OPTM-Chapter 146 Super Electromagnetic Cannon?

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It was the Armstrong gyro-accelerated jet-type Armstrong gun, with its towering barrel and elliptical structure standing on either side.

“What a great reproduction!” Rowen sighed heartily as he spoke.

“Um… this is only an experimental model, the shape is a bit…”  Caesar squirmed at the side, and his words were a bit awkward.

Although he doesn’t understand the talk of “Armstrong Cannon”, but any normal person… No, man! They would think of some unhealthy things from such a unique shape.

What can I do?

I didn’t want to do this but it can’t be helped!

The original Blueprint was not so exaggerated as it was just an independent cannon. In order to strengthen its power, he had to conduct experiments in Armstrong… No, two special devices were assumed behind the silver gun body, so that the shape became so unique.

In response, Rowen glanced at Caesar, who was covered in pink jumpsuits, and patted him on the shoulder earnestly.

“I understand! Everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want, I will not discriminate against you…”

‘So what the hell did you understand?!’ Caesar looked dumbfounded at Rowen as he silently thought in his heart.

At that moment, Rowen skipped the conversation and walked straight toward the cannon body. There was nothing behind the firing port that was supposed to be used as a filler for the Cannon Shell, and it was empty enough to see through at a glance. 

A pile of parts was on the ground in a mess, in line with Caesar’s testimony of “Experiments”.

“Tell me about it. What are you going to do?” Rowen turned and looked at Caesar as he asked.

Caesar perked up when asked about his expertise and he quickly began to speak.

“Rear Admiral Rowen. I wonder how much do you know about Vegapunk’s Lineage Factor technology?”

The Lineage Factor is the blueprint of life itself, present in all living organisms. It was discovered by a research team led by Dr. Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge twenty years ago. 

It is a dangerous technology that can be equated with the dangerous taboo of the earth’s nuclear bombs!

Because of their research on “Lineage Factor” technology, the laboratory was forced to disband, Vegapunk took responsibility and joined World Government to work for it, while Vin Smoke Judge returned to North Blue and made a name for himself by creating “Germa 66”.

So far, this technique has been used in two ways.

One is like Judge. Through some unknown means, he writes and activates the genetic sequence of human life, so that his sons and daughter have a terrifying physical fitness from birth, and he also created a large number of superhuman clone soldiers, and he recast the small Germa Family’s former glory.

The other is the direction that Vegapunk is researching. It is to transfer a Devil Fruit powers through Lineage Factor, putting the abilities of “Glint-Glint Fruit” into Kuma clones, giving rise to Pacifista Soldiers. 

In addition, the Elephant Sword in the hands of Judicial Island CP9 Senior Official Spandam also came from this way. To transfer power to a dead object, however, you must have Zoan Devil Fruit with the breath of life.

Lineage Factor technology may be hard for the rest of the powers in the Sea to spy on, but to the Commanders at the Marine Headquarters, Lineage Factor technology is no secret.

After all, the only people who master it are Vegapunk and Vin Smok Judge, and it’s probably fine for them to know about it as they can’t actually do anything with it.

So Rowen glanced at Caesar and spoke bluntly.

“I have heard about the fact that Devil Fruit’s ability can be transferred! So what? Don’t you tell me, this s**t [BEEP————] is the same thing that you made by using Lineage Factor technology…”

Using Lineage Factor technology, an advanced technology to make an Armstrong gun?!

‘How did you escape from Vegapunk’s wrath and why didn’t he kill you for this’ Rowen silently thought in his heart!!

“No no, of course not.” Caesar quickly explained that such a look was really an accident.

“Rear Admiral Rowen… This is the Plasma Cannon designed by Vegapunk. It was originally intended to be installed on the Pacifista as a weapon, but because without the help of the Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user, all requirements were not up to the standard, and Vegapunk was not able to complete it. So with the help of Admiral Kizaru’s Glint-Glint Fruit, the laser launcher was manufactured.”

“And apart from this, Pacifista was also prepared to use electricity as energy, but because there was no Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user to help, they had to recreate Kuma’s body as much as possible and use biological energy for energy.”

When it comes to inventions, researchers really have no brains as they directly handed over all the data.


“You mean… if I help you, you can perfect this artillery?”

Rowen suddenly understood the meaning behind Caesar’s words.

The Lineage Factor technology is divided into two. Unlike Judge, Vegapunk focuses on Devil Fruit ability transfer and the direction of Devil Fruit activation. 

The Rumble-Rumble Fruit had been hidden in Birka, so Vegapunk had to choose to engrave Kuma’s body for energy. But now that Rowen has appeared so the abandoned Blueprint can be used again.

Caesar always wanted to one-up Vegapunk so the completion of this artillery brought him no less pleasure than creating the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device.


Caesar nodded truthfully, with a look of expectation on his face: “Although I have not fully mastered the Lineage Factor technology, there is no problem in copying the existing data. As long as Rear Admiral Rowen cooperates with me, we can build a once-in-a-century masterpiece!”

Seeing Caesar’s gas-like hands dancing with excitement, Rowen is not as optimistic as Caesar.

It might have been fine if Vegapunk was standing in front of him, but Caesar…

“Cost and power…”

“What’s that mean?”

Caesar was immersed in his good hopes for the future when he suddenly heard these words and he was a little confused.

“I’m asking what is the estimated cost. And how powerful is it?”

“Er… This…”

Caesar suddenly squirmed and rubbed his hands as he spoke: “The estimated cost would be around a Billion Belly, and it would have enough power to destroy three Battleships in a row …… Wait, don’t go! I haven’t finished yet!”

Before Caesar could say anything, Rowen turned and walked away.

Hearing the big term “Plasma Cannon”, he originally had some expectations, but now this shit happened?

Three Battleships?

One Billion Belly?

A Headquarters Rear Admiral can destroy three battleships for fun, and their annual military pay is only 5 Million Belly!

Sure enough, he has to report it to the Fleet Admiral!

No matter how small a mosquito is, it is still meat…

“The idea behind the Plasma Cannon is not that bad and even if it loses too much power after launch and even if it is a little expensive! There is almost nothing that cannot be destroyed within the range of penetrating the three Battleships!”

Caesar hurriedly explained as he chased after Rowen. Seeing Rowen going forward without looking back, he continued to shout: “So I gave up that design and used electromagnetic coils to accelerate, and fired metal bullets! This way the kinetic energy loss is extremely low, and the power is enough to crack a mountain. ! Those two lumps of s**t[BEEP————] are devices used to speed up the Cannon Shell!”

The situation was quite urgent so Caesar didn’t care about swearing.


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