OPTM-Chapter 163 Meddlesome

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Rowen clenches his fist, his gaze extending beyond the forest and the ocean, directly facing the New World.

There, he will find opponents worthy of his battles!

“Naturally, that requires mastering the Awakening of the Devil Fruit ability. Currently, Borrowed Thunder is just a borrowing ability. Fusion is still a long way off…”

Letting out a sigh, Rowen speaks to himself, a familiar smile appearing on his face, and in the next moment, he disappears from his original position.

The ferocious beasts on the desolate island were incredibly powerful, so, for safety reasons, ordinary soldiers did not follow them onto the island while Zephyr and Ain slowly walked through the barren forest, occasionally taking in a breath of cold air.

This island used to be rich and fertile.

It is true that the island beasts are somewhat dangerous, and this cannot be denied.

Otherwise, the Marines would have chosen it as a site for branch construction and sent troops to clear it but the beasts here would have required the assistance of Vice Admirals and the process would have been too complicated.

However, at this moment, this rich and fertile island has become completely desolate.

Large patches of vegetation have been burned by lightning, small rivers that used to run through the island have dried up, and the carcasses of fish and shrimp are buried in the mud, emitting a foul stench.

The ground is charred and cracked. Scattered throughout the ground are the charred bodies of beasts, and the still-warm magma that is flowing at a slow pace, covering the charred corpses and releasing pungent black smoke.

“It’s fortunate that we didn’t let him stay at the Marine Headquarters!” Zephyr exclaimed with a sincere expression on his face.

If Rowen had stayed at the Drilling Square to train and if he had done what he did here there then within three days… both the master and disciple would have ended up spending their life in prison!

“Yes! I am well aware of that.” Suddenly, a voice reached their ears.

Ain had never encountered such a peculiar ability before and her eyes narrowed as she assumed a combat stance, looking around cautiously.

“Sensei? Is it an enemy?!!”

She considered her Observation Haki to be formidable, but even with all her effort, she couldn’t locate Rowen’s whereabouts. So in Ain’s eyes, whoever allowed them to hear Rowen’s voice at this moment must undoubtedly be an enemy.

Zephyr had a speechless expression on his face, but he didn’t explain anything. After a while, he furrowed his brow and angrily scolded, “You scoundrel! Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Don’t accuse me without reason, Zephyr Sensei. I’ve been here all along; you just didn’t notice.”

As soon as the words fell, Rowen materialized.

He had indeed been there earlier, but his body was obscured by the trees behind him.

Stepping on the scorched and cracked ground, Rowen smiled and raised an eyebrow before he spoke. “So, Observation Haki can be nullified. You didn’t tell me that, Sensei!”

Rowen suddenly had the idea to focus his attention within a range of one meter around him, allowing the broad range that could have encompassed tens of kilometers to exist only in his immediate surroundings.

As a result, he didn’t expect that he had gotten so close, and neither Zephyr nor Ain noticed his presence.

Rowen felt very pleased with this inexplicable development of the newfound application of his ability.

“Hmph! Your thinking is too naive!”

Zephyr breathed a sigh of relief after seeing him appear, and Ain let down her guard, rolling her eyes in a playful manner.

With a cold snort, Zephyr explained, “Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki) is just an evolution of the power of hearing and does not possess an actual form. There is no such thing as nullification in Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki)! We didn’t notice you because the electrical interference in this area is too strong, suppressing our Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki). If you leave this place, I bet you won’t be able to hide again.”

“Ugh, all those novels are lies. Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki) is not some kind of divine consciousness that can evade detection…” Rowen muttered quietly with a dejected expression on his face.

“Well, at least read fewer novels then!!” Zephyr couldn’t help but feel exasperated after hearing his disciple’s words.

At that moment, Ain suddenly spoke up, saying, “However, it is true that Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki) can interfere with each other… Each person is unique and different. Even twins aren’t exactly the same, so their Haki is different too. Normally, it cannot be evaded.”

“But if you can mimic the other person’s Haki fluctuations and release Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki) at the same frequency, intensity, and rhythm, you can deceive their perception.”

In simple terms, Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki) is like a radar scan. You can’t avoid it, but you can deceive it.

“Naturally, this is just a theory. Apart from the difficulty of execution, the range of most people’s Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki) is very small. Even if you deceive their perception of Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki), at that distance… the opponent can still sense the enemy through combat intuition alone.”

Rowen: “…”

“So, this theory is specifically aimed at someone like me with an extremely wide range of Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki), right? It’s for someone who passively takes hits…”


Ain laughed at Rowen’s expression and nodded, “Exactly!”

“Alright, since you voluntarily revealed yourself, it’s about time, isn’t it?”

Zephyr interrupted their conversation as he looked at the tattered clothes but spirited and vigorous Rowen in front of him and he nodded his head in satisfaction.

The current Rowen was no longer someone he could completely figure out… Being completely transparent signifies a vast difference in strength, like a chasm! Now, Zephyr could only sense the restrained thunderous currents emanating from Rowen’s body, unaware of anything else.

Engaging in a fight was still uncertain, but with the strength shown by the other party, Rowen was confident that he could at least rival Momousagi and Chaton!

With a self-assured smile, Rowen exclaimed, “That’s right!”


Before he could finish his sentence, Zephyr was already closing in on him with a punch.

Rowen’s mouth twitched as he evaded the attack, turning his head to glance at the elliptical tunnel created by the air cannon shell that had just missed his head by several inches and was astonished.

“I wanted to punch you three months ago, and now I’ll test your power!” Zephyr announced as he pulled back his cloak to reveal his bare upper body, emitting an overwhelming powerful aura.

Rowen noticed that Zephyr had replaced his right severed limb with a brand new mechanical one, and without a doubt, this mechanical arm was made of Seastone…

“Damn it!”

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