OPTM-Chapter 139 Threat and Retaliation Part 1

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Don Quixote Doflamingo, the only surviving member of the Tenryubito “Betrayal Clan”. At the age of ten, Doflamingo decided to kill his father to regain his former status as a World Noble. 

With the pistol gifted by Trebol, Doflamingo shot Homing in the head while ignoring Rosinante’s pleas to not kill him. He is a maniac nicknamed “Heavenly Yaksha”, “Sea Gangster”, “Flamingo”.

He is arrogant, cruel, and has the idea that “Power is Everything”. He has a great charisma that allows him to gather a large following and everyone is loyal to him, for example, Bellamy who became so loyal to him that he was ready to die. 

And he would not let go of anyone who tarnished his mark or the people he consider family.

After the Straw Hats defeated Bellamy in the original series, he as a Shichibukai personally came to Mock Town to deal with that defeat. 

Although he went because someone trashed his subordinates which were equal to tarnishing his reputation, Jaya Island was like his own property, which was one of the reasons that he had come.

As the famous Pirate Paradise, Jaya Island has a lot of opportunities for someone like him to make a fortune. 

Doflamingo, the uncrowned king of the Underground World nicknamed “Joker”, will naturally not give up this perfect site to increase his wealth and influence.

Naturally, all of this was only Rowen’s guess and he doesn’t know anything for sure before the call was connected.

The world will not revolve around a single person no matter how powerful and cunning they are. 

Before Straw Hats appeared, the Pirate Era was already going on for Twenty years, and many things had happened in that time. Luffy was just a witness to the past as he sailed to create his future.

Rowen knew he was right when Cisko put the call through and he listened to the voice that spilled out of Den Den Mushi’s mouth that was filled with undisguised evilness, the voice was impetuous and domineering.

“Should I say ‘long time no see’… Or should I greet you for the first time?”

“Don Quixote Doflamingo!”

Rowen’s voice was calm, calm like the quiet before a tempest, like the dark night before dawn. Only those who are familiar with him can hear the thunder it contains from this low, smooth voice!

It really is you!

Don Quixote Doflamingo!

On the other end, the expression on Doflamingo’s face gradually calmed down, Rowen’s call had taken him by surprise. Suddenly, he let out a wild laugh while letting out a small amount of Haki and arrogantly said: “This can be really… This can really be…… You honor me!”

“Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral Rowen, you are quite famous. For you to take the initiative to communicate with me, I am really flattered, you small bastard!”

“I dare not…”


Rowen let out a puff of smoke and sneered: “I am nothing like some Tenryubito who was kicked out of Holy Land, I am just a small Rear Admiral!”

The words “Kicked out of Holy Land” were emphasized by Rowen, and a vein suddenly popped out on Doflamingo’s forehead and it looked like a bug was crawling under his skin. 

Doflamingo’s fingers twisted stiffly and a hideous expression unconsciously appeared on his face, giving people a weird, wicked, and violent feeling.

A wild aura also spread out of his body, causing Trebol and other family Core Cadres to tremble and they couldn’t even dare to breathe out loud. 

The curtains on the windows automatically swayed without any wind, and the glass windows exploded, turning into countless phosphorescence!

This is the symbol of the King of Sea that appears on only some special people, the mark of a King, Haoshoku Haki!

Doflamingo is undoubtedly very proficient in his use of Haki as it is strong enough to interfere with reality!

As a Tenryubito, who claims to be a King, he does have the confidence and capital to be so arrogant!

“Fu! Fu! Fu! Fu! Fu!”

Suddenly, Doflamingo laughed and stuck out his tongue, and licked the corners of his mouth.

“Since you can get Cisko to call me then that means you’ve already taken care of the situation over there, right?”

“But I don’t think it’s a wise decision for you to provoke me, Rear Admiral Rowen!”

Having said that, even though they are thousands of miles away, Rowen still feels a strong and extreme killing intent directed towards him!

“I am in possession of a lot of your little secret …… for example, Lirisk!”

Saint Nibelung Lirisk, after Garp took over from Rowen a few months ago, he brought him back to Mary Geoise with Zero but Nibelung Lirisk has not recovered his sanity.

Doflamingo undoubtedly wanted to use this information to tell Rowen not to mess with him, and he would even use it as a threat to let Rowen do things for him.

It is a good idea, but…

‘Are you sure you can even find the evidence of my involvement after that Monster Zero agreed? What would you use? Do you plan to use your Celestial Dragon status? Or do you plan to use the ridiculous power in your hand?’ Rowen silently thought in his heart.

After all, a gangster is a gangster…

They are always arrogant and ignorant!

Rowen snickered and put his foot in a different position on Cisko’s back, a move that sent a shiver down the latter’s spine.

“I will give you the same words then, Doflamingo… Do you really think that I don’t know the real reason why you stay in Dressrosa and what you have done there? Do you really think that I won’t do the same to you as I did with Crocodile?”

Doflamingo’s pupils constricted, and suddenly, he had the most intense desire to kill Rowen!

He knew exactly what had happened to Crocodile. After all, the latter would even get involved with Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) after he had left a clue about Pluton. It was the intelligence he had deliberately leaked.

His business was stuck in Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), and he wanted to change the King who can accept the threat to continue to expand his business.

But he quickly remembered something and sneered.

“Oh, really? Then you can tell Sengoku to come and find…”

“The secret order of the World Government, right?”

Before Doflamingo finished speaking, Rowen interrupted him by biting his cigar: “Don’t use that shit as a trump card!”

“You’re out there playing black and white because they don’t know you and they give you a chance…”

“But I’m different! I’m the person who knows you best in the world except for the four freaks around you ……Doflamingo!!!”


In Dressrosa, a powerful and magnificent tyrannical aura spewed out, and Doflamingo gritted his teeth.

“What the hell are you trying to say?!”

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