OPTM-Chapter 117 Jailer Beast….. King? Part 2

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At the critical moment, the Lizardmen-like Creature’s Ass tail moved and it slammed into Rowen’s fist like a pendulum, resisting the attack! 

Rowen stepped back a few meters to stabilize his body and then he rubbed his stinging fist, he frowned as he watched the Lizardmen-like Creature being shot out.

“This Creature’s Light Scale defense is so strong? It really is the Jailer Beast King!”

Rowen’s Overload·Thunderlight punch was a powerful attack and even Jino would be injured if he receives it in a head-on collision even during his Secret State, and Jino could only be able to counter Rowen’s punch by using his Sealing Ability! 

If it is an ordinary steel scale, Rowen is confident to punch through it without any problem!


Suddenly, the Lizardmen-like Creature who had flown out by several tens of meters stepped on his feet in the air and then a circle of smoke burst from those Air-Steps as it stopped in the air.

Marine Rokushiki, Geppō (Moonwalk)!

“Shigan (Finger Gun), Geppō (Moonwalk), Soru… This is the worst, I am afraid that this Creature has even mastered the Life Return (Seimei Kikan)! This is getting a bit tricky!”

Rowen has determined that the enemy is related to Scante at this moment. Rokushiki is a top-secret Technique of the Marines. 

Although some of them have been leaked out and are available in the Black Market but no one should have more than one of these techniques with them and they wouldn’t dare to show it in front of the Marines. 

But this Creature has already shown three Rokushiki techniques one after another. It would be difficult to find another person or creature who would be able to do this outside the Marines.

Life Return (Seimei Kikan) allows the Master to control every cell in the body, and even serious injuries can be temporarily shielded. 

According to what Zephyr had told him, there was once a Marine who had his heart pierced by the enemy’s attack and he had to transfer other parts of his muscles over to simulate the beating of his heart and he then continued to fight for several days without dying!

The Scale Armor Defense power that can resist Rowen’s Thunderlight Punch and the extremely high Armament Haki repair base…

How can it be even described as tricky!

Thinking about it, Hundred Beast Kaido has a terrifying self-healing ability similar to Rowen and they can heal their wounds in a short period of time, although it had a version that has been weakened countless times, it is shocking enough!

“The Enemy… Die!!”

The Lizardmen-like Creature seemed to be delirious, and in fact, after suspecting that it was a creature similar to the Jailer beast, Rowen had no hope of its IQ. 

With the IQ of the Jailer beast, this Beast could master Rokushiki and Haki which is already a miracle. If its IQ was the same as an ordinary person then those dumb and runny noses fools can be thrown into the sea and drown.

So Rowen didn’t have any plans to communicate with this creature, a Thunderlight burst out as a spot of light appeared on his arm, and his eyes flashed with white light.

Overload Form· 100 Million Volt!

“This state should be enough to deal with this guy!”

After that, the two stepped on Geppō (Moonwalk) at the same time and launched themselves against each other like two Cannon Shells.


A loud noise echoed in the sky, and the air was shaken out of a circle of dust, and the flames were faintly visible in the sky, giving enough light to show the two people’s efforts! 

However, this move was just an equal share, and both of them couldn’t help taking a half step back, they raised their fists again and launched them against each other!




Two figures continued to collide against each other. Dante had just brought the Soldiers from the Palace and he stopped a dozen miles away from the fight. 

He swallowed his saliva with a shocked expression on his face as he watched the fight between two figures from a distance.

“Who is that? How can he compete with Rear Admiral Rowen in terms of strength?!!!”

In Water Seven, Rowen was so strong that he used the Pirate Ships weighing more than ten tons as throwing balls! 

Dante can say in good conscience that Rowen has the greatest strength in all of the Marine Headquarters in terms of Physique, except for Momousagi, Tokikake, and Garp, whose physical strength cannot be measured.

However, the opponent seems to be on par with Rowen even with such a terrifying power!

Is that also the enemy?!

Dante secretly gritted his teeth and squeezed the hilt of his sword with his hand.

‘So what if I have awakened my Armament Haki?’

Rowen is not a waste who can do nothing without his Logia Elementalization Form. For the really strong people, Armament Haki is just a means to an end and it doesn’t get to decide who is the winner in a fight.

“Lieutenant Commander Dante, what shall we do?”

An Ensign Officer came over and he also looked carefully at the battle in the distance and asked. 

Although it is impossible to see who the enemy is, they can still recognize that Rowen is one of the two figures and a distance of a dozen miles is meaningless to him. 

Although Rowen still doesn’t have the power to easily destroy an island like Admiral, such a distance is also not very safe.

Their mission was to arrest Crocodile and they are now near the dangerous battlefield which could cause serious harm to them!

“What to do? Don’t tell me you are going to give up on the Mission!”

Dante glanced at him with a disdainful expression on his face and then he snorted under the red-eyed gaze of the other side, and said, “We are the Soldiers from Marine Headquarters! Not the gangsters of the branch! Be serious!!!”



The soldiers frantically roared and they were led by Dante into the dangerous battlefield.

The Marine Headquarters is not without its fair share of scum, and not all of them are strict with “Justice”. 

But towards the corrupt branches, they have a kind of pride that no one can understand, or the soul of the military, which belongs exclusively to the sense of the glory of Marine Headquarters “Marineford”!

To paraphrase Garp’s statement, the soldiers who go out of Headquarters, even when they are scum, oppressing the people and scraping the people’s money then they must also be the leader of wicked crimes!!

If they become a mountain thief then they must be a Big Boss at it!

If they become a Pirate at sea, then they should be good at it!

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the honor of saying that they are a soldier of the Marine Headquarters!

They can’t afford to shame the Marine Headquarters!

Although Sengoku would spray their faces with his saliva during his yelling process afterward, it does prove the pride and glory of the Marine Headquarters soldiers from the side. 

The difference in strength, the level of vision, and the special treatment of each branch of Sea, which starts from the Lieutenant and ranks three orders lower than the Headquarters rank, have jointly cast this glory!

Isn’t it just a battlefield where two strong men are competing against each other?

Wouldn’t it just cause their death if they are not careful?

What is there to fear?!

If there is a real Justice in Sea, it is not the same as portrayed by the Marine high-level Admirals. It is not in the hands of the World Government. 

It is not in the concept of the Revolutionary Army. And it does not belong to the Pirate Era initiated by Roger in the name of freedom.

Rather, in the eyes of this group of low-ranking soldiers, a single thought is burning in their chests! 

For Justice! They would catch Crocodile even if they die!!


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