OPTM-Chapter 129 Regret Part 2

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If the effects are superimposed on each other then the amount that Rowen has eaten would have been able to induce all that huge potential in his body at the same time. But, this thing is not a magical medicine, but a very poisonous thing!

He is not some heaven-born Genius that would rise up against the wind without suffering from any side effects!

If someone’s fist strength doubled then they would be able to punch the air and make it vibrate which would then create a sound explosion and that person would be able to do it all with his fist. 

Even someone as weak as a chicken would be able to do it if they acquire more strength in their fist!

But, the potential of the fist will only cause the fragile body to directly collapse from the strength they have gained in their fist as their bodies wouldn’t be able to handle all that power, and there will be no chance for them to perform anything.

A Fruit of Potential can only open the human body’s secret brain and body passages within one year, allowing the human body to absorb and digest various knowledge and skills three times faster than ordinary people during this period of efficacy. 

This is equivalent to opening Ren (Conception ) and Du(Governing) Meridians and allowing someone to learn everything at a very fast pace.

But if others eat a Fruit of Potential, the effect of one day’s exercise would only be equal to three, five, and ten days of training. Garp, from the beginning, was incomparable to Zephyr, but he was able to quickly grow to become invincible during this same period of time!

However, Rowen is a Monster who was not only able to grow his strength by using the Fruit of Potential, but his strength also increased due to the overload exercise formed by his Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method and Monster-like self-healing ability! 

In addition to Zephyr’s careful teaching, Rowen’s tenacious perseverance and tenacity also played a major role in his rapid increase in strength!

Rowen’s strength increase was similar to some cultivation techniques.

This is after Rowen opened his Ren (Conception) and Du (Governing) Meridians due to the Fruit of Potential. There is also Changing Muscles Scripture which is the (Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method) to cleanse the muscles and marrow, and his Nine Yang Divine Merit (Recovery Ability) or (Self-Healing Ability) Body Protection(Tekkai or Armament Haki), Nine Yin True Scripture (Psychic Ability) (taught by Zephyr)!

As a result, the effect of Rowen’s consumption of Fruit of Potential is equivalent to someone else’s Twenty days, 30 days, and 40 days of training!

This allowed him to grow from 50 Doriki to 700 Doriki and from 700 Doriki to 3000 Doriki within a month. For others, it was just a short month, but for Rowen’s body, a full year or two has passed!

After knowing this answer at the time, Sengoku couldn’t even feel something human in Rowen’s outwardly human appearance.

Was he feeling shocked?


Even if the effect of the medicine is superimposed on time instead of effect, Rowen still used his unreasonable terrifying talent to grow from a weak ordinary soldier to a strong man who can fight with strong people like Crocodile and Jino in just one year.

What an amazing thing this is!

The thought that such a Monster have already been trained by Zephyr for three months, and that it was a vacation he had given him, made Sengoku feel a pain in his heart. The final nail in the imaginary coffin is that Rowen still has a lot of time left in this vacation.

“It’s already a gigantic loss!!” Sengoku secretly thought in his heart.

In three months, except for some Supernova who wanted to cause trouble that got Marines’ attention. The Marines paid a lot to let the aftermath of Crocodile’s fall gradually subsided.

If he knew this at the time when he gave Rowen his vacation, Sengoku would have ordered Rowen to use his “Supercharged Travel” developed by him to strike at super high speed across the Sea and they would have been able to smooth out the situation for up to a month!

It is a pity that due to his misjudgment, the nuclear warhead named Rowen was hidden for three months, and the nuclear warhead will continue to be hidden for the next three months!

Sengoku’s stern eyes made Rowen shudder, who didn’t know anything about it. After thinking about it, he spoke with an embarrassing expression on his face: “Actually… if I go, I can run in three days. If Fleet Admiral…”

“Okay! That’s it!”

Sengoku didn’t want to ask Rowen, obviously, it had taken Rowen three days to return from Pucci, why would it take only three days to go to the more distant Jaya Island.

In his eyes, Rowen, who has such a Perverted cheat power, has grown to this point in three months. The decision was immediately made, and the commission was handed out to Rowen without refusal.

He listed Rowen’s “Qualifications” for promotion. The most important point is that Rowen saw through the conspiracy of “Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea)” and the fact that he defeated Crocodile and Jino and was able to arrest Crocodile.

This credit is placed in front of the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars), which proves both Rowen’s strength and merit.

Previously, killing the Hell Island Crab only made Rowen a Rear Admiral and it has been an insurance approach for the Marines to give him such rank. Now Rowen has proven himself and it is understandable for him to get promoted.

As soon as the proposal for the new Marine G-10 branch was handed in, the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) also felt that the Marines are qualified to expand its establishment and they immediately signed the 33rd Vice Admiral’s commission.

After all, it is a matter of establishment, and the Marines do not have the sole right to do that.

Rowen said as he looked at Sengoku, “Fleet Admiral you… If you are not in a hurry then I can take Dante and others along with me.”

Rowen could see that Sengoku had regretted that he had given Rowen half a year of vacation and Rowen hadn’t been out on a mission for almost three months, and he now wanted to re-mobilize him.

Rowen could speak out the few complaints he had in his heart but this is not the time nor the place.

Rowen sighed with a helpless expression on his face before he stood up and saluted: “Understood!”


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