OPTM-Chapter 136 Fear Death? Part 1

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Suddenly, Rowen calmed down and patted the folds of his clothes.

“You disappoint me for asking such a question, Ace……”

“You are not a qualified Captain and you don’t deserve to be one, I feel sorry for your crew!”


Ace abruptly clenched his fists, his body that should have been powerless surged out with power out of nowhere, making his nails embed deep into his palm.


This is the life of a Pirate!!

This is the life of a Pirate that lives on the edge of a knife, always looking over his shoulders!!

He has always regarded “Pirate” as something fun like a drinking family game but he has forgotten what belief Deuce and others hold. He resolutely stepped on his ship believing that he can become the Pirate King and walked this way of no return.

This is an era where Pirates and Marines fight till one of them is dead!

He was so naive to think that everything would be alright!

Watching Ace go silent, Rowen sneered and turned away.

What Ace lacks is this determination and cognition made of blood and tears, regret, and pain, including until death, he did not see clearly, just a spoiled kid.

He was not a strong man in childhood, but the past’s despair made him a strong man and he climbed back from the edge of hell before committing an unpardonable sin. 

What Ace lacks is this determination and cognition formed by blood and tears, remorse and pain. Someone who had not even seen death is nothing more than a spoiled child.

It is a pity that he will never have a chance to realize this in the future.

The future world has nothing to do with him. It is Rowen and the kindness of the strength that allowed Ace to live!

Rowen suddenly frowned as he walked out of the office.

This place is not that far from Mock Town, and Mozambia’s Aura is clearly visible in front of his Observation Haki. However, at this moment, he felt that this aura has been weakened a bit…

Did someone injured Vice Admiral Mozambia?!

The light in Rowen’s eyes condensed as he focused on listening to the voice over there, and in the next moment, he looked at Mock Town with a furious expression on his face.

“Very good! It looks like you guys have decided to stand against me?!”

There is only one ending for the people who stood in his way and that is…


A few minutes ago, On Jaya Island Mock Town. 

“Run! The Marines are coming here!”

“No… I surrender, don’t kill me!!! Ah!!!”

The former Pirate Paradise has now become the Pirate’s Tomb. There are expressionless Marine soldiers everywhere, spreading out cover the escaping pirates and kill them indiscriminately. 

As mentioned earlier, the Marines has never focused on arrests. They would first start by killing many Pirates even if they surrender and only after pirates courage is destroyed, will the issue of arrest be considered.

Now, the Pirate who stayed on the island, except for those who were not interested in the Sky Island and simply come to see the fun. 

The rest are only ordinary small time pirates who were not qualified to participate in the competition to reach the Sky Island by riding the Knock Up Stream and they were prevented from reaching the coast by other pirate groups.

This is a very normal thing. The Knock Up Stream is only a few hundred meters thick, and it looks very spectacular so not everyone would go there. It is already crowded by the Pirates who had gathered in this place.

In case of accidental collision, the death rate will be increased!

So they fortunately survived as the border of Stored Emperor Clouds went deep into the port of Mock Town at most, and most of the buildings were not under the Lightning Attack Range.

And they were also unfortunate as they had the misfortune of being used as props by Mozambia as Marines pushed their way down the street, stepping on their bodies.

“Third team back! Head for the southeast side!”

“First team with me, cut through this street!”

In the heart of Mock Town, Mozambia waved the Longblade in his hand and slashed the pirates one by one on the spot. 

Blood was spilled on his white Justice cloak and dyed it red. Black and white are the most obvious pairs, however, the word “Justice” seems to be dimmed by the contrast between black and red.

The Marine Soldiers did not feel uncomfortable with this. They also thought that “Justice” was “Justice”, without the slightest impurity. Like Ace, these are the people who couldn’t recognize reality. 

They regarded Sea, the “Shambles of life and death” as a game and as a means of getting ahead.

Now… The naive guys are all dead.

The only ones who survived were the Elite Soldiers who understood the heavy burden behind “Justice”!

“You Bastard Marines! I’ll fight you to death!!”

A Pirate whose calf was pierced by a bullet looked at the Marine who was gradually approaching him in despair but he suddenly picked up his scimitar and howled before he rushed towards a Marine Soldier.

“Huh! Arrogant!”

Mozambia coldly snorted, and instead of retreating, the Long Sword in his hand slammed against the scimitar that the Pirate had picked up, emitting a bright orange flame. 

Immediately, under the Pirate’s horrified gaze, his was forced to step back and then his wrist twisted downward.

Ding… Sneer!!

As Mozambia dealt with this, the scimitar was immediately removed and chopped on the side street. Before he looked back, Mozambia took a step forward while pushing the sword forward with both hands and cutting it down!


Shaking off the blood on the tip of the Blade, Mozambia loudly shouted, “All troops, Charge!”

“Hai (Yes)!!”

The soldiers howled with excitement and fury, and like hungry wolves released, they ruthlessly cut down the pirate hidden in the streets. 

After they smashed open the doors of one shop after another, and after confirming that there was no pirate inside, the soldiers rushed to the next shop.

Mozambia made the right decision, because most of the pirate hiding in the shadows hiding their weapons for an oportunity at this time were hiding in the stores along the streets and they immediately despaired once they were discovered.



After the sound of few bullets being fired rang out, the soldiers returned victorious, leaving only a few bodies in place.

Soon, the pirates in the streets and alleys surrendered one after another. The experienced Pirates knew the Marine’s style. 

They didn’t immediately surrender in the beginning but they seized the opportunity to surrender to the Marines once the other pirates were all frightened.

“Spare me! I surrender!”

“Don’t kill! We surrendered! We really surrendered!”

“Our Captain is hiding over there, I will take you there!”

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