OPTM-Chapter 147 Approaches Part 1

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Rowen’s eyes lit up as he abruptly stopped. Caesar was caught off guard behind him, feeling as if he had hit a wall and his figure “poofed” away.

At this time, he only heard Rowen ask: “What’s its name?”

Caesar: “Huh?!”

The next day, Fleet Admiral’s office.

Sengoku took the information submitted by Rowen with a very strange expression on his face.

He glanced at the manual, then at Rowen, and then he once again looked down at the content in his hand… After going back and forth three times, Sengoku exhaled a melancholy breath.


You’re not done with Cannon Shell, are you?!”


Sengoku slapped the table and stood up: “First, you launched yourself like shit with a half-assed plan, and now you want to launch a metal warhead. What are you going to do in the future? Are you going to launch others?!!!”

Rowen has a history in this area. Back in the days when he was still on Garp’s ship, he imitated Kizaru’s Lightspeed Kick and launched himself as a Cannon Shell to complete it in his own version. 

Later, when he found out that he couldn’t do it, he accidentally completed a similar move by using the “Overload” technique in disguise, and Sengoku ignored it for the sake of its power.

Then one day, he finally succeeded!

The appearance of the “Supercharged Travel Technique” made Sengoku overjoyed as it means that the Marines will have the strongest combat power that can quickly reach any target point on the Sea in the future! 

These three cumbersome and strongest combat forces would sit on the Headquarters and they would have too much control over the Sea!

But the process and application still made Sengoku dizzy.

Rowen did succeed by successfully launching himself as a Cannon Shell! So it was obvious that Sengoku would be anxious as it turns out that this is not over yet!

Super Electromagnetic Cannon!!

What the hell is this shit?!

‘Launch someone else?

Hey, this is a pretty good idea!’

Rowen’s eyes lit up as he softly muttered in his heart.

“If possible…”


Sengoku’s mustache was immediately raised up in anger as he glared at Rowen while Rowen silently avoided his gaze.

But Rowen still explained: “Fleet Admiral, Super Electromagnetic Cannon is indeed worth studying. Caesar has done the calculations, and after completion, its range will be in kilometers, up to about 300 kilometers! At the same time, the rate of fire exceeds four times the speed of sound, no ship would be able to evade such an attack in time! The strategic value of this weapon is extremely high!”

“The only failure of this weapon is that the recoil is too strong, which is not suitable for arming our Battleships. But for each Maine base, it is undoubtedly an extra weapon of mass destruction! This weapon would allow the Branch Bases to completly control the sea in their immediate vicinity!”

“Installing such a weapon in each base?”

Sengoku frowned as he heard Rowen’s words and at the same time, he also thought about Rowen’s current status.

As the Jaya Island was cleared, the G-10 branch is almost ready to start construction and they have begun to raise building materials to prepare for logistics as early as a few months ago. 

And the day the G-10 branch is completed would be the day Rowen became the Marine Base Head.

Rowen has developed the Supercharged Travel and it is extremely important for the Marines so Sengoku will certainly not let him stay in the base to enjoy himself, and he would still have to mobilize Rowen at all times.

If there is an artillery strong enough to make up for the Marine Base defensive strength in Rowen’s absence then it would not be a bad thing.

And as Rowen said, the Base Heads of the Grand Line seem to be powerful, but there are always times when they are not there, and the loss of life and resources would be unimaginable if the pirates take advantage of this loophole. 

It’s not like such a thing has never happened before.

With this in mind, Sengoku took out the Fleet Admiral seal and snapped it down heavily.

“All right, I can give you guys a chance. Take the establishment of the G-10 branch as the deadline for you to complete this weapon, and if it is not completed then I will give the matter to another person.”

For example, Vegapunk!

Sengoku didn’t specify the person he would give this project to as he could see that Caesar and Vegapunk aren’t exactly ‘friends’ with each other. In this way, the other party would work with 120% enthusiasm and would not dare to be careless.

The people who can take the position of the Fleet Admirals aren’t stupid. They are not muscles for brain idiots who could do nothing but blindly fight every chance they get!

Rowen could already imagine Caesar’s happy and constipated expression so he took the information and the stamped order and gave a military salute to Sengoku.


Upon receiving the information, Caesar was extremely motivated and immediately ordered his men to move the Armstrong gun out of the warehouse and into an open area. The large size of the gun made it difficult to use inside the Scientific Force Base, and it would be even more challenging to transport the necessary equipment for testing.

Rowen assisted Caesar in conducting a series of tests and provided him with a sample of his blood. After completing this work, Rowen left for the Recruit Camp.

This unexpected project was unpredictable and it was uncertain whether they would be able to make any progress on it. 

Caesar may have been able to produce a finished product the next day, or it may have taken a lifetime to figure out the key point. Rowen did not want to wait around for the Scientific Force Base to make a decision, so he left for the Recruit Camp.

Tomorrow marks the official start of actual combat training at the Recruit Camp. Rowen needs to meet with Zephyr to discuss specific details and coordinate their efforts. Additionally, it seems that Ain and Binz, two disciples of Zephyr who have been on a mission outside, have returned and will be going out with Zephyr.

It seems unusual for two Officers, a Rear Admiral, and the Chief Instructor Zephyr to be involved in practical training. It is likely that Rowen is going to participate in the training with Zephyr, while Ain and Binz’s presence may be due to their unease after completing their mission and rushing back.

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