OPTM-Chapter 147 Approaches Part 2

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When Rowen arrived at the recruitment camp building, he thought for a moment and resisted the urge to enter directly using Blink (His method of teleportation).



As Rowen approached the office, he heard the door being suddenly pushed open with a loud bang. He stepped back quickly to avoid being hit and a strange smile appeared on his face when he saw the people inside.

It seems that the person who opened the door was not angry, but rather has a tendency to open doors with a lot of force. 

“Yo, long time no see, Commodore… Shuzo!”

What came out of the door was the one Rowen used as a stepping stone, Commodore Shuzo.

Unlike the other disciples of Zephyr who have reached the rank of General, he holds the lower rank of Commodore. Despite this, he has a closer relationship with Zephyr and spends more time with him due to his position as one of Zephyr’s disciples.

However, Shuzo was kicked out of the Recruit Camp by Zephyr last year due to someone’s influence. He has been performing a latent mission in the New World and has only recently returned

Since Rowen was not prepared to Blink directly into the area, he did not take notice of who was inside. He was surprised to see Shuzo and quickly chuckled in response.

Shuzo’s face darkened at this smile. His skin, which used to be bronze, is now as dark as charcoal. 

‘You bastard! Are you trying to rub salt in the wound?’ Shuzo, who was slightly taller than Rowen, clenched his jaw and went to grab him with his large hand. 

His time in the New World had been difficult, with many sleepless and hungry nights, and the memories of that time still weighed heavily on him.


Rowen quickly twisted his waist, expertly dodging the surprise attack. He then formed his fingers into claws and skillfully applied pressure to Shuzo’s wrist, twisting it with precision. 

“That’s a lot of power!”

Shuzo was surprised by the amount of strength Rowen displayed. He had not seen Rowen for half a year and was shocked to find that his strength was now on par with his own. If Shuzo had known that Rowen had not been training at all in the past six months, the shock in his heart would have been even greater.

Despite being restrained by Rowen’s fingers, Shuzo managed to wriggle free and quickly regained his footing. He launched a powerful kick at Rowen, but instead of evading, Rowen blocked the attack with a swift slap of his hand, striking Shuzo’s toes with a loud thud.

It was a quick and precise movement that shows Rowen’s expertise in hand-to-hand combat and his ability to counter an opponent’s attack. He was able to neutralize the power of Shuzo’s kick and maintain control of the situation.

Hoo! Hoo!


Shuzo let out two loud cries of pain as he was forced to take a few steps back. He stared at Rowen with a look of disbelief, as the latter remained still and composed. The sharp screams and the sound of the impact echoed through the corridor, adding to the intensity of the confrontation.

“Life Return (Seimei Kikan)!” Rowen shouted as he relaxed his body and his muscles bulged like a basketball before quickly disappearing. He smiled at Shuzo and said, “I haven’t stopped training, Instructor Shuzo!”

Shuzo was intrigued and replied, “Interesting! But the same goes for me!” With that, he prepared to rush at Rowen again, ready to continue the fight.


Shuzo let out a loud cry as he fell to the ground in disbelief, while Rowen secretly laughed to himself. It appears that he had used Observation Haki to gain an advantage in the fight. In the corridor behind Shuzo, the burly figure of Zephyr appeared, and the armor of Armament Haki gradually disappeared from his fist.

Zephyr was clearly angry and said, “Doing it in front of this old man’s office, do you still have your Sensei in your eyes?!”


Rowen blew his whistle and placed his hands on the back of his head, looking up at the sky. He let out a sigh, seemingly in contemplation. He then looked at the two school officers who walked out of Zephyr’s office, one male and one female. 

The male was dressed in an exaggerated ninja costume and was nearly three meters tall. However, his clothes were too wide for his small arms, giving him a strange appearance and a soft, almost fragile feeling. It looked as if he would be blown away by the wind.

The other woman was tall, with long and smooth sea-blue wavy hair. Her face was small and cute, her eyes bright, and she was wearing a purple waistcoat that revealed her curvy figure. 

She also wore hot pants, revealing a scar on her right thigh in the shape of an x. These two individuals were the only recruits left after the Edward Weevil attack, Binz and Ain.

They observed the situation in front of them and decided to ignore Shuzo, who was being taught. 

Ain then approached Rowen and extended her hand to him with a smile. “Are you Junior Brother Rowen? My name is Ain, the 16th Sensei student,” she said. 

Rowen hesitated, looking at her white, smooth, and tender hand, and replied “I won’t become twelve years younger with this grip, right?”


Upon hearing Rowen’s comment, Ain’s face stiffened and a pink light appeared in the palm of her hand. She smiled, but the smile did not reach her eyes, and said “I don’t know, why don’t you try it?”

“Hahaha, just kidding!” Rowen chuckled and then shook hands with Ain.

Even though there were some small jokes, the atmosphere among the Zephyr disciples remained harmonious. The exception was Shuzo, who still seemed upset.

As Rowen and the others gathered together, a powerful figure from the Marine Scientific Force Base arrived. 

Boom Boom Boom!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Kizaru, who had been reading a newspaper, lowered it and spoke in his characteristic slow and lazy tone, “Come in…”

The person who entered greeted Kizaru with “Long time no see, Admiral Kizaru…” 

Four black-clothed bodyguards rushed into the office neatly, blocking the windows, and looking through the cracks in the door, there were also multiple black-clothed bodyguards standing guard in the corridor outside. 

The visitor had a unique gentle temperament, and he looked at Kizaru with a neutral expression, neither humble nor arrogant, and took off his hat at the same time.

Kizaru’s pupils shrank, and then immediately revealed the lazy expression that everyone was very familiar with. He stood up to welcome the visitor. “This is really… a rare guest!” He said.

“Mr. Vegapunk…”

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