OPTM-Chapter 134 Capture Part 1

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Ace raised his head, his eyes red, his cheeks crossed not with transparent tears, but with scarlet, stinging tears of blood!

“I will make you pay!”

“I swear I will make you pay for this!!!”

This Thunderstorm destroyed almost all the Pirates that went to the Sea but it didn’t even touch half of the hair of the Marine Battleship over there. 

So everyone realized that no one could do this except a Marine. At this time, a figure accompanied by Thunderlight stepped out of the Void. Rowen’s face was faintly visible as he asked, “Oh? Will the Marines really pay the price?”

“…Then what are you going to do, Portgas D.Ace?”

Once someone’s Observation Haki Awakened, it remains open at any time, because “Listening” does not require active control. However, at critical moments, the effect can be improved by consciously focusing on one point. 

While most of the Pirates died due to the Lightning Strikes, Ace’s roar became quite harsh in Rowen’s ears as it was the only human sound amongst the Lightning. 

Rowen had thought that it was some Pirate who escaped by chance, but it turned out to be a ‘Great Character’ of this era!

The son of Gol D Roger, the adopted Grandson of Garp, the Elder Brother of the Protagonist Strawhat Luffy, the Elder Brother of the Second in Command of the Revolutionary Army, and the Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates in the future…

This is a bit tricky!

Rowen looked at the figure in front of him before pausing for a moment at the cowboy hat that fell aside and two options appeared in his mind.

For a pirate shouting “I want the Marine to pay”, should he kill him or not?

“Is that you? Did you do all this, you Thunder Asshole!!!”

Ace raised his head angrily and his fist suddenly ignited with orange and yellow flames that spontaneously appeared without any outside help, and the flames were accompanied by an astonishing heatwave as he suddenly punched towards Rowen.

Hiken (Fire Fist)!


With a crisp sound, a column of Fire suddenly rushed toward Rowen but it also suddenly changed its attack direction and hit the sea. 

Everything in the path of the Fire Pillar was burned to death by the flames, leaving a scary scar with a diameter of more than ten meters. Even a channel appeared on the sea surface, and its seawater was evaporated by the scorching heat!

“As expected from the Grandson of that man. You know your Grandfather also used that name to often scold me like that… You Thunder Brat, You Thunder Asshole, he used to scold me so much that I grew calluses in my ears!”

With billowing flames flying by his side, Rowen slowly retracted his hand while looking at Ace who had a surprised expression on his face, and said lightly: “But don’t worry, I won’t kill you today. Garp was kind to me and he is the reason I was able to join the  Marines.”

“So… Come with me! Tsk, although I know you certainly won’t come without a fight… So!”


Rowen suddenly raised his foot and kicked Ace after he finished his internal monologue and he watched as Ace’s figure flew out.


It is now in May 1516 for Sea Calendar, and Ace’s 17th birthday is January 1, so normally speaking, his appearance on the Grand Line wasn’t any surprise. 

After all, the standard time for men in this world to go to sea is their 17th birthday, such as Ace, Zoro, Luffy… Rowen had even heard that the same is true for Garp and others from the old generation.

But when the latter was seventeen… He joined the Marine on his birthday on a rainy day and he was promoted from East Blue Branch to the Marine Headquarters instead of going to sea as a Pirate like the rest of his generation.

Rowen is feeling entangled as he thinks about how to deal with Ace.

If he kills him then the relationship between Rowen and Garp will be dead forever.

Although that Old Man was a bit of an Asshole but he was a role model for the younger generation and his subordinates, and Rowen himself had learned a lot from him. 

This is also the reason why Marine Headquarters has a “Garp Faction” in addition to Admiral Aokiji and Akainu’s iconic Peace Faction and War Faction.

It can be said that Garp, by virtue of his own personal charm, forcibly gathered and formed a faction.

Being on bad terms with the “Marine Hero” and moreover being hated by this guy, whether public or private, is not something Rowen is willing to see.

But if Rowen doesn’t kill Ace then it would go against his usual style of doing things.

Since Ace dared to shout “I will make the Marines pay the Price” then he must be prepared to bear the terrible consequences.

Everyone has to pay the price for their choice, this is the Absolute Truth of this world!

Babies, women, children, the elderly, the disabled, and the young, no one can stay away from it.

The Spade Pirates are completely destroyed and this is the consequence that Ace had to bear after he chose to become a pirate.

All right, so Rowen had killed his crew and it is normal for Ace to hate him as much.


“Garp saved your life, Ace!”

Rowen sighed.

Without Garp, I’m afraid that Rowen would have drowned in the sea a year ago, not to mention the high and powerful position he is in today.

There is no way to repay the kindness that saved Rowen’s life, so he can only…… Give life for life!

Rowen spared Ace’s life so that he would pay back Garp for saving his.

Now, both grievances and grudges are cleared!

This is the choice Rowen made.


Suddenly, a bright orange flame burst out of the forest in the distance. Ace was bleeding from the corners of his mouth as he pointed his finger upwards. 

A circle of ripples formed by endless flames appears under his feet, and the raging flames converge at his fingertips before the terrifying heatwave ignites the forest fire.

Shortly afterward, a huge fireball of more than ten meters in diameter appeared in the sky, accompanied by a fiery eruption.

Dai Enkai (Great Flame Commandment)· Entei (Flame Emperor)!

Armament Haki!

Unlike Luffy, Ace knows that there is a power in the world that can hurt Logia Ability users. After being blasted off, he immediately realized that Rowen was someone who had mastered the use of  Armament Haki, and he decided to go ahead and attack the enemy with a far superior attack.

Under Entei (Flame Emperor), everything around Ace is on fire!

The air was distorted and trembled as the heatwave spread over the sky.

The majestic firelight illuminates the sky and it looked so conspicuous under the Stored Emperor Clouds. Seeing this scene, countless Pirates and Marines were shocked. 

The Dark Clouds in the sky were still flashing with Thunderlight and now Flames had come forth from the ground, and the Water column on the sea surface was still rising due to the Knock Up Stream. Is this what Doomsdays looks like?!

No, Doomsday is too strong a word for this but this is still quite shocking!

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