OPTM-Chapter 124 Open Square Part 2

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At this time, the time was Sea Calander on January 17, 1516. It has been a full year and three months and five days since Rowen came into this world. The legendary fruit medicinal effect has ended 105 days!

The next day, Marine Headquarters, Drilling Square!

If someone passed through the Headquarters Fortress and proceeded along the road, they would arrive at a second intersection, now they would need to turn right and walk for an hour, and then they will arrive at the only clearing in the MarineFord.

This is a real open space and it is uninhabited within a few kilometers. Huge rock stones are piled up in disorder, and the moss on the surface tells the passage of time. 

The cracks in the floor of the square are covered with weeds, and from time to time, a few small animals can be seen running away in panic.

At the edge of the square, a hole-like tear is present on the ground that has eaten half of the circle, and the trail of roots on the edge proves that it has been knocked down by some powerful force!

“Rowen, You have probably heard about Golden Lion attacking the Marine Headquarters, right?”

Zephyr sighed and his mind seemed to return to the night when he was awakened by the screams: “This is the place where the Golden Lion finally fell!”

One of the Big Three Pirates from the Roger Era, the Legendary Pirate, “Golden Lion” Shiki!!

Rowen had a solemn expression on his face as he looked at the huge dilapidated square. He could vaguely hear the unwilling roar of the Golden Lion when he fell down here.

“That Battle was too tragic. Countless Marine Soldiers and Civilians were killed. Shiki was able to take action regardless of the consequences while Sengoku and Garp worked together to fight him and to save as many people as they can while doing so.”

Zephyr said and he clenched his fist with the remaining left hand: “At that time, as the Recruit Camp Chief Instructor, I retreated with the new recruits, but we were still affected by one of Golden Lion’s attacks. 

There were 1,300 people with me, but only 700 people survived!”

Rowen was silent as he heard Zephyr’s words.

The total number of Recruits in the Recruit Camp is now less than five hundred, and losing them would be a big blow to the Marines so Rowen can imagine how devasted Zephyr must be when he lost almost half of his students. 

And this is only the Recruit Camp, without counting the casualties in other places! It is conceivable how much Marine Headquarters lost in that battle!

“I don’t care what you want to do, Rowen.”

Zephyr slowly turned his head while gritting his teeth and said: “I just want to ask you one thing as your teacher, avenge your brothers and sisters who died so unjustly that day…!”

No one would talk about the word “Beg”, let alone Zephyr but he was almost pleading to Rowen at this moment.

Zephyr did not shed tears, but his eyes were filled with so much hatred that it almost poured out, and his eyes were bloodshot. 

The former Admiral “Black Arm” Zephyr was just a weak old man at this time, and he no longer had the power to avenge his disciples. 

He is always grinning and grumpy and has Garp’s demeanor, but he can no longer endure this unforgettable torture in his heart all the time.

As Sengoku had said, this is a poor man who has been changed by hatred.

After a moment of silence, Rowen spoke slowly and clearly: “Edward Weevil, calling himself Whitebeard II, attacked your ship four years ago. All of your beloved students were killed except for Ain and Binz, and your right arm was badly damaged and amputated.”

Under Zephyr’s shocked gaze, Rowen asked, “Are you going to spare him?”

“No way!”

Zephyr was taken aback and replied with a furious expression on his face.

“Leave it to me, Sensei!”

“Whether it is Shiki or Edward Weevil, I will bring their heads back and put them in front of you!!”

Rowen said seriously as he knew that if nothing else changed, Zephyr will be suspended from the position of Recruit Camp Chief Instructor next year and he will go out to the sea with his trusted students and start hunting the pirates. 

Today’s catharsis will not be the end, the hatred has completely changed the old man in front of him.

He wants to change Zephyr’s fate, as for the reason…

Why should there be a reason?

He is Zephyr’s disciple!

This is reason enough, just as it should be!

Rowen never gave in and he never had the idea of giving in to anyone, the moment he rose from his sickbed, the old Rowen was dead and the only one alive was a Monster who lived at the edge of death!

He is born strong!

And the Strong People do things because they could, they don’t need reason!

Zephyr didn’t say much as he just uttered a word with trembling lips: “Okay!”

In the next moment, Zephyr stepped forward and his left hand condensed the ultimate form of Armament Haki before he ruthlessly punched Rowen. 

Rowen’s expression condensed and he wanted to dodge the unch, but Zephyr has much experience in combat. 

The moment he punched out, he blocked all Rowen’s dodge space. Unless Rowen is willing to use Blink, it was inevitable that he would be punched!

However, the Blink ability also needs a certain amount of preparation time and this short gap was caught by Zephyr as he punched!


Violent Tremors appeared in the surroundings, however, the surrounding environment did not change at all. The stones at their feet trembled slightly, and there was no sound anymore.

The only thing that could prove the power of the punch was the cliff behind Rowen and the vast and boundless Sea which left a long oval-shaped pit that shook a huge wave for thousands of meters in the distance!!

“At my peak, even Garp, a man called ‘Iron Fist’, didn’t dare to take this move head-on! Your Thunderlight punch is powerful enough, but the method of use is too rough and complicated, and it is far from condensing power together. Only 60% of the 10 percent of the power was used in the real world by you!”

Zephyr gasped and pulled his fist, stained with flesh and blood, out of Rowen’s stomach, and then looked Rowen in the eye and said, “Your body is strong enough to learn this move, and this move is strong enough for you to use in your entire journey! Its name is ……”

Military Wrist· Deep Peaks!

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