OPTM-Chapter 127 Mission

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As a result, he had no intention of working hard at all, at least for the time being. Unless he can lock the power of lightning into his it as Zephyr expected, the word “Bulky” will hang over all of his moves for years.

Every time Rowen trains, he seems to be studying Deep Peaks. 

But he is actually using this accumulated power to increase the power of his Thunder and Lightning and he is condensing the power of Rumble-Rumble Fruit, and launching the ultra-long-range attacks he has always wanted.

Enel got the Rumble-Rumble Fruit and he could do what he did in Cannon in five or six years and that was a lot. 

Now, it has been more than a year since Rowen got the Rumble-Rumble Fruit and he couldn’t do what  Enel could which made Rowen feel a little unacceptable.

Although Enel was listed as one of the top ten unjust cases back in his world, he was indeed weak.

His Pride, Arrogance, Self-Serving Attitude, and his Headstrong personality caused his downfall, he destroyed an entire Sky Island after he got his powers. And even with the limitations of Sky Island, he himself was a person with a problematic personality. 

He was like a kid who has mastered a Nuclear Bomb Launcher, but he was not a qualified powerhouse. Even his act of setting up a trial is more akin to a child’s joke than a real strong man’s act!

The real strong!

They are some of the people like Shanks, who dare to lose one of his hands in the weakest of Sea for the sake of faith and future!

Like Whitebeard, who sacrificed himself for the sake of his Childrens, he stopped the Marines from chasing them and shouted that “The New Era has no ship to carry him” in a soft tone!

Even someone like “Blackbeard” is a strong person as he bowed his knees for Twenty Years and preserved to get what he wanted and won the world’s forbearance with one move!

Rowen looked down on Enel. He didn’t have the talent and strength and he did not represent the Strong.

Only someone’s heart and Will would determine whether a person is strong or not!

Fortunately, Rowen’s thinking is right.

Although Zephyr doesn’t know what electricity is generated by magnetism is or what is called the Electromagnetic effect but he has a unique set of rules for applying all forces by himself. 

That is not a specific method, but a theory and mode of thinking. As long as he has mastery over this, he can freely use anything whether it is Haki, Rokushiki, or a Devil Fruit Power.

Zephyr tried to give this mode of thinking to Sakazuki, Kuzan, and Kizaru as he trained them.

Now he has given this kind of thinking to Rowen, allowing Rowen to successfully develop his ‘God’s Ruling’.

“God’s Ruling? I admit that there is something god-like about attacking someone with a Thunder Pillar Over The Horizon.”

After Zephyr asked the name of this attack, he thought for a while and said, “However, let’s change the name to ‘Thunder God Judgment’.”


Rowen looked at him strangely and asked, “Why?”

“There is no God in this world. If there is, then it is those Tenryubito and…”

Rowen went silent as he heard Zephyr’s words.

He remembered what happened at Pucci a few months ago. Although Zero didn’t want to mention it but what happened in the end is definitely not that simple. 

He can guess the attitude of the Nibelung Household once they know what happened on Pucci and he also remembered how Zero was willing to give his life for the Tenryubito.

The next day, just as Rowen got up to train, a light mirror appeared beside him.

Rowen’s pupils shrank as he hurriedly moved back.

Whiz… Pop!!

Sure enough, a whip leg slapped the air with a crackle, revealing a yellow man. It was Kizaru who is wearing a bright yellow suit.

“Yata no Kagami!”

“Yo, Little Brother Rowen!”

With a kick, Kizaru’s eyes flashed with a surprise under his brown sunglasses. The refraction channel formed by the Yata no Kagami could allow him to move at a speed second only to the Speed of Light, and the effect is similar to Rowen’s bullet flight. 

But again, this is just a pure movement technique. If Kizaru wants to attack then he must re-combine the body which would give the opponent time to react.

But the speed of light is far from lightning but Rowen could still avoid his attacks. What has he experienced in the past few months?

Kizaru is quite curious about this.

But he didn’t come here to ask for something like that. After testing Rowen, Kizaru greeted Zephyr who walked out of the tent and said.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku has something he wants to talk to you about. He asked me to come and get you.”

MarineFord is very huge, and the square in front of the Headquarters Fortress could accommodate a hundred thousand people to fight as seen in the War Of The Best. 

If you open up all the island area then they would be tens of miles away from the Headquarters Fortress. This is also the reason why Drilling Square was once set up here. This area was remote enough to not disturb ordinary people.

However, because of the Golden Lion’s invasion, this Drilling Square was abandoned and has now become a training ground for Rowen.

“Fleet Admiral is looking for me?”

Rowen, who was getting ready to go with Kizaru, was taken aback, and he rubbed the back of his head with a confused expression on his face and asked: “Aren’t I on holiday? He’s not going to arrange for a Mission for me again, right?!”

Kizaru gave a mysterious smile when he heard Rowen’s words.

“Relax, it’s a good thing! A great thing!”

‘I’m even more confused when you say that!’ Rowen thought when he heard Kizaru’s words.

Rowen was surprised and looked at Zephyr, hoping that his Sensei could tell him what’s going on. 

However Zephyr also had a strange look on his face and he spoke while holding the teapot with a hand: “It makes no sense, the plan hasn’t started yet, how could Rowen… Uh!”

So, what exactly did you guys hide from me?


This is also not a coincidence, right?!

Suddenly, Zephyr stopped talking to himself, he rolled his eyes at Rowen and patted his shoulder before saying: “Don’t worry Rowen, since Kizaru said that it’s a good thing then it must be a good thing. Your vacation won’t be canceled, it’s already set. “

Kizaru stood next to Rowen and raised an eyebrow at him and said: “I heard that you developed a skill and flew back to Headquarters from Pucci in three days. Want to race?”

Rowen is definitely not Kizaru’s opponent, but in terms of speed, Kizaru can’t fully reach the speed of light. Rowen nodded excitedly when he heard his words, and grinned, “Okay!”

“3, 2, 1… Let’s go!!”


A yellow laser beam turned and reflected on countless mirrors, and disappeared from the edge of the line of sight in the blink of an eye. 

Rowen retracted and walked back to the tent under Zephyr’s shocked gaze. He took out two apples and put one in his pocket and one in his mouth. He opened the milk straw and explained vaguely.

“He kicked me! You don’t think I will forget it that easily, Sensei?”

Zephyr: “…”

“Get out of here! Double training for today!!”


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