OPTM-Chapter 117 Jailer Beast….. King? Part 1

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But at this moment, Crocodile would rather die by himself!

He was already half-dead due to the Mudflow strike as his whole body got shattered in that attack. Now his hamstrings were brutally broken by Rowen and even if these wounds can heal, he would be exhausted to death. 

And Rowen also took out one of his kidneys, so that his powers would never be able to return to the peak state, he had completely degraded to a waste.

This is truly breaking a Man’s spirit and dreams!

On a physical level!

The Pirates with Dangerous Devil Fruit Ability are locked in Impel Down, since they are not killed, why not waste their bodies so that they could never do anything?

Is there a shortage of labor in Impel Down that requires Physical Strength?

The criminals on the Sixth Floor have not been released even once after they were locked up. So why haven’t they been broken so that they could never rise again?

Rowen couldn’t figure this out, so he prepared it in advance according to his own ideas, just like marinating and seasoning fish before steaming it.

Knowing that he had become a useless person, Crocodile was more mournful at this moment, except for two coughs, there was no gleam in his eyes.

Attracted by the coughing, Rowen took a mouthful of smoke and spit it into his face with a “Poof”, then in front of Crocodile’s extremely wicked eyes, he coldly said: “Are you feeling good? How do I know that this is your true self?”

Hearing this question, Crocodile’s face flushed but then it shriveled up and he miserably laughed: “Tell Scante that asshole that he will not end well!!! I want to see Sengoku and Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars), and I want everything he’s done out in the open!

Rowen’s smoking action paused and he looked at Crocodile with a solemn expression on his face.

“Who is Scante?”

“So he didn’t tell you his true identity?”

Crocodile took a pitying look at Rowen, thinking that Scante had deceived this poor creature, and he immediately sneered: “He is the Rear Admiral of your Marine G-6 branch and the third helper I found. But he betrayed us and provided intelligence to you!”

“But damn that bastard!!! If it weren’t for him, how could I have failed so badly!!!”

Crocodile was angered and he roared to the sky regardless of his injury.

The expression on Rowen’s face became more solemn after hearing this. So there really was another guy with these two?!

But Rowen knew that there was a third enemy hiding in the dark!

Suddenly, Rowen’s Ears moved and he frowned, he used Blink and disappeared in place.

On the edge of the battlefield, a Dark Green Humanoid creature was running on the ground, advancing at an extraordinary speed.

If you look carefully, you will find that every time this creature moves, the muscles of his arms and legs are trembling with a different but eerily coordinated frequency, leaving deep indentations in place after the creature left, bursting out at a speed that is simply invisible to the naked eye.

This is the Marine Rokushiki Technique, Soru!

Soru is activated at the same time by cooperating with each other’s limbs!

Judging from the coordination and flexibility with which this creature moves, this behavior is not something deliberate, but an instinct!

“What kind of Monster is this? Is it that Rear-Admiral Scante that Crocodile told me about? Is it an Animal? Or is it a Zoan Fruit Ability User?”

Rowen folded his arm as he frowned in thought while floating high in the air. 

After Crocodile spoke about Scante’s identity, Rowen’s Observation Haki immediately noticed that a creature had appeared on the edge of his perception, so he came here while using Blink to check out the situation.

The creature in front of him surprised Rowen a bit as this is a powerful enemy!

This creature was so powerful that when Rowen had just taken a look at him, his mind conjured up images of his own death torn apart by those sharp claws! 

There has been only one creature that gave him this sense of crisis and it was on the Hell Island, the White Snake that could use Haki. And what surprised him was that this thing was neither a beast nor a human being. 

The body of this creature was mottled and messy, and it looked like dough that was forcibly twisted together.

“But this look, I seem to have seen it somewhere…”

At this moment, the Humanoid creature, which was constantly flickering and moving on the ground, suddenly stopped and raised its head. Using a pair of pale purple vertical pupils, it fixedly stared at Rowen above his head.

He…or rather it has a dark ink-like green scale armor, which wraps all the streamlined muscles that were filled with explosive power, defensive power, and flexibility. 

This creature was wearing a pair of tattered leather shorts on his lower body, with sharp claws on his hands and feet. Rowen had no doubt that these claws could tear the steel apart. 

There was no hair on the head of this creature and it is also wrapped in scale armor. The creature’s skull drew an arc backward reaching parallel to the spine, and its mouth occasionally spat out a forked snake-like tongue, probing the air for scent.

After confirming that Rowen was the enemy, it exploded with the brutal power of a beast!

“This creature has the Aura of human and animal at the same time? Is he one of the Snake People? Or Lizard People? This is not Azeroth… Wait!”

Rowen suddenly remembered something, In Impel Down, the prison Wardens located below Lv 3 are similar creatures to the one standing in front of him, those four things seem to be called.

“Jailer Beast!!!”

Before the words fell, the Lizardmen-like Creature on the ground slammed his limbs on the ground, and instantly came to the sky.

Marine Rokushiki, Soru!

“Enemy… Die!!”

The four limbs of the Lizardmen-like Creature burst out at the same time with Soru and not only did they not interfere with each other but they also doubled the speed of the Lizardmen-like Creature! 

Its voice was hoarse and dry, it was like something was rubbing against glass.

As Rowen felt shocked, the creature quickly came behind him, and it also wrapped its claw with Armament Haki, and the creature fiercely thrust that claw towards the back of Rowen’s head.

Marine Rokushiki, Shigan (Finger Gun)!

Once this attack hits the head, his head will burst open like a water balloon!

“If the creatures in the Impel Down are called the Jailer Beasts then what is this one? Jailer Beast King?!!!”

Rowen was still freely thinking about this creature, and in the next second, the claw hit his head.


However, the Lizardmen-like Creature’s Sharp Claw floated directly from Rowen’s head, blasting the air and creating a sound of an explosion, this attacking speed was a speed exceeding the speed of sound! 

But Rowen’s figure was only an afterimage, and Rowen, who had been prepared for a long time, had already used ‘Blink’ to get behind the Creature. 

At the same time, Thunderlight gathered in the surrounding,s and a high-voltage current condensed on Rowen’s fist.

“You’re not a man or creature of honor if you attack someone while their back was turned! Die, you bastard!”

Shoo… Kuāng Dāng!!

The sound of Iron clashing against iron sounded out and sparks were splashing in the air!

But Rowen’s fist didn’t work either…

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