OPTM-Chapter 116 Conclusion Part 1

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Rowen has put too much distance between him and the other two, Jino was still able to rely on his Sealed Space to contend against Rowen but it is a far cry from being pursued by Crocodile. 

Now Crocodile has just rushed towards the front battlefield and launched an attack to wrap Rowen under the terrifying power of Desertification.

Jino released part of the Impact Force to slow down his fall, and then he Sealed away his injuries with his backhand, then he immediately rushed to prevent Rowen from escaping again.

However, this time, Rowen did not choose to escape. Instead, he stopped and half-kneeled on the ground under the suspicion of the two of them, and then he inserted the huge White Bone Arm into the ground.

“Thank you for providing me with the location of the Underground water veins, Crocodile!”

A grinning smile appeared on the White Bones Ape’s face. Crocodile was puzzled at first before he spits out a mouthful of blood and slumped on the ground with a shocked expression on his face.

“You, how did you!!!”

Looking at Rowen, Crocodile’s eyes were filled with anxiety, doubt, and fear. He felt it, the Underground water flowing slowly under the earth’s veins broke free from his control at a certain moment and drew closer to Rowen.

In the underground area which no one could see, Rowen relied on the cavity left after he sucked away the water to stir his arms. The large water force was attracted by the inexplicable gravitational force and gathered at his location.

Rowen, who is a Thunder-Lighting Human, certainly can’t perceive the location of the Underground water veins. It is all because Crocodile used Ground Death-Erosion Samsara near Rowen which caused Rowen to discover the existence of the water veins in the ground!

And this power…!!

“Hey, what the hell is going on?!”

Jino yelled, 40 seconds have long since passed, and now he is activating his potential and fighting to the death at the cost of overdrafting his life. 

Crocodile’s state gave him an ominous premonition. As soon as he opened his mouth to ask this question, the ground violently shook.

This is different from the tremor that appears after the ground gets hit by a heavy blow, this is an earthquake caused by the collapse of the underground cavity!

“Gyojin Karate(Fish-Man Karate)!!!”

Crocodile screamed when he heard those words. He had been to the New World and he naturally knew what this power of water flow was.


Jino is also horrified, can a Devil Fruit Ability User even use Gyojin Karate (Fish-Man Karate)?

What is this Piss Poor joke?!

Would this guy even have the strength to move once he comes into contact with Seawater?

But what the two didn’t know was that Rowen’s moves were inherited from an old man who was willing to leave the Sea for decades for his beloved, and he didn’t need to directly touch the seawater. 

Previously, Rowen could not use this move because there was no water source around him, but now with the help of the underground water veins, he can finally use this move against his enemies.

So, under the horrified gaze of the Crocodile and Jino, Rowen abruptly stood up in the next second, and at the same time, a terrible stream of mud and sand was brought out of the ground by him.

“Gyojin Karate (Fish-Man Karate)· Wind Treading Class Technique· Mudflow!!!”


Although the name is a bit bland, it is the perfect interpretation of this attack. Rowen’s attack brought out the water from the Underground and mixed it with mud and sand. 

This was indeed Mudflow, and it was a Mud and Water Tornado that was controlled by Rowen with the help of the Wind Treading Class technique!

Although the Underground water veins are partially absorbed by Crocodile, how amazing is the power of nature?

The amount of water left in the underground veins is still spectacular!

Driven by Rowen’s huge size, this Mudflow violently spread for kilometers, and following the huge hand’s movement, this Mudflow slowly drifting around Rowen. The calm sky suddenly rolled into a strong wind, and the sky was covered with dark clouds!

Immediately, Rowen took a step forward and pushed his hands out.

“Let me see if you can stop the power of nature!!”

Bang Rumble!!

The muddy water rolled, and the huge Mudflow spread out like a collapsed sky, smashing down towards the two of them!

The huge impact would smash against them and the mixed water inside the Mudflow would wet Crocodile’s body, causing him to lose his Elementalization Form. 

Once Crocodile loses his Elementalization Form, Rowen can instantly kill him with his speed advantage. After Crocodile’s death, Jino’s fate can also be foreseen!

“Why are you still stunned! Stop it!!”

Under normal circumstances, the trajectory of the speed of the attack flight is far beyond the limit speed of the human body. This is the truth and it can be placed anywhere in this sea. 

There are countless Strong People in the Sea but no one is able to run side by side with the Sword Energy attack of Mihawk, right? 

Therefore, Jino and Crocodile are no exceptions to this rule, facing the Mud and Water Tornado, they can only resist it head-on.

There are naturally two exceptions to this rule though, perhaps Kizaru and Rowen would be able to outrun Mihawk’s Sword Attack as they are invincible in terms of speed.

“Great Waterfall of the Desert!!”


Bang… Bang Rumbling!!

Both of them struck at the same time, and Jino released all the impact power stored in the Sealing Space, trying to break up the Mud and Water Tornado. 

At this time, he didn’t even care about his own life force and he used everything available to him in front of the terrifying Mudflow, as long as Crocodile got wet even by a little water then both of them would be finished here!

Crocodile summons the Great Waterfall of the Desert while dodging the Mud and Water Tornado, sucking the water away from Mudflow that passes through the Desert waterfall.

However, at this time, the two seemed to have forgotten the existence of Rowen.

Zī Zī Zī Zī!!

There was a sound of electricity behind him, and Jino’s eyes widened as he could perceive death approaching him through his Observation Haki! However, before he could turn around to Seal off the approaching attack, a thunder and lightning blade burst out of his chest.


“Wū Wa!!”

Jino vomited out a large pool of blood, and Rowen’s light voice came in his ears: “You shouldn’t have become too confident in your Devil Fruit Ability, Jino. If you have chosen to escape the first time then I really wouldn’t be able to do anything to you.”

Rowen smiled faintly. The speed of Thunder-Lighting Human is still amazing. It is worthwhile for him to disarm the Violent Ape of Hell Form and use Blink to land a killing blow to Jino.

“Oh, yes… My Observation Haki’s Cover Range is around some kilometers. So you wouldn’t be able to escape even if you want to at this time.”

Immediately, his arm was energized, and the Thunderlight Blade exploded. Crocodile, who was too late to evade, was instantly stained with blood, water, and flesh, and then, the Mudflow screamed and buried him in it.

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