OPTM-Chapter 114 Special Paramecia Part 2

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But in the face of the White Bone Giant Ape whose size had been magnified by a hundred times, the fist that was able to touch the sealed vitality could now only touch penny size body part in his current size.

This time Jino’s fist and Rowen’s body also showed the strange red mist intertwined together, but Rowen could do nothing against that and he also didn’t have any problem because of that. 

Unlike Enel’s Thunder God Form which simply covers the body with thunder and lightning, the Overload Form, which is generated by flooding the body with high-voltage electricity, has dispersed Rowen’s life force or vitality from within to the extreme! 

The area sealed away by Jino is not even as large as a piece of a nail!

It only took Rowen one hit to discover this which clearly displayed Rowen’s monsterous talent in combat!

“This Monster!!!”

Jino was frightened and angry, and he secretly cursed Rowen in his heart, knowing that his best move would no longer work on him. 

He had never encountered such a situation where he had been seen through just after meeting, and a trace of nervousness arose in his heart.

Facing the two people who were surprised and uncertain, Rowen did not hesitate, he clenched his fists and ruthlessly attacked Jino!

This is the most dangerous enemy and he must be solved first!

Boom… Boom!!

One punch fell to the ground and it caused the ground in the vicinity to fell apart before it even landed!!

The fist causes a sharp scream, and after landing, the soil on the ground surged outwards like a rolling sea, turning the ground all over!

However, such a terrifying attack did not achieve very good results. Jino’s eyes were round and his body was deeply plunged into the ground, but his hands were held high in front of him and he resisted Rowen’s terrifying attack with a powerful posture!

Jino is worthy of his former reputation as he resisted Rowen’s terrifying attack just by relying on the power brought by his explosive vitality. 

“Crocodile, don’t worry about me, hurry up!!!”


Crocodile knew that now it was the race against time, and he didn’t have time to care about whether Jino was accidentally injured or not. 

He decisively pressed his hands on the ground and a layer of invisible ripples spread out, and the air suddenly became extremely dry. 

It is not the dryness after lightning electrolysis, but the burning that makes people feel exuberant when all the water had disappeared from the air!

Ground Death-Erosion Samsara!!

In an instant, the ground quickly deserted and countless pieces of soil gravel decomposed into yellow sand, and the earth became dry and decayed. Only a soft sound of “KāChā” was heard, and a rift valley appeared on the plain. 

The sound of turbulent water coming from the Underground could be faintly heard, but soon this sound evolved into the unique cooing sound that is heard when a water bottle is sucked dry by a straw.

Even the ground has become like this, and Rowen, who is the main target of the attack, is feeling even more uncomfortable.

The Violent Ape of Hell Form magnified Rowen’s body by a hundred times, dissolving Jino’s terrible Life Seal method but he now also needs to completely withstand 100% of the effects of Ground Death-Erosion Samsara. 

Faced with the attack that covered the entire body of the Giant Ape, layers upon layers of lightning peeled off from the Giant Ape’s Bones and the large body quickly became small and Rowen was almost unable to support his Form.

The most dangerous enemy for Rowen at this time is no longer Jino, but Crocodile!

Rowen decisively put away his fists and he turned around, and swept his legs, trying to break Crocodile and preventing him from continuing to use his abilities. 

However, Jino suddenly disappeared out of thin air from his location and appeared in front of Rowen’s legs the next moment, facing the huge White Bone Leg that swept over to him, there was no fear on his face and his hands were flat and palms were facing out as he roared: “Taste your own Fist! You F*cking Monster!!”

“This is?!!”

Rowen’s pupils shrank as he felt thunder and lightning in the palm of his hands.

Sure enough, the next second.

Zī Zī Zī Zī… Bang!!

A terrifying shock that was compressed to the extreme erupted from Jino’s palm. That power came from Rowen’s fist!

At the same time, his flashing movement skill just now was the ‘Blink’ formed by sealing the space in front of him. At this moment, it burst out, and space suddenly expanded and caused a shock. 

What’s more terrifying is that Jino asked Crocodile not to take into account his use of Desertification attacks, because he was able to seal the power of Desertification.

At this time, this Fusion Move has three powers, including the Desertification that Rowen is most afraid of!

Rowen’s sight was flooded with white light, and the power of the explosion almost shattered the bones of his body. 

The terrifying Sand instantly corroded his legs into yellow sand, which was scattered in the gust of wind. The feeling of being hit by himself made Rowen jump back to avoid the attack.

But when he landed, the leg bones that had been sanded had grown back, allowing Rowen to land steadily. As long as his vitality is not sealed off, Rowen’s Self-Healing ability is a symbol of invincibility!

Looking at the stunned Jino, Rowen sneered and pushed his palm back, and a huge Heavens-Alarming Thunder Pillar hit Crocodile.


“Don’t even think about it!!”

At the critical moment, Jino flashed in front of Crocodile once again with his peak state at this time and opened his hands.

Bang rumble!!

Jino resisted the attack coming towards Crocodile not because of love. He is a Special Paramecia·Seal-Seal Fruit Ability User. Only he can block Rowen’s terrifying thunderbolt that struck with hatred and avoid Ground Death – Erosion Samsara interruption.

Seal-Seal Fruit is a terrible Fruit that can seal various substantive substances such as Flames, Lightning, Bullets, and various conceptual substances such as Space, Vitality, and Injuries! 

At the same time, the seal can be unlocked and the sealed things are released without loss, and even the potential energy can be maintained as before.

This ability is comprehensive and perfect!

If one is to use a definition to describe it then he would only describe it as “Perfect”!!

It was with this ability that he sealed Shanks Sword attack, Sengoku’s shockwave, and then returned the attack by freeing the seal as he is doing now so that the two had to give up the chase to protect their companion and Jino was able to escape from the deadly situation.

The only weakness is that if you want to use the sealing ability, you can only use both hands to launch it, but you can’t seal it from a distance, not even by one millimeter. 

This is the limitation of this Devil Fruit, which has nothing to do with the development level of this Devil Fruit, and you can’t seal living objects.

This is also the reason why Jino has to use the secret technique while waiting. In the face of Rowen, whose speed is fast to the extreme, he is not sure to approach him without doing so, even if Crocodile helps to cover him.

He had exercised his body to a level similar to that of a beast, and cooperate with his Devil Fruit Ability to seal the excess Vitality in his strong body on weekdays. 

He will unlock the Seal and return it to his body at a critical moment so that his own strength will leap by several times, and he will burst out with a shocking speed and strength that is similar to Rowen!


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