OPTM-Chapter 126 3 Months Later Part 1

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About the discussion the higher up of the Marines had about the Fruit of Potential, from beginning to end, only Rowen was kept in the dark.

Because he didn’t notice the abnormality of his body at all, it took him a month to master the Life Return (Seimei Kikan), and then another month to learn the Six King Guns. 

Now he has reached the threshold of integrating the Armament Haki in his moves and it has become possible for Rowen to immediately master the Initial Form of Armament Haki!

Zephyr was secretly surprised by this and he cursed Garp several times in his heart. Didn’t he say that it would be good if someone managed to learn it in a year?

Are you kidding me right now?!

He took out all the moves at the bottom and Rowen trained them all to the point where he could use them however he wants in a fight. 

And considering that Rowen’s strength development should not be as perverted as before as he did not have the help of Fruit of Potential now, so it should have taken him more time to adapt to the existing skills that he would be training. 

Sengoku also granted Rowen a half-year holiday out of such considerations.

After all, Rowen would suddenly find that he had changed from being a genius to a mortal so he had to consider Rowen’s psychological acceptance of that fact.

They have done all the preparations, but the result was still out of their imagination…

Marineford, in the abandoned Drilling Square, two figures are fighting against each other without giving any quarters to each other.


Rowen didn’t show his Overload Form at this time, but his bare feet and toes slammed into the floor in a domineering posture as he resisted the whip kick from Zephyr. 

The heavy pressure coming from the kick caused Rowen to bleed from the corners of his mouth, and the bones in his body trembled, and then he screamed and threw Zephyr’s body out.

Da Da……

Zephyr, who was ejected back like a bullet, turned over in the air before he landed and he tapped the ground dexterously, avoiding the ending of being severely injured.

“You are getting stronger, but your skills aren’t good enough!”

Zephyr sneered as he got up on the spot before he again threw his legs out like a whip.


Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) Cross-Cut!

Buzz! Buzz! 

Two light blue air blades emerged out of thin air, wrapped in a strange energy, making a solemn expression appear on Rowen’s face.


Bang Long!!

The Cross Blade attack cut a stone into four pieces and then flew out for an unknown distance before disappearing from the view. 

Rowen shunned the sharp edge, and appeared behind Zephyr in the next moment, with his fist raised flat and aimed at the back of Zephyr.

Rokushiki Esoterics· Six King Guns!!

“Too slow! Six King Guns is a powerful move but it is useless if you need time to activate it!”

At the critical moment, Zephyr turned around and shook his arm before his prosthesis got wrapped in a thick Armament Haki, and he directly hit Rowen’s fist. 

After hearing the sound of “KāChā”, Rowen’s right fist twisted together against itself in a weird posture, and the bone in his hand broke through the pink muscles and was exposed to the air. His wrist was completely broken by Zephyr’s counter-attack!!

Zephyr can also fight with Rowen without thinking about keeping his hands or holding anything back as it is almost impossible for him to kill Rowen. To be honest, it’s not so easy to kill Rowen if he doesn’t want to.

Rowen grinned despite being in pain, however, Zephyr didn’t show any mercy as he kicked out with his foot in the next second.


At this moment, Rowen’s left hand slammed into the ground and his arm muscles began to bulge out, and his biceps also got bloated with a large diameter!

This state would have never occurred under normal circumstances. This had only happened after Rowen mastered Life Return (Seimei Kikan), he is now mobilizing the muscles in his body to make his arm stronger than it is!

One foot and one arm crashed against each other, and Rowen blocked Zephyr from kicking his heart at the cost of the same fracture in his left hand. 

Then Rowen took this opportunity to punch Zephyr in the face with his right hand which had somehow healed in such a short period of time!

Zephyr, who was caught off guard, suffered a small loss, and Rowen took advantage of this to get away from him while gasping for breath.

“This is terrifying! Is this the true power of Zephyr Sensei?!”

There are no extra skills or any wasted moment in his moves and Zephyr only used pure skills and power to put Rowen in his current state.

Every single one of his moves and every style was mediocre, but it has the terrifying power as heavy as a mountain behind it and even if Rowen uses Tekkai (Iron Body), he couldn’t defend against Zephyr’s attacks!

Rowen used to think he was strong enough after he trained in the Life Return ability and he used a fight against the old Zephyr to confirm himself of that fact. 

But now he understood how wrong he was in his thoughts. At that time when he had fought against Zephyr, Zephyr was just playing with him, and he didn’t use his true power at all!

Zephyr, who hasn’t been defeated by his injuries and asthma, still stood on top of the Sea six years ago! Every time someone fights against Zephyr then they must be ready to die!

But Rowen is not scared because of this and he is instead a little eager for it…

His strength is rapidly increasing at an incomprehensible speed as he trained with Zephyr!

And not only that, he was further Awakening his Armament Haki, Zephyr used combat training for him for this purpose and to give him some fighting experience. 

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