “I see… So what? Do you want me to go with you and bring him back?”

With Garp’s tenacity and Rowen’s Blink ability and unmatched speed, if Ace gave them a split-second opportunity, they could indeed capture him.

Rowen didn’t want to discuss Ace too much. His existence or absence had no significance until the right time came.

However, even after all that had happened, Ace still joined the pirate crew of the “World’s Strongest” and became the son of “Whitebeard” Edward Newgate. Rowen couldn’t help but marvel at the incredible convergence of the world’s events!

He had captured Ace, almost killed him, and thought it was all settled. But Ace managed to escape and became the Commander of the Second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Inexplicably, Rowen felt like something was working against him.

However, with Vergo’s downfall. With Crocodile becoming a wreck. With the downfall of Baroque Works.

And with the disappearance of the pirate guerrilla groups, it was evident that as long as he desired, the so-called convergence of world events couldn’t disturb what he intended to do.

Ace’s situation was just a coincidence, and it could only be a coincidence!

In response to Rowen’s question, Garp shook his head.

Leaning against the corridor, Garp remained silent for a moment before saying, “You asked me for help before, not to assign you miscellaneous missions after you left the camp, and I complied. Now, I want to ask you for a favor…”

“Please tell me!”

“Next time you meet, and if Ace remains obstinate, please help me ruthlessly teach him a lesson!”

Just… a lesson?

Rowen felt a strange heaviness in his chest and Garp’s words suddenly dispersed the atmosphere, and after shaking his head and sighing, he waved his hand and said, “Alright, I promise!”

Having said that, Rowen released his Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki), determined the location of his courtyard, and Blinked away.

Garp watched him disappear from the spot and then slowly pulled out a donut from his oil-paper pocket, nonchalantly biting into it.

“Shanks, if you’re blocking the New Age with Luffy, then I’ll gamble on the New Age with Rowen!”

“Whether it’s Luffy or Ace, they can’t stop this man!”

There were some things Garp wasn’t unaware of; he just didn’t care.

He was a Marine, a Marine in this chaotic era of pirates!

It had nothing to do with identity or position, nor with personal closeness or distance. Luffy and Ace boasted about becoming the Pirate King, and that was the path they had chosen. But Garp had chosen his own path, to uphold Justice with his limited power!

Conviction and Faith were the eternal anthems of humanity!

In the courtyard area, at Rowen’s residence.

Scientific Force Base’s chief scientist, Vegapunk’s former assistant, Caesar Clown, was now standing at the entrance of Rowen’s house, looking awkwardly at the soldiers standing in front of him.

He wasn’t a high-ranking CP0 member, nor did he have a close relationship with Rowen like Zephyr and others. If he dared to enter without permission, the Marine soldiers patrolling the streets would teach him a lesson with their fists.

In this courtyard area where the headquarters’ high-level officials reside, its importance was second only to the headquarters fortress, and every outsider would undergo strict scrutiny.

Fortunately, there was someone in the patrol team who had previously guarded the Scientific Force Base and seen Caesar.

Otherwise, based on his current suspicious behavior of peering around at Rowen’s house, it would be enough to throw him in prison for interrogation.


At this moment, a flash of electricity appeared not far from them, and a surging electric current spread out, revealing Rowen’s figure.

With a height of over 2.5 meters and a tall and robust physique, Rowen stood out like a giant among ordinary people, catching the attention of the leading soldier immediately.

“Young… Rowen!!!”

As soon as the words were spoken, the young commodore realized something was amiss. The shoulder patch on Rowen’s shoulder had changed, and although he was still dressed in a suit with a Justice cloak, his status and position had drastically changed.

Instantly, the original admiration-filled gaze became even more excited, and the young commodore raised his palm and emphatically hit his forehead, intensifying his tone.

“Vice Admiral!!”

“Hmm, thank you for your trouble. Carry on with your patrol.”

Rowen said indifferently before he walked through the gate with Caesar.

“Yes, sir!!”

The young commodore responded loudly, and after a moment, he exchanged glances with the other team members, all wearing the same expression of astonishment as he did.

Rowen… a Vice Admiral?!!

“Rowen… how old is he again this year?”

“I don’t know… I heard he’s 25?”

“That can’t be right. I’m only 27, and I would guess he’s at most 23!”

But no matter how they speculated, Rowen’s youth was widely acknowledged, and his strength was considered a given!

The youngest Vice Admiral in history!!

The patrol members were all greatly shocked, and when they looked at the small courtyard building again, their expressions became even more respectful.

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