OPTM-Chapter 128 G-10 Part 1

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When Rowen saw Kizaru again, it was already ten minutes later as it took Rowen nine minutes and fifty seconds to eat the apple, and three seconds to rush back to Headquarters.

The area of ​​MarineFord is not as large as the White Sea between Skypiea Upper Yard and Angel Island, and it is completely covered by Rowen’s Blink limit…

Kizaru stood in front of the Fleet Admiral’s office and saw him appear. After looking at him for seven seconds, the corners of his mouth twitched as he asked, “Where were you?”

Kizaru asked “Where were you?” in person but the meaning behind his words was “Where have you been?”

Rowen shrugged and replied with a strange look on his face.

“Ah? I don’t understand what you mean!”

Kizaru: “…”

‘I really want to kill this asshole!’ Kizaru cursed Rowen in his heart.

But Rowen didn’t give him a chance to explode. After saying that, he knocked on the door of the Fleet Admiral’s office. Although he could directly enter the office using Blink, but his ending would be very tragic if he did that.

Sengoku had already spotted both of them through his Observation Haki. Kizaru had been standing in front of the gate for so long so he couldn’t have missed it. At this time, he directly said: “Come in!”


Pushing the door in, Rowen found that there were a lot of people present in the office today. In addition to Kizaru who followed behind him, the other two Admirals Akainu and Aokihi were here. 

There were also Tsuru, Garp, and Sengoku, as well as some of the strongest Vice Admirals of the Marine Headquarters such as Momousagi, Tokikake, Momonga, and others.

It can be said that all the Marine Seniors are present in this office at this moment!

The sunlight came in diagonally from the window sill and shined its light into this office but it only focused to the limit of everyone’s chests, the big guys’ heads were shrouded in the dimness, and the atmosphere inside the office was very solemn!

And it’s not over yet. The Headquarters Vice Admirals sat lined up at the conference table in a single direction, and the other side was also full of people. Leaning against the sun, this group of people kept silent and had a solemn expression on their faces.

Rowen at least recognized the lead Old Man sitting on the other side of the table.

“God, Gan Fall!”

Rowen slightly frowned but he still calmly saluted Sengoku and shouted: “Fleet Admiral!!!”

Although Rowen’s expressions were stagnant for only a second but all the people present here are the backbone of the Marines so they easily captured the change in Rowen’s expressions. 

Rowen was from the island of Birka and he fell into the Blue Sea and was picked up by Garp. Almost everyone in the Marine Headquarters knew it. 

Although it was only for a second, it was enough to make them believe that Rowen really knows the visitors who have come from Sky Island!

But there is no need to dwell on that at this time. When the Fruit of Potentials were completely destroyed due to the explosion of Birka, Sengoku no longer cared about Rowen’s little secret. 

He called him here today because he had another Mission for him.

“This is the Leader of Angel Island… God, Gan Fall.”

Sengoku did not signal for Rowen to sit down. Instead, he introduced Gan Fall who was wearing a Knight Armor to Rowen. 

Sengoku’s mouth twitched for a second when spoke the word “God”, and then he introduced Rowen to Gan Fall: “This is Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral Rowen, don’t underestimate him because of his young look, he has quite terrifying strength in his body. He would be enough to protect the safety of the Angel Island!”

Protect the safety of Angel Island?

Rowen was taken aback when he heard Sengoku’s words.

Why does it feel as if Sengoku had just sold himself?!

Gan Fall has not experienced the heart-wrenching invasion that was caused by Enel, so at this time, he still carries a bit of arrogance that belongs to being the God of Angel Island. 

He glanced at the Rowen and frowned when he heard Sengoku’s words before he spoke: “Fleet Admiral Sengoku, although I know that my request is a bit excessive, but he is just a Rear Admiral… I know your Marine Military Rank System and I also know the strength required for it.”

After coming to the Marine Headquarters, the people who met him were at least Vice-Admirals. 

There were only 32 such Great Characters in the entire Marine Headquarters, and the number of people stationed at Headquarters was even rarer. 

But there are many Rear Admirals in the Marine Headquarters, not to mention a few hundred, there are still one hundred and eighty.

Handing such an important matter to a Rear Admiral, Gan Fall, who has learned about the Marine Military Rank System was a little dissatisfied with Sengoku.

If this was some cultivation novel plot then Rowen would have stood at this time and he would have arrogantly challenged the Sky Island visitors at this time to prove his strength.

But unfortunately, this is not some cultivation novel plot.

Until Rowen understands what the hell is going on here, he won’t act without authorization, and he stood aside with an honest and innocent look on his face. It was as if he hadn’t heard Gan Fall’s complaint.

Such a calm response made Gan Fall have a slightly higher opinion of Rowen. After all, whether it is a Skypiea Person or a Blue Sea Dweller, there is not much difference in human nature but he is still not satisfied.

Sengoku had long expected such a thing to happen. He hid the mysterious smile on his face, and explained: “I wonder if you have heard of what happened in Birka a year ago? That was done by this guy standing here. He fell into the Blue Sea and was saved by us. He joined the Marines after we saved him.”


The expression on Gan Fall’s face condensed as he turned his head to look at Rowen, and after careful identification, he muttered to himself: “Indeed, although the height is a little incorrect, the appearance and age are exactly the same!”

Gan Fall is secretly frightened. Ten months ago, the mysterious man who stole the Fruit of Potential and the Rumble-Rumble Fruit was the real culprit that led to the destruction of Birka! 

Because he stole the Fruit of Potential, the Royal Line completely lost its oppressive power over the people. 

People who crave powerful forces would lead to endless rebellions regardless of race and ethnicity. 

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