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Facing the devastating thunder with a diameter of more than 10 meters, Jino inevitably swallowed his saliva with a nervous expression on his face, but he had to do this, or both of them would die here. 

His open hand exploded with his Strongest Sealing Ability and it soon came into close contact with Rowen’s Thunder attack.

Zī Zī Zī Zī… Boom!!

Thunderlight slammed into the palm of his hand and it was as if the Thunder attack had hit the unshakable Seastone and the entire attack seemed to have hit a wall and stopped all at once. 

The muscles in both of Jino’s hands doubled and the blood vessels protruded, making his arms look weird and hideous. He firmly stepped his feet into the ground and yelled, “Give in… Come on!!!”


An inexplicable suction force suddenly emerged, and the Thunderlight seemed to be pulled out of the plugged sink sewage, it swirled and was absorbed by Jino, and soon disappeared. 

Crocodile continued to launch his Ground Death-Erosion Samsara from behind him. Rowen frowned as he thought of the scene just now, and he immediately backed away.

Sure enough, after absorbing the lightning, Jino released all the lightning and desertification with a backhand push. 

First, the yellow sand was crystallized and burst out, and then the crystallized yellow sand was peeled off and decomposed at a rapid rate. The scene was quite shocking!

Jino knew that Rowen would be able to get out of the way, after all, the speed of Thunder-Lighting Human was not just for show. But doing this will interfere with Rowen’s operations and buy some time for Crocodile.

Both sides are now stealing time and life from each other.

Rowen can already feel the moisture disappearing from his body, Crocodile’s Ground Death – Erosion Samsara is powerful and doesn’t need to be released through contact like Jino’s attack. 

If this continues, In another ten seconds or so, he will die from being completely drained of moisture!

“This is the end, Rowen! I admit that you are very strong, but your life will end here!”

Jino gritted his teeth and he continued to maintain his current state, blocking in front of Crocodile. 

Rowen’s strength left him with lingering fears, that unrelenting power, speed, destructive power, as well as the control and keen perception of the battlefield caused him to remember the fight he had with Shanks and he had an illusion that he was once again fighting Shanks!

He naturally knew that Rowen was not as powerful as Yonkō (Four Emperors) Shanks and Sengoku, but the pressure and fear that Rowen caused him awakened those horrible memories.

Jino chooses the safest way when he saw that Rowen was stepping back.

He doesn’t need to be greedy, it would be enough as long as he can guarantee Crocodile’s safety and allows him to attack Rowen.

This is a dead-end!

It is impossible for Rowen to break through Jino’s defense in such a short period of time.

Rowen will undoubtedly die if they are given a little more time!

“End my life? That’s not going to happen!!”

Suddenly, Rowen sneered and he squatted on the ground with his knees bent forward, he then suddenly exerted some force on his foot and it was as if he was going to attack… and then he turned around and ran away!


By the time the explosion sounded, he had already stepped out of a bursting sinkhole in the Desert, and the huge size of White Bone Great Ape broke out at an unimaginable speed, pulling away hundreds of meters in an instant.

Jino and Crocodile were stunned at the same time, and then the latter cursed: “No, he wants to escape! Don’t protect me, stop him, you must stop him!

His strongest attack, Ground Death-Erosion Samsara only covers a range of One Thousand Meters, which is nothing in front of the speed of the Thunder-Lighting Human.

If Rowen is allowed to run away from Crocodile’s attack using his Thunder-Lighting Human body then Jino alone would not be able to kill him. Crocodile and Jino could imagine the outcome once Rowen escapes. 

Jino also understood this point and he put his hands forward to decisively pull the seal off the space in front of them and turn his eyes towards Rowen who had already run away several kilometers while they were talking. 

However, at this moment, Rowen suddenly turned and punched, and Jino took no time to use the ability of Seal-Seal Fruit to absorb the impact of the punch.

“Did you really think that I won’t guard against your sneak attack?”

As the King of the Assassination World, Jino would not make the small mistake of chasing after a powerful figure. Having been a pawn once, he wouldn’t do it again!

“Oh? Who told you this was a sneak attack!”

But Rowen sneered and continued to punch. Jino was not willing to be outdone as he kept his hands in front of him and used his Sealing ability to absorb the impacts, he also used the speed and strength of his secret state to fight Rowen on equal ground.

The picture suddenly changed to the Jojo style martial Arts fight where the characters speak like “Ora Ora Ora Ora!” and “Muda Muda Muda Muda” while fighting against each other”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A thunderous sound echoed in the sky, and Rowen’s speed under the Violent Ape of Hell Form was quite terrifying. Except for the active Elementalization, this form retained all its own characteristics. 

Jino absorbed the impacts from the fast and rapid punches while Rowen began to hit Jino at an even faster pace. There were bursts of explosions in the air with each punch, showing the strength behind it!

However, at this moment, Jino suddenly vomited out a pool of blood, and his fists slowed down a beat.

Rowen took this opportunity to slam his foot on the ground as he twisted his waist and a powerful force came from the heel to his fist, he pulled back his fist to its utmost limit and he punched Jino with every ounce of power in his body.



The force that couldn’t be sealed away instantly crushed every part of Jino’s body, sending him flying backward while spitting blood from his mouth.

“Sure enough, your Sealing Ability is limited!”

Rowen sneered and his eyes filled with a frightening glint of wisdom! His control of the battlefield and his talent in it was so terrifying that he could make a veteran Officer like Shuzo suffer when he was nothing more than a weak rookie!

“You… How the hell did…!!”

Jino didn’t expect Rowen to see through this at all. He punched Rowen confidently, and  it was already too late by the time he discovered that something was wrong

“Crocodile, hurry up!!”

With blood bursting out of his body, Jino had no choice but to urge the flying Crocodile to move fast.

His Sealing Ability is indeed not infinite and there is a limit to it. 

After eating the Seal-Seal Fruit, a mysterious place similar to the Sealed Space began to communicate with his soul, ignoring all rules and power gaps between Jino and his opponent, and everything can be sealed in the sealing space.

However, this Sealing Space is limited and fixed, and will not grow larger with the Devil Fruit Development. 

Jino has worked hard for so many years, and the Sealing Space has only allowed him to change from absorbing material objects to conceptualizing existence. 

The size of this space only allowed him to seal Shanks Sword Attack and Sengoku’s Shockwave attack once. Otherwise, why would he have run away if he could infinitely seal all of their attacks and use those same attacks against them?

Now he has sealed Rowen’s consecutive attacks and the pressure and impact force brought by a hundred heavy punches gradually filled up the Sealing Space and Jino lost his ability to seal when the space became full. 

Then Rowen seized the opportunity and sent an explosive punch with all his strength, almost killing Jino on the spot!

“I know!!”

Ground Death- Erosion Samsara!


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