OPTM-Chapter 135 Naive

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Regarding the fact that Ace is Garp’s grandson, there are not many people in the Marines who know about it and only a few people close to Garp are aware of this information. 

Trane had served Garp as an aide for more than ten years now and he had followed him back to East Blue several times, so he is naturally aware of some of Garp’s secrets.

Not to mention Garp, even Trane also has a severe headache over the fact that Ace went out to the Sea as a Pirate and the fact that the little kid named Luffy also dreamed of becoming the King of Pirate.

Think about it, Garp is the dignified “Marine Hero” and if it became known that both of his Grandchildren went to Sea to become Pirates then it would definitely deal a lot of damage to Garp’s prestige!

“This is the reason why I warned you before, you need to either get Ace back before it’s too late or stop him from going to Sea…”

Trane sighed as he complained a lot.

He can also be considered as Ace’s Elder, so naturally, he didn’t want to see Ace as his enemy.

The three months of Rowen’s training were exactly the three months that Ace gradually became famous in the First Half of Grand Line. 

As long as they had asked Rowen to take action, with his “Supercharged Travel” flying speed, he would naturally be able to catch a new Logia User.

But, Garp refused on the grounds that “Who can stop a man from yearning for the Sea?”.

See what happens now! Rowen was ordered to purge Jaya Island and he reached that place just in time to arrest Ace. If nothing goes wrong, Ace will be sent to Impel Down and he would never be able to see the light of day.

This is already as good as it gets!

It is conceivable that Rowen did not kill Ace because of Garp and he also informed them of Ace’s capture.

Garp has a solemn expression on his face as he muttered to himself, “I didn’t tell him nither did anyone I know so how did Rowen know about Ace?”

Trane: “…”

“Don’t worry about this at this time! Ace’s life is over if you don’t think of a way to save him!”

“Oh yeah!”

Garp suddenly stood up and he picked up his cloak and hurried out of his office while saying: “I’m going to see Sengoku! Trane, tell Rowen that I wouldn’t leave him alone if he dares to beat up my Grandson!”

After saying that, the words were still floating in the air, but the person had already disappeared in the corridor.

‘No, this matter doesn’t need more thinking and I don’t even need to call him to ask this! How else can Rowen arrest Ace without beating him up?!’ Trane murmured silently before he took out Den Den Mushi and called back again.

Jaya Island, on the Marine Battleship.

When Ace awoke, he was already handcuffed by Seastone Handcuffs and he was also locked inside a cage. He was also surrounded by a large group of Soldiers who were pointing their guns at him. 

In the eyes of ordinary soldiers, all of this is Rowen’s Military Merits and they are fortunate enough to take some of them for themselves so they naturally wouldn’t dare to slacken their efforts.

“The F*ck, is the gap between our strength really so big?!”

Ace gritted his teeth and he had an unwilling expression on his face. Along the way, Ace, armed with a Logia Fruit, thought himself to be invincible. In the First Half of Grand Line, he had few enemies who could cause him any trouble. 

Even if he was surrounded by a large Marine force, he was able to fight his way out with Mera-Mera Fruit(Flame-Flame Fruit) abilities.

However, everything that happened today completely crushed his confidence, and Rowen’s unmatched strength and speed shattered his pride!

“He had his whole life to tell him that being a pirate is not such a simple thing!”

At this time, a familiar voice came into his ear. He had only heard a few words of that voice before, but that voice was more familiar to Ace than anything.

“You Asshole!!!”

This is Mozambia’s office. Rowen is temporarily borrowing it after he captured Ace. 

Mozambia would take most of his soldiers by land and enter Mock Town head-on with a large and unmatched army, leaving the Marine Battleship behind to clean up the remnants of the Pirates in the Sea and incidentally clean up the battlefield.

Hearing Ace’s roar, Rowen glanced at him before he said to Den Den Mushi, “Do you hear that? He is very energetic!”

“Well, that’s right.”

Trane pauses and asks with a lot of uncertainly in his voice, “But it sounds like he’s very angry. What did you do to him?”

“Noting, I only killed his whole crew…”

Killed all… The crew…

Trane took a deep breath, but he thought of what Rowen had done at Pucci, and shook his head before he spoke with a wry smile on his face: “Really? Then Thank you for your mercy.”

“You’re welcome, By the way, tell that Old Asshole that I’ve paid off the favor I owed him.”

“Understood… Thank you for your trouble, Rowen.”

Trane hesitated for a moment and he could only continue to smile.

On the other side, Ace’s eyes turned red as he heard Rowen speak in such a calm tone of voice about the killing of his companion.



“I asked you why you killed them?!!!”


Ace leaped forward and crashed against the cage, his face stuck in the gap. The look on his face was like that of a wicked ghost as he gritted his teeth and questioned Rowen.

“It was me. I was one who had a Bounty! I was the Captain! So why did you kill them?! Why?!!!”

“Heh… Why?”

Rowen chuckled before his figure flashed and he kicked Ace in the face. The kick kicked Ace back to the other end of the cage with enough force to cause a nosebleed. The iron cage was knocked backward and fell over.

Looking at Ace, who was getting up with his bloodstained face, Rowen roared with laughter as he spoke: “What do you think a Pirate is? Do you think this is a Kids’ playhouse?! What did you think would happen to you once you become a Pirate? Did you think that you would just go out to the Sea, eat meat and drink sake and sail?!!! Did you really think that there won’t be consequences when you yelled that you are going to be the Pirate King and be free? Where is your bravado now?”

“You dare to hang up the Pirate Flag! You dare to step on a Pirate Ship! They put their lives in your hand! You should have been determined to die at any given moment when you decided to stand on the opposite side of the Marines and the World Government and become a Pirate!!” Rowen roared at Ace.

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