OPTM-Chapter 129 Regret Part 1

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It’s not that they wouldn’t be counted as the Headquarters Vice-Admiral after leaving the Marine Headquarters. What distinguishes all of this is the location of the post, not the garrison point. 

For example, Momonga, a veteran in the Marine Headquarters, is also the Base Head of the Grand Line G-5 Marine Branch.

In fact, each of Marine’s existing G-1 to G-9 branches is held by a Vice-Admiral of the Marine Headquarters as the Base Head, and the rank of “Branch Vice-Admiral” does not exist. 

Counting down from behind them and taking Rear Admiral as an example, there will be complications among Headquarters branches if the position of the Branch Vice-Admiral exists.

There is a huge difference between any Marine Branch and the Marine Headquarters so there is also a huge difference between the ranks.

Rowen is also a Branch Rear Admiral. When placed in Headquarters, it is not equivalent to possessing a real authority and he only has the authority that is similar to being a Headquarters Lieutenant Commander.

Conversely, if a Headquarters Vice-Admiral is placed as the Branch Head of a Marine Base then wouldn’t his position become similar to the Fleet Admiral?!

Therefore, the position of “Branch Vice-Admiral” does not exist, becoming a Rear Admiral is the limit for anyone, and therefore Rowen became a Rear Admiral, all taking this into consideration.

Now, Sengoku is planning to make Rowen the Base Head of the yet-established G-10 branch, placing him in the real position of power in the Marine Headquarters!

After Rowen is promoted, his ranking and authority would take a forward step in the right direction and his power would also be upgraded!!

Sengoku is still talking with Gan Fall on business issues. Vegapunk has invented a new Airship full of many advanced technologies. It can be modified to transport materials and has a huge cargo capacity.

Since the Marines will take over all the transportation, Sengoku proposed a high price: an Impact Dial for a Ton of Earth!

This makes Gan Fall feel very dissatisfied. Although he came to the Blue Sea with a desire for peace, it does not mean that he would be alright with being taken advantage of.

Vearth is nothing to the Blue Sea Dwellers. The Blue Sea Dwellers refers to the Vearth as “Take it like dirt”. It is the least valuable thing for them and it would be a shame to even link it to money!

Sengoku’s asking price is too high. Gan Fall stated that if this is the case then he would not even need the most common Heat Dial and Wind Dial, and he could just directly use Island Cloud and Sea of C​clouds as the transaction currency.

Sengoku naturally disagrees with that notion!

But he wasn’t in a hurry, he was asking the price that Gan Fall would be satisfied with.

According to the information submitted by Tsuru, the Sky Island Dials can provide Marine Soldiers with a very flexible and effective way of fighting. As long as they get a profit, he is willing to talk slowly.

With the same treacherous smile on their faces, the two old foxes used their least valuable gadgets to get each other’s most valuable things.

The scene instantly turned into a wide-eyed stare for the rest of the people as the two top leaders began to argue with each other like the two market merchants and they did not give in for a dime dispute.

Fortunately, the God’s Officers brought by Gan Fall did not care about this. 

The Sky Island’s rule is stable and free of internal worries and these people are used to obey Gan Fall’s words so they didn’t care about anything else and they also didn’t feel any shame because of Gan Fall’s merchant-like words.

But on the other side, the faces of the Big Officers of Marines were completly different. Garp opened his mouth several times to say something, but Tsuru pulled his sleeves and glared at him which caused him to sat back down. 

Aokiji blatantly pulled down the blindfold on his eyes and started to sleep right there. Even the most serious iron-blooded soldier, Akainu, was a little speechless at the moment.

I would never do such a shameful thing if I was the Fleet Admiral!

Akainu secretly swears in his heart.

“Cough, Cough, Sengoku… The price issue can be talked about slowly, but should we prepare for the establishment of the G-10 branch?”

Finally, even Tsuru couldn’t help it anymore. It’s a shame that Fleet Admiral is making such a fool of himself in front of all these people!

“That makes sense……”

Sengoku regrettably withdrew his gaze. He still wanted to compete with Gan Fall in the quality of Heat Dial…… No, let’s approve it.

Thinking about it, I don’t even need to say anything for now. If we want to transport a large amount of soil to Sky Island and then return a large number of supplies then a stable Marine Branch is indispensable. 

So he stopped his ‘discussion’ with Gan Fall and said to Rowen: “At present, the G-10 Branch would tentatively be set up in Jaya Island. If you go over, you should first sort out the Pirates there. The troops left by Tsuru will cooperate with you.”

“Understood! But my vacation…”

Rowen’s eyes dimmed when Sengoku didn’t mention anything about increasing his rank but he still agreed with a resolute expression on his face, and at the same time, he reminded Sengoku that he was still on vacation!

At this point, Sengoku’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch a little.

Everyone thought that the effects of Fruit of Potential could be stacked, so it allowed Rowen to show the more fearsome talent than Garp did back then. 

And his strength also increased at a rapid rate which turned people’s imaginations upside down, but in the end, it was only valid for one year.

For this reason, Sengoku, in line with the idea that Rowen would suddenly find his talent being regressed, allowed Rowen to take a full half-year holiday, to let him prepare mentally and physically!!

It was an incredible long vacation that no one but Garp could enjoy!

However, after communicating with Gan Fall, Tsuru got an amazing answer.

The medicinal effects of the Fruit of Potential can indeed be stacked, but what stacks is time, not the effect!!

Not the effect!!

Not the effect!!

Important things need to be said three times!

After all, although the human potential is said to be unlimited, the human body is ultimately limited, just like the Yonkō (Four Emperors) Kaido who reached the limit of the human body.

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