OPTM-Chapter 162 Thunder God’s Seal! Part 2

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Indeed, what Zephyre had said was the reality.

The dark clouds in the sky were attracted by the powerful electrical currents emitted by Rowen during his training and they continuously gathered over the island, creating a dense and ominous cloud cover that gave the people feelings of Doomsday.

But all of this was temporary and anyone knowledgeable enough would be able to see the difference in a glance.

They would also be able to tell if the gathering thunderclouds are natural or man-made as the man-made clouds will disappear after some time.

It is similar to what happens in a rainstorm, once the source is lost, everyone will return to their own homes, and the climate will return to normal.

“Let’s go! It’s been three months. I wonder how his training has been progressing,” Zephyr said to Ain.

As he saw the dark clouds suddenly cease their lightning flashes and Zephyr smiled knowingly as he turned to look at Ain.

This wasn’t his first visit here. Three months ago, upon learning about Lirisk’s situation, Zephyr immediately set sail on this island to give Rowen a beating.

However, when he arrived, he noticed something unusual about the island and to avoid disturbing Rowen, he chose to leave.

Now that the three-month break is over and the lightning flashes have stopped, it signifies that Rowen’s training phase has come to an end, and he can come out at any time.

The flickering dark clouds were the best proof that Rowen had noticed their arrival.

If it weren’t for the end of his practice, Rowen would have been completely unaware of Zephyr, just like before.

“Yes! Zephyr-Sensei!” Ain nodded and stepped into the eerie and silent forest alongside Zephyr.

In the heart of the forest, at this moment…

A tall figure, partially naked, suddenly opened his eyes. They were deep and profound like a starry sky, capable of seeing through everything. An inexplicable pressure manifested in the air as two beams of brilliance shot out, causing the air to crackle.

His indifferent expression exuded a sense of majesty. With a tall and muscular body, every muscle was well-defined and sculpted, resembling iron poured in liquid form.

However, it did not appear bulky but rather perfectly balanced, giving an impression of both strength and speed.

As his eyes opened, the faint electric currents swirling around him slowly dissipated into the air.

“So, it’s Zephyr and Ain… It has been three months, I suppose?” Rowen’s expression froze for a second before his thoughts began to churn, and he stood up the next moment.

Boom… Rumble!

As he moved, the scorched earth around him trembled slightly, and invisible surges erupted, causing cracks to appear one after another. It was as if an invisible giant hand was kneading and tearing the earth apart!

“I almost forgot about this…” Rowen muttered as he touched his forehead with his hand.

There, a blue lightning pattern spiraled, emitting a bright and translucent glow.

The lighting pattern was not Sealed but was autonomously chosen by the lightning itself after he activated this technique. It formed a core within him.

What appeared on his skin was this spiraling lightning pattern, resembling an abstracted “Thunder” character, which looked both mysterious and ancient. It seemed like an arcane totem from the primordial times and was awe-inspiring!

What is a God?

Is it merely possessing unimaginable power beyond that of mortals? Does it mean transforming into a colossal Thunder God Form like Enel? Is that what it means to be a god?

Rowen didn’t agree with this notion.

Naturally, he himself didn’t know what it meant to be a “god.”

But if he were to make a judgment based on the common understanding of gods, he would be willing to believe that he is a god!

The Thunder God!

The New·Overload Esoterics·Thunder God Seal!

As Rowen developed his Devil Fruit ability to a staggering 200 million Volts, his Hell Form, known as the Violent Ape, became perfected.

However, during this process, Rowen discovered that his previously developed Overload Form was not flawless as he had initially thought.

Although different levels of Overload could assist in controlling his power, a mere low-level Overload form now seemed insignificant.

When his strength was still inadequate, the Overload Form could determine the outcome of his battles. But now, with his mastery of the 200 Million Volts of high-voltage electricity, the previous minor amplification provided by the Overlord Form became unnecessary.

Therefore, Rowen underwent a complete transformation and reconstruction of his Overload Form. He discarded the scattered and ordinary Overload variations, retaining only the extreme form of Overload.

Now, with his physical strength enhanced several times over, he no longer needed to endure the enormous cost of temporarily losing his Devil Fruit abilities.

Accompanying the birth of his new Overload Form was the Thunder God Seal!

He held the Royal Seal of the Thunder God and firmly occupied the throne of the Thunder God!

The ground cracking earlier was not due to Rowen mastering Haoshoku Haki at a level high enough to influence reality. It was because after activating the “Thunder God Seal,” he could no longer be called a human.

This new Overload mode allowed lightning to spread wantonly within the entire area covered by his Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki), turning the entire space into his hands and feet!

His simple act of standing up caused an insignificant movement of his arm, but the resulting electric currents surged like currents and cause damage that was similar to a giant punching the ground at his full power!

For Rowen, this small island with a radius of twenty kilometers and even the distant sea had no concept of distance or space. As long as he wished, he could directly attack the depths of the sea from here! In this mode, his body itself became a mere vessel for containing lightning.

“The next step is to fuse Violent Ape of Hell Form and the Thunder God Seal, possessing immense power amplification and range amplification simultaneously… Only when it gets perfected can it be called the Thunder God Mode!”

Rowen’s eyes gleamed as he thought of this and he swept his hand across his forehead, causing the Thunder God Seal to vanish.

The amplification of strength, defense, and controllable lightning intensity brought by the Violent Ape of Hell Form could not be underestimated. The correct approach of the Overload Form allowed him to increase his original level by more than threefold.

However, due to limitations in utilizing his own physical strength, he merely became a more destructive target.

Thus, the mastery and range amplification brought by the Thunder God Seal became crucial!

He believed he deserved the title of a god because, in this mode, space was meaningless to him!

Currently, Zephyr is still several kilometers away from Rowen, but even standing still in one place, Rowen can still engage with him at full strength! With the unlimited manipulation of thunder brought by the range advantage of the Thunder God Seal, Zephyr will have to fight against ten or even twenty of him simultaneously!

Therefore, even though the Thunder God Seal cannot directly amplify power like the Violent Ape of HellForm, its practical effect is in no way inferior to the former!

“In the future, when I merge the ‘Borrowed Thunder’ with these three abilities, at that time… I won’t be just a Rumble-Rumble Fruit ability user, but a true Thunder God!”

Rowen clenches his fist, his gaze extending beyond the forest and the ocean, directly facing the New World.

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