OPTM- Chapter 140 Plans and Invites Part 1

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Jaya Island, Mock Town.

After the purge, the Marine Soldiers cleared the island of almost all remaining criminals at a minimal cost.

A few clever pirate regiments didn’t jump out at the beginning to blend in with the Sky Island incident and escaped from Sea. They were very thankful for this.

However, what they didn’t know was that Rowen deliberately let them go.

He wanted to let his name reverberate through Sea. Whenever someone goes out, they will sing praises to his name and Rowen will make sure that this happens.

To him, the Pirate Ship, which now exists only as a small black dot on the Horizon is not only safe but remains within his “Thunder God Ruling” range.

With nothing interesting to see, Rowen returns to the Battleship to visit Mozambia, who is being transported to the ship for treatment.

“How do you feel? You are not dead, right?”

In the Battleship medical room, Mozambia was stripped of his clothes and laid to rest on a bed. The penetrating injuries on his chest and wrist had been simply treated, and the blood penetrated the bandage, forming a pale red color on the white bandages.

Seeing Rowen walk in covered in blood, Mosangya was startled and smiled bitterly.

“I won’t die! This injury is nothing. The trouble is that the toxin has entered the nerves and it is very troublesome to clean up. I have to go back to Headquarters and ask Ms. Tsuru for help.”

Tsuru’s Wash-Wash Fruit can even completely wash away people’s evil thoughts so there is no problem in dealing with a little toxin. 

This is an unbelievable operation for normal medical skills but it is nothing more than a basic exercise for the Devil Fruit Users, they would be able to do it casually while chatting with another person.

But Rowen suddenly had a strange thought as he heard Mozambia’s answer.

Tsuru, Garp, Zephyr, and Sengoku, the four Famous Marines who rose to fame during Roger’s era, they have a familiar sense of sight.

After thinking about it carefully…

Aren’t they the same as Team Seven in Naruto?!

Zephyr is similar to Sasuke as he would have left the Marines corroded by his hatred towards the Pirates, Sengoku is similar to Naruto who became the Fleet Admiral, Tsuru is like Sakura who doesn’t want to hold back her companions, and Garp is familiar to Kakashi in the sense that they both had a bitter feud with the main villain.

A perfect copy of Team Seven is completed!

“Well? Are you…… done dealing with everything?”

Mozambia hesitated for a moment and summed up the terms with “Dealing”.

“Almost… But the G-10 branch has not yet been established and there are so many troubles, the future is really…”

Mozambia expected Rowen to say things like “It’s not optimistic,” or “it’s not a good situation,” but then heard Rowen snort and add, “I’m looking forward to it!”

Mozambia: “…”

Why are you getting so happy? Are you really happy that trouble will come towards you?

“By the way, Vice Admiral Mozambia!”

Rowen suddenly said: “You are not currently serving as a Base Head in any branch of Grand Line, right?”

The Marine Headquarters has a total of 21 Vice Admirals, and out of those 21, 16 are called the Headquarters Vice Admirals while 5 are the Giant Vice Admirals.

The 16 Vice Admirals have their own powers as most of them hold the position of Base Head in each Marine branch of Grand Line. 

For example, Garp is the head of the G-3 branch, Comil is the head of the G-2 branch, Jonathan is the head of the G-8 Branch, and so on…

Like Vergo’s G-5 Branch.

However, at present, the Marine only has nine branches from G-1 to G-9, and now the Marines are planning to establish the G-10 Branch which would be the tenth branch but it cannot be counted as it has not been established yet. 

Therefore, even if the five Giant Vice Admirals are not included, there are still seven Vice Admirals who are temporarily stationed in the Marine Headquarters and are not the Base Head, which is an independent organization.

Excluding the two Admirals Alternates Momousagi and Tokikake, Tsuru has become the Headquarters Great Staff Officer. 

But the remaining four are not really in any position other than being the Vice Admirals of the Marine Headquarters, and Mozambia is one of them.

This Mission is the best proof. Mozambia and Tsuru are both Vice Admirals, but Mozambia had to obey the latter’s orders.

“Yeah, is there any problem?”

Mozambia scratched his head when he heard Rowen’s question and answered as he looked at Rowen with a strange expression on his face.

“With the credit for helping me clear the Jaya Island and establishing the G-10 branch this time, plus with another reliable intelligence, although it is a bit dangerous,…”

Rowen slowly approached him and glanced back and the doctor immediately opened the door wittily and walked out. Then Rowen whispered.

“Do you… Do you want to become the Base Head of the G-5 Branch?!”

Mozambia’s pupils shrank when he heard Rowen’s words and he looked at Rowen with a shocked expression on his face!

Those who are sent away from the Marine Headquarters will be transferred to the Marine Branch as Base Head. This is not decentralization, but a transfer!

The unique climate and geographical environment of Grand Line make Grand Line only have 9 branches at present, and this is the current limit for the Marines even with their current power. 

Naturally, the Base Head of each Marine Branch is carefully selected, and only after a difficult competition, does the Branch Head gets selected from Military Merit to superior qualifications.

Naturally, those who are left are not necessarily inferior people.

There is no need to mention some people like Garp and Tsuru. The latter still holds the position of Marine Great Staff Officer, while the former is the Branch Head of the G-3 Branch…


Momousagi and Tokikake are stronger than the other Vice Admirals, so they stay in the Marine Headquarters as an important battle force under the Admirals waiting to be dispatched.

Not surprisingly, Rowen will follow this path in the future, and being the G-10 Branch Head is just a transition from his qualifications.

After all, he had already figured it out clearly. After he developed the “Supercharged Travel”, a very flexible and rapid movement method, Sengoku would never tie himself to one position and waste his combat power.

Supercharged Travel, a human version of Super Electromagnetic Cannon.

As the name suggests, Rowen uses the electric current of the clouds to form a magnetic cannon tube and launches himself as a bullet (coin). 

It has a certain lethality because the bullet is a big living person being launched so the speed of movement becomes a more important thing.

How fast is the Electromagnetic Cannon’s rate of fire? That’s how fast he is.

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