OPTM-Chapter 112 Acts Part 1

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One has to say that Tsuru, as the Great Staff Officer of the Entire Marine Army, really has a high IQ. Sengoku is better at dispatching Commands and leading soldiers in battles. 

Being “Resourceful General” is as important as being “Intelligence”. Tsuru is a pure “Intelligence” type person, and her ability to analyze these small pieces of intelligence to coordinate a complete analysis is far better than that of Sengoku. 

She just connected some small clues and almost connects the whole incident in the series!

The only thing she is wrong about is that Cobra did not participate in this plan. The previous thing was done by Mr.2, Bon Kurei who wore King Kobra’s face to do all these things. 

Cobra must have been locked up in advance at this point because of Rowen, and the person who is playing the role of the King now is Bon Kurei.

“There is one thing to add!”

When Tsuru’s voice fell, Garp raised his hand with a serious expression on his face and then he rubbed the bruise on his face that Zephyr had beaten out, and said: “What they were digging in Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) was a piece of history!!!”

And… it was a particular piece of history that records the location of the Ancient Weapon Uranus!

Garp didn’t need to say anything anymore as he believed that everyone knew what he meant.

Everyone’s voice stagnated while Sengoku narrowed his eyes and sneered: “So this was the reason why Crocodile was silent for more than ten years, he had quite a devious plan!”



Aokiji, who had been acting as the audience, pulled down his blindfold and looked at Sengoku with a lazy expression on his face.

He was the only Admiral present here today. Kizaru went to Vegapunk’s Secret Base in North Blue to transport the first batch of Pacifista PX-1 and some experiments also require his Devil Fruit Powers so he wouldn’t come back in a short time. 

Akainu was also away from the Marine Headquarter due to a request that came from an Allied Kingdom Member of New World. 

Charlotte Linlin had forced them to make candies for her, and he had brought the Soldiers out to fight against the BIGMOM Pirates without any Sweet Commander and the BIGMOM in the ranks. Now the only Admiral staying at Headquarters is Aokiji.

“Take a Buster Call and go to Alabasta! What the hell does Cobra mean by this? Do they really think that the Buster Call won’t fall on their heads just because they are one of the Twenty Royal Families who founded the World Government!!”

This is a matter of hidden Void history and one of the Three Ancient Weapons is connected to it. 

The Marines have enough reasons to launch a Buster Call. This is a privilege given to the Marines by Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars), in order to completely prevent anyone from studying Ancient Taboo Knowledge, and this even includes the Descendants of Tenryubito!

“AraRaRa, are you really so angry, Fleet Admiral?”

Looking at the Golden Den Den Mushi that Sengoku had handed him, Aokiji’s eyes flashed a little as he lazily stood up and took it into his pocket. Then there was a rare, cautious look on his face as he nodded his head in response.


Hearing that Rowen had already estimated this, the Fleet Admiral also sent out an Admiral to take Buster Call, and Dante breathed a sigh of relief on the other side of the Den Den Mushi.

If Rowen has calculated all of this then he probably won’t be in danger… right?

Wait a minute!!!

At this moment, Dante suddenly remembered what Rowen had told him a few days ago, and his back was instantly wet with cold sweat.

“Wait, Fleet Admiral! If Rear Admiral Rowen knew that his opponent was Crocodile then he shouldn’t have said something like that!”

Sengoku suddenly turned his head and Dante immediately repeated what Rowen had said in the City of the Spring Queen. Sengoku took a deep breath and said in unison with the others: “Damn it! Crocodile has a helper with him!!”

In the wasteland, a sandstorm Tornado kept flashing with Thunderlight, and the yellow sand Tornado roared while covering the sky. In the next moment, Thunderlight erupted and the Tornado broke.

A flash of lightning flew out of the Tornado, revealing Rowen, who was covered in various scars.

His clothes had been torn apart by the sand attack, and he was half-naked at this time, and the muscles on his body that looked as if they have been poured from the molten iron were shining in the sun. 

The dry skin and muscles on Rowen’s body are desertified and decomposed, and they look like undead, but granulation soon appears and the wound is sutured.

This is not Logia’s Elementalization, but a terrifying self-healing ability that belongs exclusively to Rowen!!

“What kind of ability is that?!”

The corners of Rowen’s mouth split open, revealing his white teeth, and his face was eroded by the Sand which absorbed all the moisture in it and it was weathered and not yet healed, making his smile look terrifying.

“You seem to be too confident in yourself, Crocodile!!”

“Humph! I don’t believe your self-healing ability is unlimited!”

Crocodile secretly cursed the Monster standing in front of him in his heart, and he raised his hand again. The Yellow Sand gathered in his palm and turned into a terrible Sandstorm Tornado.


Bang Rumble!

The small Sables (Sandstrom) in Crocodile’s hand quickly left his hand and turned into a behemoth of a hundred meters high, rushing toward Rowen with a mighty momentum.

“It’s the same trick again, don’t you have anything new?”

Rowen spoke while his hands clasped his fists and squeezed and a Thunder Spear condensed in his hand, the electric current crackled and flashed with lightning and the light was dazzling to look at.

Thunder Spear!

The two attacks collided against each other and tons of sand were crystallized by the high temperature, and the bursting power that followed broke through the Sables (Sandstrom), turning into a sky of flying yellow sand. 

However, a small number of Sables(Sandstrom) fell on Rowen’s body, which turned his body into gaps of different sizes. People will feel their scalp tingling just by looking at this scene.

Then, Rowen was instantly healed by his Self-Healing ability…

In the beginning, Crocodile was very confident about the outcome of the battle when he found out that his Desertification ability could indeed hurt Rowen. But he soon discovered that he had gone ahead of himself. 

Rowen has a terrifying self-healing ability and no matter how severe his body was corroded by his Desertification ability, he can recover in a few breaths!

And that’s not all!

Crocodile has already developed the Desertification Ability to Half-Atep Awakening and as long as he is given a chance, he is confident that Rowen will become a part of the desert!

If Rowen’s whole body is Desertified then Crocodile does not believe that Rowen would still be able to recover even with his monstrous Self-Healing ability!

However, with Rowen’s physical strength, it would take at least three seconds to completely Desertified him and Crocodile need to be close to Rowen.

His Desertification ability will weaken with distance and the Ground Death-Erosion Samsara’s indiscriminate attack is not strong enough to completly incapacitate Rowen. 

And Rowen will not give Crocodile a chance to get in close range with him. The speed of sand is completely inferior to the speed of thunder and lightning, and Rowen can easily avoid him.

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