OPTM-Chapter 148 Do What Make’s You Happy

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Vegapunk, the chief scientist of the Marine Scientific Force Base, is not under the authority of Kizaru, the Commander of the Scientific Force Base, and even Fleet Admiral Sengoku has no jurisdiction over him. He is directly answerable to the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) and only takes orders from them.

The Pacifista and the Thunderbolt Stimulation Device are both the results of research conducted by Vegapunk after receiving approval from the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars).

In this way, Kizaru’s definition of a “Rare Guest” also makes sense in this context as someone like Vegapunk is indeed a rare guest.

Vegapunk removed his hat and placed it on the table, tidied up his wild hair, and got straight to the point, “Admiral Kizaru, do you know if Rear Admiral Rowen is currently at the headquarters and if he is then where is he?”

Vegapunk had come to speak with Rowen sometime ago and was left disappointed when Admiral Kizaru told him that he would not be able to do so for a year, Fleet Admiral Sengoku also did not give him permission to fo to Rowen’s location or to bring him back. 

So, Vegapunk had honestly waited for a year. Now that the one-year period has passed, he had come to ask Admiral Kizaru to help him contact Rowen, but as he couldn’t wait any longer, he decided to come and visit him personally.

As a scientist, Vegapunk fully understands the significance of the power of electricity. The ability to control thunder and lightning provided by the Rumble-Rumble Fruit makes the user the perfect assistant for a scientist.

However, Vegapunk also knows that the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) might not agree to the proposal of letting Rowen be his assistant. 

The Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) knew Rowen’s power and talent and they won’t let someone like Rowen be anyone’s assistant. He would become their top combat power in the future and they can’t let him waste away in a laboratory.

As mentioned earlier, if Rowen had appeared earlier and was trained from a young age, he would have been brought to Mary Geoise as a confidant and would have entered the CP organization by now.

Vegapunk’s proposal was straightforward and to the point, which made Admiral Kizaru pause for a moment, he smacked his lips and the expression on his face froze for a second.

It was indeed Rowen that Vegapunk was talking about. 

Admiral Kizaru was in a predicament as he had made a promise but was unable to fulfill it and now Vegapunk had come looking for him to get what was promised to him. 

He knew that he couldn’t back out now, as someone like him, he couldn’t shirk his responsibilities at this time.

Admiral Kizaru had planned to wait for the completion of Pucci’s mission to contact both parties. After the completion of a mission, unless there was an emergency, the Marines officers usually have a little time off and he planned to use Rowen’s vacation as an excuse to send him to Vegapunk.

However, due to some unknown reasons, Rowen ended up staying at Pucci for over a month longer than his mission intended time, and by the time his vacation was almost over, and Garp took over the mission and left.

Therefore, Admiral Kizaru decided not to mention the matter any further. During this time, he arranged for someone to go to Water Seven in advance and wait there to discuss related matters with Rowen.

Despite making various calculations, Admiral Kizaru did not anticipate that Rowen would develop the move “Supercharged Travel” and he was only waiting for Dante to lead the large force to where he was.

The development of “Supercharged Travel” makes Rowen’s desire to leave unassailable as there are no means of stopping him.

In the end, all of Admiral Kizaru’s preparations were for naught as he only found out about Rowen’s departure after he was taken away by Zephyr.

Then, three months passed…

And Vegapunk finally arrived at his door, looking for answers.

The two parties looked at each other silently, and the atmosphere became a little tense.

“Ahem, Rowen… He is indeed at the headquarters. Yesterday he discussed with Caesar about the research on your scrapped Plasma Cannon. I guess he has already submitted an application to the Fleet Admiral by now to renew the research,” Admiral Kizaru broke the silence after some time.

After some contemplation, Admiral Kizaru decided to answer truthfully. 

He stated this in a way that basically said that he doesn’t care about Caesar’s cooperation with Rowen behind his back. 

He is implementing that he has never interfered with the operation of the Scientific Force Base.

After all, he himself was transferred to become the Commanders-in-Chief of the Marine Scientific Force Base because of the cooperation with Vegapunk to develop laser weapons, it was all in order for them to cooperate better.

When Rowen gets stronger, this position may change at any time. 

“Admiral” is Kizaru’s job which can change its owner at any time. 

Vegapunk is a thin, slender man and he looks as weak as most researchers, but his eyes were as bright as the sun with a piercing look in them. 

He stared at Kizaru earnestly with no signs of anger in them. 

After a while, Vegapunk retracted his gaze, nodded, and asked, “Well… Does Caesar want to study my Plasma Cannon? Where is it?” 

Kizaru answered, “East Port No. 7…”. 

He was suddenly a little confused and asked, “Didn’t you come to see Rowen? Why are you looking for Caesar?”

“Since he has been in Headquarters, I have plenty of time this time… In addition, he should have seen the power of the Plasma Cannon, and I believe he will help Ceaser to improve it,” Vegapunk replied.

“In that case, I might as well solve the problem with the Plasma Cannon and make him owe me a favor, it will be easy for me!”

Contrary to the belief that scientists have zero emotional intelligence, Vegapunk is a prime example of someone who possesses both intelligence and emotional intelligence. He is a master at knowing how to handle people and situations. 

He knows that when a person sees something they want, they will be more willing to talk and negotiate. Therefore, he had prepared a meeting ceremony to talk about the Plasma Cannon with Caesar.

Admiral Kizaru remembered his own experience of being deceived into joining the Scientific Force Base, he leaned back in his seat, and took out his nail clippers to use while he observed the guest, “Well, you do what makes you happy.”

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