OPTM-Chapter 134 Capture Part 2

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At the edge of the forest, Rowen frowned and sighed: “Tsk, what a troublesome fellow!”

Unlike Zephyr, who can attach Armament Haki to his Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) attacks and create Air Blades that can hurt anyone. 

Rowen’s Armament Haki, which has just been Awakened to the “Initial Form”, is just a means for him to contact the Logia Ability User’s Body. Facing the interference of Ace’s “Entei (Flame Emperor)”, Rowen realized that it would not be so easy to catch Ace.

‘How should I put it? As expected of the Grandson taught by that Old Asshole Garp, you can even get up after suffering from such an attack?’ Rowen silently thought in his heart.

Rowen regretted that he had just held back on his strength in that kick. He knew that Ace must be resistant to the beating due to Garp’s influence in his life, so he should have used a bit more power.

At this moment, Ace in the distance didn’t know what Rowen was thinking. This was a big move for him who had just gone out to sea. After seeing the target, Ace roared and threw a fireball at Rowen.

Hula- La- La!

The place where the fireball flew over burned one after another, the ground dried up and cracked, the trees were scorched and shattered. One move Entei (Flame Emperor) is enough to show the destructive power of Logia at its fullest!

The burning fire was continuously attracted by the fireball and it wrapped in it, and they gradually formed a fireball up to 100 meters high as the distance stretched away!

“This is a good opportunity!”

Rowen’s eyes suddenly lit up and he completely ignored the mighty fireball in front of him. His body flashed with electric light as his figure disappeared from the place.


“Nani?!” Ace screamed when he saw his enemy disappearing in front of him.

He was careless!

When the fireball left Ace, it meant that his opponent no longer needs to fear the power of the fireball, and he can approach him in an unscrupulous manner.

Sure enough, Rowen appeared behind him in the next second.

The Combat Instincts Ace had honed over the years made him immediately discover where Rowen was, and he was about to attack before a punching fist came down, ruthlessly hitting the back of his head.


Pū Tōng…

“How is this… Possible?!”

Ace immediately flopped to the ground like a dead dog, his eyes rounded, his quivering brains made him unable to use even a little bit of his strength.

He was shocked at Rowen’s speed, and the terrifying power Rowen had displayed!

This punch gave him the Misconception that he was still a child and was facing Garp, this power is simply impossible to resist!

“Nothing is impossible Ace, if all the strongest people in the Sea are divided into ten steps then you would only be at the third and fourth step now, while I am, well, I am at least at the fifth and sixth step!”

Rowen puts one foot on Ace’s back to prevent him from escaping, but he still failed to completely knock Ace out. Once again, this scene was out of Rowen’s expectations. The people from the Monkey Family are really resistant to beating!

But he was only a little shocked as the hard power gap between them was too big and the end result wouldn’t be any different. 

Ace, who can only burst out flames from his body is not even as advanced as Crocodile in terms of Devil Fruit Development, so he is no threat to Rowen.

Others only saw the destructive power of Mera-Mera Fruit (Flame-Flame Fruit) punching through five Battleships in one punch. They thought that Ace was powerful and significant. 

Ace had a Bounty of 80 Million Belly after a few months of going to sea. But in the circle of Logia Devil Fruit Ability User, Ace is just a child learning to crawl.

At least for Rowen, the difference between their strength is too big!

At this time, Entei (Flame Emperor) lost its target and flew straight to the Sea. The rushing current collided with Entei (Flame Emperor), and the terrible high temperature instantly caused a big explosion.

Bang… Bang Rumbling!!!

In front of the horrified eyes of countless people, the Knock Up Stream was blown off by Entei (Flame Emperor)!!

The remaining seawater rushed to a height of several hundred meters again and then became weak before it slowly fell down. The Knock Up Stream that turned the Pirate’s hopes into despair finally stopped erupting!

“The Destructive power is quite good. At least it doesn’t humiliate the name of Mera-Mera Fruit (Flame-Flame Fruit).”

Rowen took his time to judge this attack and then said again: “Okay, come with me, Ace. It would be Garp’s job as to how he would deal with you.”


Ace resisted, however, his brain was dizzy and his hands and feet were completely out of his control. He could only let Rowen lift himself up, step on the Geppō (Moonwalk), and take him to the Marine Battleship.

In the Marine Headquarters, Garp’s office.

Puru Puru Puru…

Kā Chā…

Gulping down the Senbai he had snatched from Sengoku’s office, Garp was there, casually picking his nostrils.

“Trane, there’s a call!!”

Before long, Trane pushed the door with a black look on his face and he put the pile in his hand which was as high as his forearm in front of Garp.

“Vice-Admiral Garp! These are the official duties that you have accumulated!!”

Noting that the last piece was from one month ago, the corners of Garp’s mouth twitched and he twisted his head like a child who was caught stealing.

“No way! Can’t you handle it for me!”

“Do I even have the right to do that? I’m just a Rear Admiral!”

Trane growled angrily.

“I’ll give you the permission so go ahead, really, you really should use your brain!”

“Hiss ……!!!”

Trane only felt a stabbing pain in his liver and he breathing in the cold air before looking at Garp in shock.

Puru Puru Puru…

The Den Den Mushi was still ringing, and the two people did not back down and continued to oppose each other for a few seconds. 

In the end, Trane retreated and walked to the side and picked up the Den Den Mushi, and screamed, “Hey! Speak Quickly!”

“Um… So I guess you are pissed at that Old Asshole again, Rear Admiral Trane.”

The voice from Den Den Mushi gave Trane a burst of joy. For so many years, Rowen was the only one who could make Garp choke on his words! He was about to say something when, suddenly, Trane’s face sank.

“Well, Understood… Okay, I’ll let him know…”

Kā Chā…

The phone hangs up and Trane walks towards Garp looking agitated. Garp didn’t care a wink at him as he was thinking that Trane was acting in front of him!

“Ace appeared in Jaya Island and was caught by Rowen…”

Kā Chā!!

The sound of Senbai breaking suddenly amplified as Garp turned his head with a wide-open mouth, he was trying to say something but no words came out of his mouth.

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