OPTM-Chapter 116 Conclusion Part 2

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Buru Buru Buru…

“Mosi Mosi, Dante? I’m done here, come here and bring some Seastone handcuff with you!”

“Rear Admiral Rowen!!!”

Dante, who was sitting on the ground, heard the voice and jumped up in surprise. The surrounding soldiers and King were equally surprised and relieved to hear the words coming out of the Den-Den Mushi.

“Great! Rear Admiral Rowen won!”

Princess Kelly excitedly threw herself on King Lapnis. Although King Lapnis was the same age as Garp, Rosa, and others, he was leaning on his waist, supported entirely by a cane in his hand, and the frown on his face could catch flies in it, and he almost looked lie a dead person.

At this moment, Lapnis, who is wearing a luxurious brown base and a gold wire as a King dress, has a bluish-purple face as he was held by his but his face was full of smiles.

“Alright Kelly, your father is not in a good health, come down!”


Empress Kerry came over to pull Kelly away and rescued her husband, and then she saluted towards Dante, who was walking outside the door, and said, “Lieutenant Commander Dante, I am grateful to the Marines for helping the Lavet Island! Please allow us to hold a Banquet Celebration for Rear Admiral Rowen.”

Dante had just hung up the Den Den Mushi and looked back at the woman with an impatient expression on his face.

Because of Rowen’s activity, the Pirate United Army directly died and not even their ashes remained here. The domestic Peace-Seekers naturally had no support left, and the situation was very good for the country. 

Empress Kerry had immediately blamed Marine for killing innocent people by claiming that the King’s Army was turned into powder by Rowen in the beginning.

Her ability to change her words is quite good!!

After all, she hadn’t believed that Rowen would be able to defeat Crocodile who has been famous for many years! 

Once Rowen was killed, she would punish people after putting all the blame on them then she would go to Crocodile and tell him that the Royal Family and Marines were not involved with each other.

Now that Rowen had won, Empress Kerry immediately changed her face and made such a gesture, for fear that others would not know that Marines were on the side of the King and that Lavet Island was an Allied Kingdom Member of the World Government. 

If that happened, they wouldn’t even have the time to kneel down and beg for mercy while waiting for the gangster and the like.

To be honest, Dante was disgusted with such things, and the other party’s shamelessness refreshed his perception of the world. 

But the other party was an Allied Kingdom Member, and this matter was reasonable and courteous, and he had no legitimate reason to refuse.

So he nodded and said, “I will tell Rear Admiral about your request, but I can’t guarantee whether he will come or not.”

“As long as the Marines are willing to come then it will work.”

Empress Kerry nodded and said. It seems that it is normal for a Rear Admiral to not join the King’s Banquet. After Dante led the Marines out of the palace, the expression on Empress Kerry’s face suddenly became cold, and she softly snorted.


Pū Tōng, Pū Tōng!

A large group of Peace Faction Nobles and Ministers all knelt to the ground with tears running down their faces.

“Your Majesty, please forgive me!!”

Rowen didn’t know what happened in the palace and he didn’t want to know. Although Dante is a little weaker but he is quite smart, Rowen believes that he can handle any situation… Even if he can’t handle it, Rowen can handle everything with his fists.

He didn’t mind giving the Royal Family the charges of colluding with pirates and assassinating a Marine Rear Admiral, completely changing the Dynasty.

At this moment, Rowen was silently sitting on a Sand Dune while smoking a cigar as he waited for Dante to bring people here.

After fighting Crocodile and Jino, Rowen was reflecting on the many problems he had and some of the mistakes he had done, and he still had big drawbacks. 

The two biggest points are that, First, he does not have a move that can be used as an ultra-long-range Strike like Enel, and he is forced to face the two of them in a headlong battle.

Although he pays much attention to his physical development, he cannot deny that after eating the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, he is already a Thunder-Lighting Human. His main combat methods are Thunder and Lightning attacks. 

It should be enough as long as his physique can support the consumption of his ability. His physique should be the foundation ability, not the main Combat Ability.

Previously, if he had an Ultra Long-Range Strike, he could have simply pulled away and attacked the two dangerous thorn heads from a safe distance with a sure-kill attack! 

With Sand Crocodile’s ridiculous flying speed alone, Rowen allowed him to run ten kilometers first. And it took Two Hundred Punches to deal with Jino’s Sealing Ability, not to mention the more powerful Thunder attacks!

The Second is an obvious shortcoming, and it goes without saying that anyone can see it.

Without Armament Haki, even if he is a Top-Level Logia Ability User, his actual Combat Strength will show great drawbacks! 

Crocodile, whose physique is even better than Enel is not his enemy at all. But instead, he is repeatedly injured because he does not know how to use Armament Haki!

“Devil Fruit Ability Development, Armament Haki, Life Return (Seimei Kikan)…”

Rubbing his hair, Rowen smacked his lips and spit out a smoke ring while muttering to himself: “Tsk! It seems like there are a lot of things I need to improve upon!”

“Cough… Cough cough!!”

Crocodile discovered for the first time that the smell of second-hand smoke was so pungent. He coughed twice, which worsen his injuries and a painful sensation spread out all over his body.

The reason why Rowen didn’t kill him was that he was thinking about whether he could exchange him for some benefits. 

At any rate, Crocodile is a Shichibukai. Sengoku might spare his life due to some considerations, and his Military Merits would also be part of it.

For someone who wants to stand on the pinnacle of power and rule the world, Rowen set a small goal for himself: To become an Admiral within three years!

He doesn’t want to wait for the World’s Great Conscription to show off his abilities in the future. It is only at the end of 1516 and there are still four years for that time to come!

This is too long!

He currently has the courage to go to East Blue and tie up Ace and hand him over to the World Government without being killed by Garp. 

But there would be no Yonkō (Four Emperors) Pirate Regiment who would be willing to fight the Marine Headquarters for the son of the Pirate King who has nothing to do with them. 

Not to mention the heavy casualties on the Marines’ side, which caused Sengoku to take the blame and resign from his position, and that also triggered the duel between Akainu and Aokiji.

As for Shanks, if he had valued ​​Ace so much then he would have already given his hat to Ace. Why would he care about Luffy?

So there is no benefit if Rowen dies that and he would definatly get enmity with Garp.

So if Rowen wants to become an Admiral then he can only take one step at a time, and he would need the support of a massive amount of Military Merits.

As long as his contribution is large enough then the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) may give him the position of the Fourth Admiral!

If he didn’t have any success within three years then Rowen can only say sorry to Fujitora and Ryokugyu in his heart, because one of them would need to take a lower position as he would be taking on of the Admiral’s seat.

So, Crocodile is still alive just because of Military Merit.


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