OPTM-Chapter 126 3 Months Later Part 2

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At the same time, in order for Rowen to understand the deep mysteries of Deep Peaks, Zephyr opened a new door for him, a door in the form of using Armament Haki in combination with his attacks!

The reason why Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) threatened Rowen just now was because Zephyr used it with Armament Haki. He used both moves at the same time and united them!

Armament Haki is the energy of life, which exists in everyone’s body. At the same time, since it can be attached to the surface of any object, it means that Armament Haki can leave the body of the person using it.

Perhaps it would be impossible for many people to extend their Armament Haki far without the medium of materialization, but Zephyr is different from the other people. His presence represents the pinnacle of control of any power he is trained in!

Being able to perfect his move ‘Deep Peaks’ has made him unmatched in this way by anyone!

It is also because of this kind of move that Zephyr can repeatedly bring death threats to Rowen. Any of his moves are flooded with Armament Haki and Rowen’s Elementalization has no room to play in their fight.

“The Six King Guns are powerful, but the gathering time is too long. If the enemy has the ability to dodge then the fatality rate would be close to zero.”

Zephyr rubbed the bruise on his face, and suddenly grinned before he spoke, “Congratulations, Rowen, you are going to succeed!”


Rowen was taken aback and looked down at his hands. On that side, he found that there was indeed a strange energy enveloping his entire fist. 

Since Armament Haki is the power of the flesh, Rowen’s physical strength would allow him to call a Monster. Once he was Awakened, the energy almost enveloped half of his arm.

“This is!!!”

Boom… Boom!!

Zephyr rushed forward while throwing away his right foot like a Cannon Shell, kicking Rowen away.

“This is only the Initial Form, you can’t even use it to counter someone’s fart, what are you proud of?!”

With wide openness and vigor, Zephyr’s fighting style is exaggerated and gorgeous, and many danger is accompanied by its delicateness. 

The continuous beating did not come to an end until the sky was completely dark and Zephyr’s face was red with exhaustion. After he finished his fight, Zephyr made a pot of tea and he enjoyed himself for some time.

Neither of them was interested in wasting time going back and forth between the training ground and their rooms, so they set up a tent here to live, their food and water were delivered by their own person.

Smelling the fragrance of the boiling Meat Block, Zephyr took a sip of his tea and looked at Rowen who was standing on the Coast, concentrating on something. 

He smiled disdainfully before he said: “Huh! You have just Awakened the Initial form of using Armament Haki and now you want to release and integrated that into Deep Peaks. Who the hell do you think you are?”

Although Rowen has mastered the Six King Guns which is a prerequisite of learning Deep Peaks’, the integration of Armament Haki has been a challenge for Marine’s ancestors for two hundred years and it continues to remain a challenge even now. 

It wouldn’t be easy for Rowen to learn this move even if Zephyr told Rowen where the key points are.

But after speaking, Zephyr shut up sensibly.

After all, three months ago, his goal for Rowen was to learn Life Return (Seimei Kikan) in three months and then help him develop his Devil Fruit Abilities in the remaining three months.

Only three months have passed now, and the actual situation is full of bitter tears for Zephyr as Rowen’s progress was beyond his imagination!

Zephyr has already determined that he would at most be able to teach Rowen for another year before he had nothing more to teach him. Rowen’s Sensei apart from his status would have no possibility to help his disciple.

It’s sad to even think about it.

Having trained such a disciple, Zephyr doesn’t know if he should count it as fortunate or if he should call it an unfortunate accident.

Rowen ignored Zephyr’s ridicule and started to gather the thunder and lightning in his hands.

Bang Rumble!!

Suddenly, the silver snakes danced wildly in the night, and the thunder snakes spread across the vast dark clouds. Under Zephyr’s gaze, the sky in front of the sea suddenly cleaved with the Thunder Pillar.

Boom… Kā Chā!!

Zephyr was stunned and he didn’t even care about the tea dripping on his pants in his shock. What he was so shocked was not the power of the Thunder Pillar, but the distance that Thunder Pillar had appeared!

It must be Fifty Kilometers from where Rowen was standing!!

It is almost the ultimate distance that can be seen from naked eyes!!

If it weren’t for the dim sky that made the light even more obvious, even Zephyr would not be able to judge the distance through his eyes!

“The limit distance really has something to do with my heart, it’s almost like that…”

Rowen turned around and he helped Zephyr to hold the teapot, and then picked up a piece of meat from the hot soup pot and chewed it before sneering, “I’m not stupid!”

Zephyr immediately understood the meaning behind those words and he realized that Rowen was asking him:

‘Are you stupid?!’

Although it would make Zephyr sad and angry, to be honest, and Rowen would definatly be beaten up at the same time. 

But Rowen still wants to say that whether he can master the big killer “Military Wrist Deep Peaks” is of little significance to his own strength improvement. 

On the contrary, Life Return (Seimei Kikan) and Armament Haki can make him change the qualitative properties of his attacks!

The opponents that can be solved by him with the current methods would not require him to use the Deep Peaks, and the opponents that cannot be solved using Deep Peaks can’t be beaten by him.

One doesn’t need to look at Zephyr’s ability to seal his dodge space with a punch as something that everyone can do. After all, this thing is just like the Six King Guns, which gathers all the strength in the body to fight and to find the dodge direction. 

There is only one chance and you can’t control the direction after the attack. Only a monster with strong control like Zephyr can threaten someone like Rowen with his years of accumulated combat experience. 

Otherwise, Rowen promises that even if he learns Deep Peaks, he won’t be able to fight the other people if they are all similar to Zephyr!


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