OPTM-Chapter 125 Guest Part 2

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For hundreds of years, countless pirates have loved and hated the Marines who had learned the Rokushiki techniques. 

There have been many assassinations, kidnappings, stealing, and the Rokushiki Skills have spread out everywhere in the sea and any influential person would be able to buy them as long as they have some form of prestige. 

But why is it that only Marines have masters Life Return (Seimei Kikan) even when other forces in the world have learned the other Six Rokushiki Techniques?

Do pirates disdain to learn it?

That is a colossus joke!

No one would refuse any form of upgrade in their Power, let alone pirates who would do anything possible to become more powerful!

The real reason why the Pirates and the other forces couldn’t learn it is because Seimei Kikan (Life Return ) is the seventh trick in Marine Rokushiki!

It is this seventh trick that allows Rokushiki to blend together and it also activates the incredible potential in one’s body, and develops Life Return (Seimei Kikan)!

“Life Return (Seimei Kikan) is the seventh trick. It is not a skill that someone can master after learning all six Rokushiki Techniques, but it is a brand new ability!”

Zephyr answered Rowen’s doubts.

In the month of March, Marine Headquarters.

Sengoku got up early and came to the office because someone informed him that Tsuru was back. With Rowen’s potential at stake, Sengoku sent the only woman who knew about it that year.

Rowen’s current influence is really big for his current position. For him, Garp personally arrived at Pucci after a long journey. 

Sengoku allowed him to take a half-year holiday to train the potency and efficacy of his Devil Fruit. 

Zephyr put down his General Instructor identity to personally teach him. 

Tsuru also took the risk and set off to Sky Island to look for the mysterious Fruit of Potential.

The entire Marine Headquarters Core Members all moved because of his presence, and Rowen’s influence was evident from this.

“How is it going?”

Sengoku entered the office and closed the door, he did not talk nonsense, and he directly spoke and put emphasis on the main subject.

Tsuru calmly looked at him and shook her head.

Sengoku looked tense for a moment before asking, “How serious is it?!”

“I don’t know… I just found out that Rowen’s story about living in the Sky Island for a few years is fake. He suddenly appeared there and he suddenly snatched the Rumble-Rumble Fruit from a shrine, and then he suddenly disappeared. It was right at the time when Garp found him halfway through his journey.”

After sitting down, Tsuru replied with a serious expression on her face: “In addition, the King and his family lost their strongest means of ruling Birka because Rowen ate all the Fruit of Potential. Six months ago, a Noble named Rudar Fendis rebelled and detonated some kind of Ancient Device at the core area of Birka and he died at the same time as the King and his family did. Birka has been completely destroyed, and past history has disappeared. I heard these small pieces of intelligence from the homeless people of Birka on Angel Island which is three days away from Birka.”

Even without Enel, Birka didn’t avoid the ending that it had received in the Orignal works. It still got destroyed even if the means were different from the original.

“Huh… the Birka Island disappeared?!”

Sengoku was shocked when he heard this news. The birdman they had previously rescued was from Birka. He had stolen the Fruit of Potential controlled by King and was chased and accidentally dropped into the Blue Sea. 

At that time, the birdman told them that they would be able to find this kind of fruit in the Sky Island Birka, where there are countless Fruit of Potential, but they are all controlled by the King.

At that time, the Fleet Admiral Kong had ignored it because even if Garp became their strongest member because of this so-called Fruit Of Potential, it would be counterproductive if they went to find it. 

Because he knows exactly how greedy and corrupt the World Government is, and if this kind of thing is exposed then the whole world will not remain peaceful!

Now it is another Marine rookie who has eaten the Fruit of Potential and is releasing its dazzling brilliance. 

Sengoku realized that it was impossible not to consider it, especially when a Shichibukai falls and the situation is becoming more and more complicated for the Marines.

However, Tsuru had now told him that Birka… is gone?

“Yes, that Ancient Device Legend was the original source of the Fruit of Potential. Fendis wanted to snatch it, but King couldn’t allow him to do so. In the end, the fighting machine detonated and the entire Birka was blown to ashes.”

Tsuru rubbed her eyebrows. If it hadn’t been for this trip, she wouldn’t have thought that there would be such a bloody dispute in the Sky Island that is situated above the Sea.

In this Pirate Era, there is no peace everywhere.


No one could tell whether Sengoku was disappointed or happy from the expressions on his face… 

Now that the Marines have Pacifista, and with the Thunder and Lightning Stimulation Device, it wouldn’t be a loss to the Marines even if they lose the Fruit of Potential… Right?

‘When did I become such an ambitious old man?’ Sengoku thought with a wry smile on his face.

Before long, Sengoku waved his hand and said: “Well, if it’s gone, then it’s gone, it’s  doesn’t matter anymore.”

The big deal is that Rowen must have been an average person but he has the heart of a strong man. Even without that kind of fruit help, it would only be a matter of time before he grows up and become someone powerful.

However, Tsuru suddenly said, “As for Rowen, I don’t think things are so pessimistic.”


“You can come in…”

Tsuru said loudly, and several people in weird costumes walked in. They have men and women, old and young, but the most striking thing is that they all have a pair of white delicate and lifelike wings on their backs.

The first person who walked into the office wore Knight Armor, but he was thin and very old.

“Hello, Marine Fleet Admiral, Sengoku-San!”

The old man slightly nodded to Sengoku and then said: “I am known as the Angel Island God, my name is Gan Fall.”

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