OPTM-Chapter 111 Truth

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So when they came to the battlefield, the two discovered this at the same time, knowing that they were too naive. 

But the Arrow had to be sent, so Crocodile went out to deal with him face-to-face, and he also wanted to use his status as Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea) to make Rowen back off and attack him while his guard was down.

Unexpectedly, Rowen knew that he was the President of the Baroque Works and launched an attack without speaking any nonsense.

A sneak attack can only be called a sneak attack if it is successfull in eliminating the enemy!

But it is not easy to kill a Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability User with a sneak attack. The speed of the Thunder-Lighting Human is almost unmatched in the World and Rowen can’t be stopped by either of them unless Jino uses his Devil Fruit ability to hold him back.

However, although Thunder and Lightning cannot harm Crocodile, Jino cannot use Elementalization. If he dares to go to the Frontal Battlefield then Jino does not trust his Armament Haki to save him from Rowen’s attack power.

So if he wants to kill Rowen, he only has one minute!

That was his strongest minute. He even escaped twice from the hands of the current Top Level Powerhouses using this trick, not to mention blocking Rowen!

But to use this move, he needed a little time to build up his strength.

“Why isn’t anyone here yet? Scante, If we fail, I will be the first to kill you!!”

Jino swore angrily and speeded up his action.

In a wasteland-like battlefield, the Yellow Sand and the Blue Thunder kept colliding against each other, and every time they collided, they left ugly scars on the ground. 

The deafening sound produced from the collision made the entire island shiver. No matter if it was the Kingdom Army or any lucky Noble, they can only pray on their knees in the face of the battle between two Logia Ability Users.

On this side, Dante who finished interrogating David and Minai took Den Den Mushi and reported anxiously: “It is confirmed to be Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea) Crocodile! Currently, Rear Admiral Rowen is fighting him!”

After discovering that the Sandstorm formed by yellow sand in the distance was opened up by lightning, Dante can only believe that Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea) Crocodile is fighting against Rowen!

So he immediately contacted the Marine Headquarters to report the current situation. Momonga, who received the call, did not dare to neglect this and he quickly brought the Den Den Mushi to the Sengoku’s office.

“That Asshole Crocodile! Is he going to rebel against the Marines?!”

In the Marine Headquarters, Fleet Admiral’s office.

Zephyr slammed his fist on the desk with an angered expression on his face and Sengoku looked at the gaping hole with some heartache. 

The location where Zephyr’s fist had hit is the hidden location where he hides his Senbai, which not even Garp had ever found.

But now is not the time to care about this and Sengoku pacified Dante with some words and turns to look at the Marine Headquarters Great Staff Officer beside him, the Legend that all Female Officers looks up to, Vice-Admiral Tsuru.

“Tsuru, what do you think?”

Dante does not know the true nature of Crocodile, so he along with Sengoku are equally unclear about the reason for the two men’s actions. 

Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea) is, after all, one of the Three Major Forces that maintain the balance of the Sea with Marines and Yonkō (Four Emperors). Whenever a Shichibukai is involved, every decision of the Marines is crucial!

“Don’t worry Zephyr, it won’t be easy for Crocodile to kill Rowen.”

Tsuru crossed her arms and tipped her chin to one side, saying quickly in a calm but clear tone, “And the Headquarters is a long way from Pucci, so it won’t be possible to reinforce them now even if we want to.”

This is a fact, Crocodile did not master Haki. Although his Desertification Ability can restrain all Elementalization effects and directly suck away target moisture, Rowen is thunder and lightning! 

It is nothing more than an idiotic dream if Sand wants to chase after Lightning, and Rowen is unlikely to have an accident in a short time.

Even if there was an accident, there is a large distance between them and they were helpless.

The Marine Headquarters Executive’s Conclusion made Dante feel a little relieved, but he still couldn’t help asking, “Is there really no other way?”

“We can only trust him, Dante!”

Zephyr squeezed his fist as he spoke while Killing Intent overflowed all over his body: “Rowen must have discovered something early, and he should be ready!”

“Did you know? He even put Rokushiki aside before, instead, he went forward to learn General Jade’s Wind Treading Class Gyojin Karate (Fish-Man Karate)!”

When Zephyr said this, everyone was shocked.

Rowen even put Rokushiki Training aside?

That Rowen?!

Are they even talking about the same person here?

“Cough… Cough Cough Cough!!”

Garp almost choked himself with a mouthful of donuts. After coughing for a while, he asked while wheezing a little, “Jade’s Wind Treading Class Gyojin Karate (Fish-Man Karate)? There’s no point in learning that stuff!”

“That is not the point here!”

Zephyr looked back and glared at Garp while saying: “Rowen wanted to master a way to deal with Logia Ability users before learning Armament Haki!! That Wind Treading Class can use the airflow to drive the power of the water pulse, not to mention Logia, the Seawater restrains all Devil Fruit Abilities!”

“That’s not my fist…”

“Are you trying to start a fight here, you Asshole?!!!”

“Shut up, what is up with all the noise!”

Tsuru opened her mouth to prevent the two people from developing their screaming match to open fist-fight and she rubbed her temples to release the coming headache and said: “That is to say, Rowen knew in advance that there would be a Logia Ability user against him, and he even said that he had determined that his opponent was Crocodile, right?”

“Then the key question comes, why?”

In an instant, there was no sound in the office, and everyone was looking at the timid little girl who followed behind Tsuru.

Garp: “Crocodile is the Nation Hero of Alabasta’s citizens.”

Zephyr: “The goal of the Baroque Works is to overthrow Alabasta and build an ideal country.”

Sengoku: “Dora and Mr.1 didn’t know who the mysterious Boss Mr.0 is, but their intelligence station is built in Alabasta.”

Tsuru: “In the Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) Mission, Alabasta’s King Cobra stood up and he wanted to stop the Marines from our operation.”

The crowd stared at Dora while connecting all the known clues and a shocking truth gradually revealed itself in front of them.

Dora is about to cry. Although she grew up in the Hitmen Group and she has seen many bloody scenes regardless of how old she is but these people in front of her are not the weak people from the Hitmen Group and they are almost the top-level powers of this world. 

The world she has been exposed to is fundamentally on a different level than before!

Tsuru felt the little girl shivering and she rolled her eyes and hugged Dora in her arms, and then said: “Although it is incredible but the worst case seems to have happened …… Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea), Sand Crocodile is a member of the Baroque Criminal Association and he is also engaged in the Arms Trade in the Grand Line as well as the Four Seas, and the matter even have King Cobra involved in it!”

“Their mission on Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) failed and their two high-level cadres were arrested and one of them was sentenced to death while the other one was arrested and that’s not counting Dora here. The reputation of the Baroque Work Agency in the Underground World is at an all-time low at this moment, so they hate Rowen and want to regain their glory! However, at present, Rowen came to know this piece of information from an unknown source that we are not clear about and because he can’t explain the source of said intelligence, he is prepared to deal with it in advance, forcing Crocodile to show up… Is there anything to add?”


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