OPTM-Chapter 110 Ability Part 2

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Rowen was already 30 meters away from Crocodile, and when he used Soru, he instantly appeared in front of Crocodile. Rowen gathered thunder in his palm, extending three crackling, sharp claws of thunder blades, and grabbed forward!

100 Million Volt·Thunderfanged Edge!

Desert Spada (Treasured Sword of the Desert)!

Crocodile was already prepared for Rowen’s attack and he was not willing to be outdone at the moment. 

The dry ground that was blown up by Rowen’s attack allows Crocodile to easily mobilize enough yellow sand to condense a ten-meter-long Giant Sand Longblade and he fiercely slashed the Desert sword at Rowen.

“Sand Sand Fruit is not as weak as I had expected. Compared to other Logia Devil Fruits, this characteristic of assimilating and attacking while using sand and land at will is a bit ridiculous!”

In front of Desert Spada (Treasured Sword of the Desert), Rowen’s three thunder-blade claws are good as rolling pins and embroidery needles which means that they look completely useless. 

In the Logia Devil Fruits, in addition to other soil attribute fruits that Rowen hadn’t seen before, the Sand Sand Fruit can be said to be the most advantageous Devil Fruit on land.

As long as Crocodile steps on the land, he can produce the greatest attack effect with minimal consumption!

After all, except for some Special Island, one can’t expect the environment to be full of Lightning, Flames, Magma, and Ice, right? Only the soil is infinite on those Islands and it is also Sand Sand Fruit’s greatest support. 

This is the same as Rowen’s Qilin attack just now. They both use external forces to strengthen their attacks. However, the lethality difference between Sand and Thunder is that of the sky and the ground. 

Their explosive power is very different, and, the Sand Sand Fruit can only provide a continuous increase in strength of an attack.

“And… the Power behind the Sand Sand Fruit is strong, but the cohesion is not enough!”

Sii! Sii! Sii!!

Three tiny scraping sounds rang out in the surroundings and the ten-meter-long Desert Spada (Treasured Sword of the Desert) was torn apart by the unremarkable Thunder-Blade Claws. 

To the sharp Electromagnetic Blade running at high speed, there is only the difference between being able to cut and being unable to cut, and there is no stalemate.

The Desert Spada (Treasured Sword of the Desert) is very powerful, but the hardness is not outside this limit.

Snort …… BOOM!

The remaining Desert Spada (Treasured Sword of the Desert) landed on the ground, creating a deep gully into the ground. 

At the same time, Rowen stomped his feet and turned to flash behind Crocodile in an instant, raising his sharp blade to run him through.

“So fast!!”

Crocodile’s heart tightened as he was shocked at Rowen’s speed.

The speed of Thunder-Lighting Human is the best in the world, Second only to Kizaru’s Glint-Glint Fruit. 

After thoroughly mastering Observation Haki, his straightforward movement had been controlled by Rowen as he no longer had to slow down to determine his position as he had done before.

Facing the Thunder Blade that struck towards him, Crocodile had no time to think about anything else, and when he raised his hands, a sand curtain of a hundred meters high rose from the ground in front of him.

Great Waterfall of the Desert!


Rowen’s Observation Haki quickly warned him as he decisively gave up the attack and fell backward within 0.1 seconds, and avoided the curtain assault within a millisecond. But because he was too close, the back of his hand still touched the sand curtain.

The two sides touched each other and stood tens of meters apart. This distance is better than nothing for the two major Logia Devil Fruit Ability users as any of their random attacks would encompass the area of 100 meters.

Bang Rumble…!!

Tons of sand fell from the sky and quickly piled up into a Sand Dune. Crocodile stood in Sand Dune. His mouth still biting a cigar and his head tilted back slightly as he looked at Rowen with a proud expression on his face and said: “Didn’t you ask why I dared to show up after seeing your Destructive Power? It’s because your lightning can’t hurt me but my Desertification can kill you all the same!”

On the back of Rowen’s hand, a piece of skin is dry and cracked, revealing the pale bones below and the muscles that are half dry and yellow and half bloody and scarlet.

Logia users can’t hurt each other even if their destructive power is strong unless their attributes are restrained and there is a subordinate relationship between them. 

However, Crocodile has developed the Sand Sand Fruit to the current Desertification ability created by his Awakening, which can ignore the attribute relationship between Devil Fruits and directly absorb the water in the opponent’s body!

This is Crocodile who only had a Bounty of 80 Million Belly twenty years ago but he was still strong enough to be recognized by the Marines and he became an Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea)!

In Grand Line First Half, his Desertification ability makes him invincible!!

Even in the face of other Logia Ability users, he can remain invincible while using this ability!!

Until he met a certain Rubber man named Luffy who rehydrated himself after being soaked up… That fight was almost comical in nature.


The muscles on the back of the hand squirmed quickly, and the granulation weaved into new muscles and skin. Although the injury was not serious, Rowen’s face slowly became serious. He had guessed about it, but when this scene really happened, he was still shocked by the power of Crocodile!

The muscles of the back of his hand squirmed quickly, and the granulation weaved into new muscles and skin. Although his injury was not serious, Rowen’s face had a dignified expression on his face. 

He had speculated about this in his heart but when this scene really happened, he was still shocked by Crocodile’s strength!

Crocodile, one of the top ten unjust cases of pirates who was defeated by Luffy when he wasn’t even that strong. It was because Luffy had all the dogshit luck and inhuman willpower!

Luffy was lucky as all the strong opponents he faces had some sort of weakness towards him, his rubber physique made Enel’s Thunder and lightning helpless, and Crocodile’s Desertification was no longer invincible in front of him. 

The fists of countless powerful enemies were cushioned by the Rubber, making him amazingly durable.

As for Crocodile’s underestimation of the enemy named Luffy, it can only be attributed to the protagonist’s aura. But faced with Rowen, Crocodile does not have the concept of underestimating the enemy.

When Rowen was fighting Crocodile, behind a Sand Dune in the distance, Jino was adjusting his mentality, trying to smoothly breathe. 

His blood vessels swelled and protruded and it looked like countless small snakes were swimming inside of his muscles. Jino’s complexion was red and he seemed to be enduring unimaginable pain, and he cursed secretly.

“Damn it! That terrifying attack didn’t even make him lose much stamina!”

There is one thing that Crocodile didn’t tell Rowen. After Rowen used such a powerful attack to wipe out the Pirate Army, they had thought that Rowen would be low on stamina, so they wanted to take the opportunity to kill him while he was weak.

But what they didn’t know was that the Qilin’s Thunder and Lightning did not come from Rowen himself and it instead came from gathering the currents of the natural world through the Thunder Cloud Sword. 

Except for the stamina he wasted in his Elementalization, there was no other loss to Rowen.

And for Rowen who pays attention to his Physical Training, would his Elementalization be even worthy of consuming anything?

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