OPTM-Chapter 128 G-10 Part 2

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Although Sky Islands do not have Den Den Mushi, they have an image shell. Some of the guards who were carrying out the mission to protect the Fruit of Potential and the Rumble-Rumble Fruit and chasing Rowen carried this object with them. 

The Image Shell recorded precious image data, giving them a chance to recognize Rowen’s real body.


“You let a thief become a high-ranking Rear Admiral in your Marine forces, it really can’t make people feel at ease!”

“Birka’s thieves have nothing to do with Angel Island. Now that Birka is destroyed, Angel Island would take the lead in Sky Island as it is almost the strongest Sky Island country. As long as we cooperate well then a bright future is just around the corner for your people.”

Sengoku and Gan Gan Fall began to play each other, the two old things who were more than One Hundred and Fifty-odd years in age when combined together began to scheming about their interests, and the picture was quite boring.

However, Sengoku was all for it. After all, Gan Fall has spoken, which means that he agreed.

Gan Fall is not some ignorant Sky Island person who knows nothing about the world. His mount Pierre is also a Devil Fruit Ability User. 

Although he was not clear about the terrible power of Logia Ability Users at the beginning, but after spending so long in the Blue Sea, Gan Fall knows that the power possessed by these people is not a joke.

But Rowen was most alarmed by their conversation and his head was full of thoughts.

Birka… Gone?

How did it disappear?

It’s not about me, is it?

Sorry, I don’t know anything, so goodbye!

Rowen, who had repeated the qualities of not taking any blame in his heart, stood aside with an indifferent expression on his face but his eyes still had a solemn expression. 

He has no regrets about what he did in Birka as, without the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, he would not have achieved what he is now. Perhaps he could have started from Birka. After defeating Enel, he would have gradually ruled the Sky Islands.

But Rowen couldn’t do something like that as it is not in his nature.

Challenge is in his roots. He thrives when challenging powerful beasts on the earth.  He challenged himself with extreme sports back on the original Earth, and his challenging and irresistible nature was deeply engraved in his bones. 

After coming to the One Piece World, his goals of the challenge have naturally become the Monsters with powerful forces!

That is also the reason why he joined the Marines after he ate the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, it was all for strength.

This made his starting point higher than his expectations, and as for the Birka Island, he hadn’t paid any attention to it after he escaped from there.

Kizaru hid a smile on his face as he suddenly glanced at Rowen, and muttered: “Really… Rowen has a Mission again, Vegapunk rushed here so urgently because of…”

Kizaru knows the importance of Rowen’s presence in this office which also has visitors from Sky Island. 

Because he is one of the few who knows about the Fruit of Potential and Sky Islands at the same time, and he has also studied about them but this is something that Sengoku and others don’t know.

As the conversation continued, Rowen gradually figured out what had happened.

‘Huh, after all that, this is still related to me.’ Rowen silently thought in his heart.

As he fell from the sky, the term “Sky Island”, which had been buried in history, came back to the Marines. Tsuru took some people out to sea a few months ago and arrived at Jaya Island. 

After all, Jaya Island is one of the islands that appeared in one of the seven routes, and it would be funny to say that there is no Eternal Log Pose for it.

Then they brought people into the Sky with the Device developed by Vegapunk and they found the legendary Sky Island.

At this time, the Angel Island had not been invaded by Enel so Gan Fall did not fall from his position and became a wondering Knight. 

After knowing the purpose of Tsuru and others, he asked the Marine Headquarters to do a trade with him in exchange for helping them investigate.

Yes, a Trade!

Moreover, the content of this trade is also very strange. They are willing to exchange precious Sky Island shellfish for Blue Sea’s worthless mud, which they called “Vearth”.

“As expected of Gan Fall, he didn’t use Marine’s power to help eliminate the Shandians, but wanted to use the resources he has to exchange for Earth to make everyone live in peace.”

Rowen silently listened from the side with some feelings and his opinion of Gan Fall rose by a small margin.

But what he didn’t know is that the Shandians didn’t value Vearth, but what they care about is their hometown, the “Gold Land” Shandora. 

Without Shandora, even if the whole Island of Alabasta is placed in front of the Shandians, Wiper, the “Berserker”…, might really consider peace with the Sky Island people.

However, the Angel Island obviously does not have so many resources for the exchange, unless they are willing to come to the Blue Sea to live.

Therefore, Gan Fall’s plan to make the Angel Island peaceful with this is destined to fail. It will only give rise to more Sky Island maggots, who are proud to occupy more Vearth, just like a certain Empire, taking pleasure in establishing colonies in other countries.

Gan Fall’s thoughts are naive but moving.

Rowen is happy like a child because of this…

Because of his “Good Deed”, the Marines have decided to set up a new Marine Branch, named G-10, to make up for the control in the blank area of ​​the Grand Line. 

And at the same time to place those soldiers whose strength has soared due to the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device, which can be called striking two birds with one stone!

And Rowen will serve as the Base Head!

He would also be promoted to the Vice-Admiral Rank!

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