OPTM-Chapter 125 Guest Part 1

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Admiral Level Powerhouses are the peak power of the Marines so it is normal for them to have a sure killing move.

It would be impossible for them to not have one and some of them can have many such moves.

Although Garp and Zephyr are both strong in their physical skills, they have different ideas concerning their attacks. Garp thinks that it is enough for him to have a pair of strong fists. 

If there is a problem then he would just solve it in one punch! If one punch is not enough then he would punch a second time, and if even two punches are not enough then he would punch ten times or one hundred times. 

With a fist that never flinches, all the enemies will be killed and that is also the reason why Garp is known as the “Iron Fist” of the Marines!

Zephyr has a strong talent in Armament Haki and his talent is even better than Garp, and he pays more attention to the control of his power. “Black Arm” is not only just a nickname for Zephyr but it is also a name that any of his enemies fear.

His terrible success in power control is proved by the pair of Black Arms!

“Iron Fist” and “Black Arm” are both symbols. The former represents Garp’s indestructible fist and the latter is the best expression for Zephyr. 

So where Garp is all about brute power, Zephyr has his real killer move to defeat any enemy, the ‘Military Wrist· Deep Peaks’ is a strong move that is hard to defend against!

This is a move that Zephyr created using his unique control over the power to integrate Armament Haki and Rokushiki Esoterics Life Return (Seimei Kikan) into one. This move mobilizes all the power in one body and strikes out an extinct killer move!

‘Military Wrist· Deep Peaks’ is a move strong enough to vaporize an entire Mountain in a single moment and the trees and stones on the mountain would all look like wailing and screaming souls!

“‘Military Wrist· Deep Peaks’ was originally just a shock wave skill used in conjunction with Life Return (Seimei Kikan). It was created by an old Marine two hundred years ago. At that time, he remembered it being called Six Kings Guns…”

It was the night when Zephyr was sitting in front of the campfire and told Rowen about many things.

“The ‘Deep Peaks’ back then was not perfect. When mobilizing the whole body’s strength, the body was stiff, and at the same time, it was unable to be integrated into Armament Haki. It was so powerful but it was not very practical. 

However, the seniors saw the possibility of integrating this move into Armament Haki and left their own creations. I hope that future generations will be able to do it, so before me, Deep Peaks, or Six Kings Guns, was just a more powerful general move.”

“The Fleet Admiral of that time saw that I have a strong control over my power, so he taught it to me. It took me decades to completely fuse it with Armament Haki, which then formed into my unique Military Wrist, and it was also from this where my nickname ‘Black Arm’ originated from… Then, I discovered that it is more than that…”

Speaking of this, Zephyr smiled with a look of expectation on his face.

“The key points of ‘Deep Peaks’ represent Fusion, not pure destruction. I found the key points of Fusion and tried to teach them to Aokiji and Akainu. Although they failed to learn, it did give their attacks a bit of extra power and they were also able to mix a little of their Devil Fruit power in it.”

“So Rowen, as long as you can control it, maybe you can use the power of Thunder and Lightning together to make it even stronger!”

Rowen was eager to learn after he heard it, and he couldn’t wait to ask: “Are you talking about Admiral Aokiji’s attack, Raving Pheasant Beak, and Admiral Akainu’s attack, Meigō (Hellhound)?”


Zephyr nodded and spoke with a proud smile on his old face: “Although they couldn’t fully learn ‘Deep Peaks’, but the two of them have developed their own attacks with their own Devil Fruit Power. There are many other Logia Devil Fruit Ability Users in the Sea but no other Logia Ability User would be able to stop their attacks if they both rely on Deep Peaks!”

Listen, the history of Deep Peaks can be traced back to the history of Marines from two hundred years ago. 

Rob Lucci Rokushiki Esoterics · Rokuōgan(Six King Guns) are nothing more than the ability to mobilize the whole body power in releasing ordinary punches after mastering Life Return (Seimei Kikan). 

The shock wave produced by the attacks is nothing but the foundation of Deep Peaks!

Admiral Aokiji and Akainu move, Raving Pheasant Beak, and Meigō (Hellhound) are just derivative applications of Deep Peaks!

Only “Deep Peaks” is the true pinnacle of skill!!

Through the fusion of various forces, the destructive power of destroying all things would burst out! At the same time, the stronger the individual’s strength, the stronger the power output. 

As long as the turbulent turbulence mixed with several forces is controlled then the power in one’s hand would almost be unlimited!

This is Zephyr’s real trump card and a manifestation of his recognition of Rowen.

As a Thunder-Lighting Human, what he controls at any time is the violent thunder power in his body. Coupled with his exaggerated physical talent, Zephyr thinks that Rowen is more than qualified to learn this trick.

“Military Wrist·Deep Peaks” represents the pinnacle of physical skills. Someone can be more powerful in terms of pure destructive power but he or she wouldn’t be able to surpass Deep Peaks from skills. 

This move is like a big tree, it takes solid/body as a foundation, while the open branches and loose leaves are the talents on which one can learn this move!

“Then when do we start?!”

Rowen couldn’t help asking.

“Don’t worry, you need to learn Life Return (Seimei Kikan) first, and then I will teach you slowly…”

Speaking of this, Zephyr smiled and asked: “Did you finally find that even if you have mastered all forms of Rokushiki, you still can’t even touch the threshold of Life Return (Seimei Kikan)?”

“Uh… yes? Wait… can’t it?!”

Rowen was shocked when he heard Zephyr’s words. He didn’t expect that the Marines would still be holding back some form of information on Rokushiki even after someone learns all the six moves!

But this is also right now that Rowen thinks about it.

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