OPTM-Chapter 139 Threat and Retaliation Part 2

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Rowen smiled when he heard the words getting squeezed out of between Doflamingo’s teeth.

“I am not very happy about the Jaya Island incident. I heard that your arms are of good quality. Send me some arms reserve for the G-10 branch.”

Rowen said his purpose, and finally added: “You are Shichibukai and I am a Marine Soldier. Everyone here is a family! Have you ever heard of this phrase? There’s no need for two fishes to fight each other to death when they live in the same tank. Don’t be so silly next time, who knows, maybe you won’t get so lucky next time…”

Want arms?

Sure enough…

Doflamingo’s heart shuddered as he verified Rowen’s knowledge of his true identity in the Underground World.

But he’s not the easiest guy in the world to be intimidated so he grinned and sneered.

“I suddenly feel that Rear Admiral Rowen and I are the same types of person!”

“You’ve got a lot of nerve! Aren’t you afraid I’ll report you to the World Government?” Doflamingo asked sharply.

He is a Tenryubito, and he is innocent and imposing a crime on someone, Rowen will definitely be investigated.

However, Rowen nodded decisively and forthrightly to the question.

“No, not at all. Because you won’t dare to…”


Doflamingo was speechless.

Yes, he won’t dare to do that!

He doesn’t know how much Rowen knows about him. The World Government’s Secret Order is not a free pass that can be used whenever one wants. 

Once all his actions are exposed, he will not die, after all, he is a Tenryubito, but the consequences… let’s just say death would be more comfortable!!

His ambitions and goals will all vanish!

When Rowen said “The fish is dead”, it was not because Rowen did not want to persuade Doflamingo to think it over, but because he reminded Doflamingo that, “I know you would not dare to do so!”

After pondering for a moment, Doflamingo’s answer came through the Den Den Mushi.

“Rear Admiral Rowen really understands me… Well, I agree!”

“One month later, I will send the best quality munitions to the Jaya Island. How about we pretend that this matter never happened, how about it?”

Never happened… That’s just asking for the impossible.

Rowen will be sure of that.

He didn’t deliberately try to irritate the other party but Doflamingo was really the same kind of person as him.

But different starting points determine different ways of doing things.

Due to his tragic experience as a child, Doflamingo vowed to destroy the world dominated by Tenryubito in order to get revenge on them!

Doflamingo came to the Grand Line from the North Blue and became a Shichibukai and started to rule Dressrosa. 

He secretly engaged in the arms trade and controlled the development of history and he also didn’t have to pay any Heavenly Tribute.

Rowen sees a new challenge as his powers grow and decides to do something few people will do on their own initiative: Take over the world!

Take the world in your palm and replace the Tenryubito!

He would blatantly stand in front of the stage as everyone in the Sea realize his strength and they would see him gradually achieve his goal one step at a time.

One of them is in the dark while the other one is in the light to stir the storm, but they are both ambitious, bold, and extraordinary types of people!

For these kinds of people, even if something has not happened …… doesn’t mean that it is impossible. That kind of word doesn’t even exist in their vocabulary.


“Ten days!”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to see that ammunition in ten days! If not, I will make you pay the price in other ways!!”


Rowen hangs up after saying that.

In the Dressrosa Palace, Doflamingo gritted his teeth while his eyes flashed with a light that made him look similar to a beast.


It was impossible to transport the arms reserves needed by a Marine Branch from Dressrosa to Jaya Island within ten days.

There was no way to get a branch’s munitions stockpile from Dressrosa to Jaya Island in ten days on some ships.

Despite the time required to apply for a pass to travel through Mary Geoise and crossing from there, the journey from Fish-Man Island to the First Half of the Grand Line is not a ten-day journey!

Rowen’s statements have made it clear that the munitions were not his goal from the beginning, and it was his real revenge to bring trouble to him in some ways!

The meaning behind Rowen’s words is simple, ‘If you don’t dare to die, then wait to be beaten black and blue!’

Hanging up, Rowen looked down at Cisko.

This waste of space had already peed his pants in shock during his conversation with Doflamingo, his face is already pale and gray at this time.

It turned out to be… Is this even real?

Doflamingo… He is the JOKER?!

Cisko knows that he had heard something that someone like him shouldn’t have, but when death comes, he is still very afraid and tried to get a lucky chance.

“Ro… Rear Admiral Rowen, I…”


As soon as he raised his head, a leather shoe stained with minced flesh and blood fell from the sky, obscuring his sight.

“Hello, have you been watching too many novels or movies? You are not some protagonist that would escape alive in front of impossible odds with important information!”

With a silent spit, Rowen pulled out the leather shoes from the broken skull and walked out with a cigar in his mouth.

The dark Underground room was full of corpses, and the dark forces of the Jaya Island were completely cut off.

“Perhaps we can tear it down and make a garden. It will grow well next year.”

With this in mind, Rowen pushes open the door to the upper floor, leaving only the remains of a severed limb, telling the last darkness of someone’s heart.

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